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5 Awesome Google Photos Features You've Got to Try

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Do you use Google Photos? If you take a lot of photos and videos on your phone, Google Photos can help you manage them. In this video, we reveal five awesome (and not always easy to find) features that will make your Google Photos experience infinitely better. Discover, and start using, these five lesser known Google Photos features straight away. Note: Not all the features of Google Photos we cover work in every country-- they depend on the privacy laws where you live so make sure you double check your app. In this video: - 1:35 Backing up your Google photos - 3:08 Image recognition - 5:15 Facial recognition - 7:37 Freeing up space on your smartphone - 9:36 Google Lens Resources: - Today's sponsor, Webinar Wednesday: https://dottotech.com/webinars/ - Google photos 2018: The one stop tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YXe68IxpqWo Curious about other tools that can help you get more organized? Grab a copy of Steve’s toolkit! https://dottotech.com/toolkit/ Love what you saw? Subscribe to the channel for weekly Google tips (live every Monday!) Want to dive into the world of productivity, digital marketing and content creation? Join us for our weekly webinar this Wednesday! Every week, we break big, complex processes like building your email list and growing a successful YouTube channel into small, actionable steps you can put into practice straight away. Sign up: https://dottotech.com/webinars/ FOLLOW DOTTO TECH ON SOCIAL → Blog: https://dottotech.com/ → Vlog: https://dottotech.com/vlog/ → Twitter: https://twitter.com/dottotech → Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DottoTech/
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Text Comments (243)
Shaik Ansar Hussain (2 days ago)
I'm glad to see this video, anybody else did not say this way about Google photos, I knew some of these features, but I know much more now, good job uncle! You look like my uncle so I called you uncle. I'm sorry by heart did I say something wrong?😕 By the way I am like your child. 😉
Pat DeLashmitt (4 days ago)
Can I identify and delete duplicate copies so I can free up space.
dottotech (1 day ago)
not yet
Bob Larimer (4 days ago)
A great feature I love about Google Photos: I created a new folder and set that folder to be the only folder shown on my chromecast screensaver. Then while my wife and I were on vacation in Alaska we dropped pics in that folder regularly and the kids automatically got to follow along via the chromecast back across the country.
Ivan Pena (5 days ago)
How about if you use a dslr to take pictures? I just noticed that those files are 24mb and are getting reduced to 6mb?
Gangadhara N (21 hours ago)
Andreas Rosén (5 days ago)
Manual "stacks" would be a great feature as I find the albums cumbersome.
rohli estrada (6 days ago)
Everything Google simplifiied my life. Period!
Jack MacDonald (7 days ago)
Is GP facial recognition still working? I am in the process of migrating my photos from Flickr to GP, and it quickly found about 10 different peoples' faces, but nothing since that initial batch. Searching online for help reveals lots of people with the same problem and no apparent solution. Just wondering whether if any subscriber here has run into a similar problem. I can't find any way to instruct GP to "... go thru my photos and find all the new faces, and present them to me for identification..." So far, my experience with GP has been underwhelming. Using Google Chrome on Windows 10.
Jack MacDonald (6 days ago)
Success! Waited one more day and all the faces magically appeared. Patience is required for the feature to work.
karim Mohamed (8 days ago)
thank you
Scribbler1382 (9 days ago)
With Flickr's recent announcement that if you don't upgrade to their paid services they're going to delete your photos, we've been looking around for a new service. Google Photos seems like an obvious choice. Thanks for the video. I would suggest that people keep a copy of their photos locally BEFORE uploading them. Far easier than having to download massive zip files later. Google is awesome and a massive company, but you never know. Better safe than sorry, eh?
mei (14 days ago)
Thank you ! Thank for video. Learned a lot quickly from your video. I have a quick question though ie can you save the search pictures in a folder on your desk top? eg. your pet farley's all pictures in a folder on hard drive? I would appreciate your response.
dottotech (13 days ago)
You can download pictures in the share menu
Michael Baker (20 days ago)
people are leaving google
Mark Ferrell (22 days ago)
The biggest problem I have and hope you can show me the way. I do not like google photo because let's say you took a picture of your dog and than you deleted it from your phone and you wanted to attach it to an email or upload to a site you have to go to GP and download it again to your phone and put it in a folder than upload it again to whatever site or attachment. It would be nice just to be able to tap into GP get the picture and attach it or upload to whatever site. If you can do the latter please tell me/us how.
