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Paypal, Stripe, Square vs Merchant Account - Which One Is Better - Merchant Account Processing

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What’s the difference between Paypal, Stripe, Square, and a True merchant account… and which one is best? If you’re looking for the best solution to take payments from your customers, I’m gonna answer that question for you and give you food for thought that’s based on objective criteria as well as my recommendation for which one is best… And I’ll give you a little hint, it depends on how you run your business. Associated Website Article: ►https://www.bancardsales.com/paypal-stripe-square-vs-merchant-account-which-one-is-better-merchant-account-processing/ ►►Sign Up For a CardConnect Merchant Account Here (use this processor)◄◄ https://www.getcardpointe.com/apply ►►If you're looking for a way to collect payments online, this is the Best Payment page builder that I have found: http://bit.ly/2S10S7J ★ Video Reference 1 ★ Stripe, Paypal and Square pricing https://squareup.com/pricing https://stripe.com/us/pricing https://www.paypal.com/webapps/mpp/merchant-fees ★ Video Reference 2 ★ ►Share this video with your friends: https://youtu.be/eA6RUWYZ97Q ►►View The SimplyPay.ME Payment L Follow Me (my Businesses & Websites): Invoicing & Payment Link Software: https://www.simplypay.me Merchant Account & Payments Processing Blog: http://www.bancardsales.com Marketing Services: http://www.BrianManning.CO Sign Up For a Merchant Account: https://www.getcardpointe.com Social: FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/Brian.A.Manning LinkedIN: http://www.linkedin.com/Brian.a.Manning Twitter: https://twitter.com/manningbrian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eA6RUWYZ97Q&feature=youtu.be
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Text Comments (7)
andrew bramwell (10 days ago)
Having a lot of trouble finding a solution for taking recurring payments in thailand. Our current gateway (omise)is insisting we use 3D secure, Any suggestions other than opening a foreign bank account and integrating stripe? Thanks
MASTERMUFC (1 month ago)
What's the best on ebay and how do I use a merchant account on ebay
Bits and Tokens (1 month ago)
ughh anything but first data
BancardSales (1 month ago)
There's lots of other options. If you had a bad experience and are looking to make a change to something better, comment back and well talk. - Brian
Jon I (2 months ago)
Did you ever consider reviewing the Australian payment market? Companies like Fat Zebra or MYOB PayBy?
BancardSales (1 month ago)
Not familiar with either of those, but I'll do some research and we'll see!
BancardSales (2 months ago)
Do you use PayPal, Stripe or Square? OR do you use a merchant account? Let me know if you have ever had YOUR account frozen... and if you have ANY questions comment below. -Brian.

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