Matthew Yessian (26 days ago)
Does anyone know how to search for pictures that are not assigned to albums? I do keep all my photos in albums and trying to go away from Flickr but having a hell of a time trying to see what is not assigned to an album? Thanks
Mike McClellan (28 days ago)
Mr. Dotto, I would be indebted to you if you could answer this question for me. When I upload photos to the cloud, regard less of which cloud, who can access and see those photos? Are they out there for the whole world to see? My wife is convinced they are and I am not.
dottotech (28 days ago)
Whoever you share it with, you can't be 100% sure no one else can however.
Flood Light (28 days ago)
You put a heart on every single comment? When I got the notification I thought I was special.
Flood Light (28 days ago)
dottotech oh I see.
dottotech (28 days ago)
You are special! I heart them all so you know I have read it, I don't have time to comment on each one.
Waqas Tariq (28 days ago)
Google photos is amazing. You can also search by; 1. The type of food you ate when you took a picture 2. The color of the dress 3. Two people together 4. Recognizes car models
Sonne und Mond (29 days ago)
Hello. Nice vid 👍 I haven‘t got Google Lens in my Google Photos App on my iPhone. I also can not find it in appstore. Can anyone help me pls? Thanks from germany :)
dottotech (28 days ago)
It is not available in all areas.
Flood Light (29 days ago)
The delete feature- which Picassa didn’t have, because it was grayed out. Lol
Juan Camilo Andrade (29 days ago)
One thing I'd love it's if Google photos let you edit the date when a picture was taken, because when I migrated from having all of my photos storaged in my PC to having them in Google photos, some of the 2013 show before 2015 photos and so on. Does someone know a way around this?
smui mui (26 days ago)
When viewing your pictures on your PC, click on the info icon (top of screen, a white circle with an i), it will display the information for that picture. The date display has a little pencil on the right. Click on that to edit the date.
Alexei Cáceres (30 days ago)
I hate Google photos for one simple reason, you can't delete a photo from Google photo's archive without it being deleted also from my phone, which I think is the dumbest bug in the history of bugs. I mean, am I doing something wrong? please let me know if there's a toogle somewhere to change that!
Todd F Wright (30 days ago)
I like when Google makes little video clips of my Corie Mushrooms, and it calls it "Doggie Movie" Corie Mushrooms is a goat.
Jonathan Arpin (30 days ago)
It's scary did it found the name on the small picture by it self you had tou name evrey person ??
Ann keiper (1 month ago)
Thanks for your help and time
MC (1 month ago)
what do you think about this Steve....only if you have time, if not no worries. https://youtu.be/MacJ4p0vITM
Arthur Cayer (1 month ago)
Thanks for your videos, I have been viewing a lot of them and they are very helpful. I have one question about Google Photos that no one seems to talk about. When a photo is posted on Google photos, do I lose ownership of that photo? That is can Google use that photo for their own use, sell it to others or do what ever they want with those photos? I value my privacy and don't want to see Google selling photos of me to some company that might use it in their advertising to sell some product or some opinion that I do not support, such as what happens when a photo is posted on a stock site. I would love to use Google Photos to share photos with friends and family but have been told that once a photo is posted in Google Photos, google can do anything they want with that photo and I would have no say in it, is that true?
dottotech (1 month ago)
No they are still your photos, Google needs permission to access them and process them, but not to share them.
Fabian Vallejos (1 month ago)
Really nice keep on, have a look out post are also dance and please if and you can subscribe!💜😎
Flor Garzaro (1 month ago)
I'm here for the first time.... AND FOR SURE IT WON'T BE THE LAST ONE!! ... Greetings from Guatemala!!
dottotech (1 month ago)
Glad to see you!
SUJATHA PRAKASH (1 month ago)
Dottotech Steve I seen your Google photos immages that is nice topic but my pictures are missings and I seen black negatives i seen where did pictures went black print I seen where did my pictures gone?who took it?and my feoncey pictures he sent me not there and silk sares next his picture is there that also not there old whatsup not opening his picture he sent me new what's up I have that is my meditatuon class people but somebody since 4 years ago 2 bad ladies write to Google bad about me they are bad directors using Gov and doing bad their not white people but since than Google not leassoning to me what I ask what they did it to me? Google one time I put correct directions for GPS that 2years ago one deetch take me this is your final destination said I am really surprised Google never do bad all the time good somebody doing bad I have don't this 2 director ladies might writing to Google or what else can be I am thinking Google all the time depending on Google not only me every one please can you able to fix it Google all the time nice whist those bad people? I respect Google I like Google this bad need to fix Thank you
Vuthana Mear (1 month ago)
M4 YouTube
Stefan Lorde (1 month ago)
Your pictures look soooo cool! Thanks for sharing.
yeshugal2 (1 month ago)
Hello! This was a very informative video! Thank you!!! I have a question. I use google photos to back up my pics but when it comes to freeing up space, I’m not sure what to do as I run my business on my phone as well and have numerous pictures saved into albums (favorites and various albums for online classes I teach. I need to be able to access them easily. Is there a way to delete only certain photos from my phone and not all of them? I don’t want to have to go back and search to resale photos to my favorites album as well as some others.
Brian Humphries (1 month ago)
Only if you can pull up duplicates... One drawback.. and you can't stylize manually.. another drawback..
Geof Gratny (1 month ago)
I enjoyed your "5 awesome Google Photos..." clip. I am an old Picasa hold out and love that program. G Photos is a huge disappointment for me and am trying to force myself to figure out how to use G Photos. My needs are different than most. Being an electrical contractor, 70% of my pics are technical and boring to most people, but I need to be able to sort them in folders according to dated job visits, add captions to the bottom, add tags for grouping when I'm searching for a '400 amp service', add wording to the picture for customers to see, and easily create an album that crosses over folders, dates, and tags lines to gather pictures of one topic like 'Taya growing up' pics. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
dottotech (1 month ago)
try posting here, https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!home
Pete Bowen (1 month ago)
Big fan of Google Pics. You know what it needs to be perfect? A way to to correct flairs, those green dots when you shoot into the sun. Now I have to bring the photo over to Picasa to correct. One feature away from being perfect!
sueb raschio (1 month ago)
Ohh I love my google photos I don't know what id do without omg I'd be in a mess lol :-)... gotta try the google lens on plants and birds .
Vishal Parkar (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video, as I wanted to share a similar one to my friends who are unaware of it!👍
Cindy H (1 month ago)
One major problem I have had with google photos is that the timestamp has been changed for many different pictures. If you "google" this topic you will find many people are having the same problem. Since this has occurred I cannot trust google photos at all and I am concerned about its syncing these errors back to my original files...do you know about this or have some advice?
it's a pity, group faces, and picture recognition doesn't work in our country((((( especially groupping of faces is very cool and usefull
Linda Smith (1 month ago)
subscribed and will watch all your videos! thanks
dottotech (1 month ago)
welcome aboard!
Brett Walker (1 month ago)
I can't make a 'Film' from photos & videos in a Shared album (of which I am the owner.) Do you know if this is by design? I can download said shared videos, then make them mine, then make a film, but I'm looking for an easier way. Do you know where a good place to go is to get answers to questions like this?!? THANKS, and great content!
Nicholas Wild (1 month ago)
I don't think the 'group faces' works in the UK? Or I can't get mine to work, the people section doesn't exist :(
You can get it to make n stitch several pics by taking several across the sky
Festus Clamrod (1 month ago)
Interesting run down.
wolf spirit (1 month ago)
The only thing I found that is bad that really got me worried is they say all your photos are private.but then again search up google photos bam all your photos are in a search result
Susan Silva (1 month ago)
Steve i love your channel. I have learned so much and when I was trying to organize my wealth of photos from iPad, telephones,cameras, your video helped me decide about using google photos. The feature I love love love...is creating an album and then sharing with those specific people who are in those photos.just a great way to keep track of all our STUFF. THANKS AGAIN!
NacNac Mott (1 month ago)
Hi thanks for the videos. I have learnt something today. :) about google content. As for face recognition this is not new Picassa did that already very well 10y ago :)
ted kaczynski (1 month ago)
can google make my pictures into a porn mag?
Judgement Ravi (1 month ago)
Podang otha Baadu
Ron Doyle (1 month ago)
You rock it. Basically you are me but you turned it into money. Good job.
Kos Factor (1 month ago)
You can search for events, birthday, wedding. You can search for things, cars, cars. You can ask Google assistant to bring this up as well.
Jones Escalante (1 month ago)
Google photos are deleting my videos that was uploaded from my Sony HDR action cam. Is this happening to anyone else?
Connie Pearson (1 month ago)
Thanks so much for all the videos! I have to agree with Geeks on Tour. Google Takeout is messy. Please do an in depth video on Google Takeout for photos that simplifies the process! Thanks again!
Kathi Clark (1 month ago)
Is there a way to download my google photos and include the information I've added to the description in Photos?
Pete Kessler (1 month ago)
I DESPISE Google Photos. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with it as I was forced to migrate everything from Picasa (which I liked a lot). I cannot upload from an SD card (I still use a real camera). If you have a webinar on this topic, I'd appreciate it. Thanks
anwar manaf (1 month ago)
Nice video! You can also search for specific images of saved persons like 'John with cap' or 'John in car'. This helped me a lot to find the pictures. Thanks Google!
S Rennie (1 month ago)
I'm usually the guy showing people how their phones work at parties...fun, huh? Didn't know about Google Lens - thanks!
Shanna Riley (1 month ago)
Google Photos changed my photo organizing life. It took a few days to upload all the pictures on my computer into Google Photos, taken over a decade & a half from old digital cameras and early smartphones, but it was so worth it. Thousands of photos now easily found by date, location (at least the ones taken on later devices), face, and even object. The ease of organizing albums, sharing them, and the ability to find photos when before I would have to manually look through hundreds of dated folders has helped me see photos I hadn't seen in years (especially poignant when a lot of them feature loved ones who are no longer with us). It is incredibly easy to sync photos from my phone to Google Photos and access them on my pc in seconds (and vice-versa). Also, so much YES! to "Free Up Space". My old iPhone had hardly no space and I take a lot of photos and was always running out of room until I started syncing them all to Google Photos. I honestly cannot recommend Google Photos enough.
Lynnette Nelson (1 month ago)
Hello, Can you tell me Why I have duplicate photos saved in Google photos? Is it because I have multiple email accounts? They are all synced on my laptop, cell phone and Ipad? If so, how can I retain just one photo in the location I'd like. Thanks for your info.
zian z (1 month ago)
Search Google Photos for "Awesome". That's fun.
1258stdavid (1 month ago)
Hopefully Goggle Photos will include a basic photo editor in this application. If they did you would not to use any other site.
HannibalCat (1 month ago)
Unfortunately, none of the AI search works in the UK, and location search is a little unreliable.
Matthew Carrano (1 month ago)
No offense, but for someone with a tech channel you seem to not have a very technical background
dottotech (1 month ago)
Why would I find that offensive?
LynxLee (1 month ago)
What I like a lot is the AI in it where I wanna find a picture of my wife and my daughter in the pictures.. I can just type their names and place and "and" in between. Example: "Daniel and Ming" would return only photos where my wife and I are in the pictures (provided you've labeled them as such)
MersedP (1 month ago)
Unfortinately, in The Netherlands it isn’t allowed to search on faves/persons so I am forced to use iCloud Photo library. That isn’t bad cause our household is Apple oriented. However then I’m trapped inside the Apple Hardware.
Saru Poch (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video. I use Google photos as well and love it. My only dislike is the picture file nomenclature...it does not name the file using the date taken. Amazon Photos sets the file name to the date it was taken. This is useful when downloading the picture backup and for sorting purposes. If there is a way to change the settings for Google photos to do this, please let me know.
Alan Hunt (1 month ago)
When the photos are in goggle photos they are sorted by date and to download them they will need to be in an album (500max) why not create albums by date order this way all your backup zip files will be in albums named with a date.
walkonatyclb (1 month ago)
Hi I have a Nexus 6 and when setting up photos I have that option for free photos storage. So I went a ahead and downloaded my photos take out all albums and everything. When on my device if I do info on my camera folder it is like 80 or so gigs when I see my google photos it's 38 gigs and that's the same unzipped. Is that normal for that kind of compression?
Alan Hunt (1 month ago)
The free package on google photos down grades the upload resolution to 16 mega pix for photos and 1080p for video (you may want to double check my video stat.) this could be why they accumulatively seem smaller?
DeliZoZo (1 month ago)
I love Google Photos, but it sucks for memes. I just leave it cluttered
Sumanth Moses (1 month ago)
Sir u didn't mention one thing.....Google lens can copy text from image. ..once try and comment me
dottotech (1 month ago)
that is cool
Michael (1 month ago)
The archive advice was great. I use Google Photos every day and didn't know this.
Samuel Cordery (1 month ago)
Good overview Steve, but Google Photos does so much more. The manual editing is extremely powerful both on mobile and full browser, and the auto edits (previously called auto-awesome) are stunning. My favourite feature comes with creating an Album - the ease with which you can add and organise the images and videos within is superb, however you can also add text boxes, maps, travel maps etc to create a simple blog of a trip that is easily shared and easy to invite others to collaborate on. Occasionally Google will make you a video of a trip - very nice, but it's never quite to my liking - fortunately you can easily edit, trim and organise the clips, change mucks and titles etc. Truly a staggering product
Alan Hunt (1 month ago)
Remember that if you do a manual edit to save it as a copy else it overwrites the original photo in google photos, I found that out the hard way.
John Keymer (1 month ago)
Face recognition? Not for us in the EU. :(
John Keymer (1 month ago)
Yeah, I've done that, I meant more from a "Google Policy" perspective, not from having to do a workaround.
Johannes (1 month ago)
If you use a VPN to enable the feature for once, you can keep using it without relying on the VPN. ( You can delete it right after, if you want to) I'm from Germany and have had it enabled for months without problems. https://support.google.com/photos/thread/40142?msgid=41816
Mark Collins (1 month ago)
First time here. Thanks for the video. Just wondering, what's your mic set up, sounds nice and clear and full bodied.
ben rex (1 month ago)
I saw the thumbnail and instantly I felt that I can trust this guy.
maher ahmed (1 month ago)
Hello, thank you for the video, but the idea of the face recognition is still unclear and it is not available for everyone, would you please make a short video for that and again thank you.
Marcel Gabriel (1 month ago)
I love using GoogleFotos!!! But I miss something in the searching. Is it possible to search for a specific file-type (.jpg, .png, .mkv, ...), file-size (>15MB, <10MB, 500KB-2MB, ...), file-resolution (>5MP, <1080p, horizontal: >13000px, ...), movie-length (.mp4 & >10min, video & <30sec, ...), combining this searches ("horse" & >5MB & ">12.5.18)? Like you can in the Windows File-Explorer or lot of other programs. Thank you very much for your answer!
Byalla Srinivasulu (1 month ago)
Help me How to get restored photos from Google photos?
sueb raschio (1 month ago)
Just click the photo you want and click little white dots upper right and hit download or it may say save to device and it will ho back on phone look in downloads and you photo gallery it will have restored pics :-)
Marco Ponce (1 month ago)
Where do you get that subscribe motion graphic? I see others with it.
Andrew Mckibben (1 month ago)
I had to send my phone and they are gonna send me a new one in a few days and thanks to Google photos I don't have to worry about losing any of my pictures
Claudiomiro Oliveira (1 month ago)
Fantástico realmente um excelente aplicativo, e muito boa sua apresentação. Parabéns um abraço do Brasil.
Umer Salman (1 month ago)
Is there a "meme" option in search options?
Daniel Martinek (1 month ago)
It sorted my pet bird as food...
Daniel Martinek (1 month ago)
Why faces does not work in czech republic
Daniel Martinek (1 month ago)
+My Retro Watches it was turbo VPN
My Retro Watches (1 month ago)
Daniel Martinek that’s really good to know it works on mobile. Which vpn did you use?
Daniel Martinek (1 month ago)
+My Retro Watches thank you worked even using app
Daniel Martinek (1 month ago)
+My Retro Watches thank you
My Retro Watches (1 month ago)
Daniel Martinek most of Europe is screwed with eu privacy laws😡 I am in the uk and had the same but found an article somewhere online. Basically it used a vpn which you did on a web browser and used the vpn to say your in America , once signed in you then go to google photos on the same browser and you can then enable face recognition. Once it’s enabled it will then work without the vpn!! I did it and it works for me fine! Takes a while to pick up all your faces so you could wait a week for it to go through all your photos. Google it for face recognition in photos in Europe .
Gary Spencer (1 month ago)
Watched your video on google photos, wow, amazing i took google photos for granted, not anymore
Tony O. (1 month ago)
Absolutely love your video!!!! Thank you for all you do!!!! Very well explained too!!!
SuperTRev (1 month ago)
Google takeout? Fancy. How about AUTOMATIC pc sync, hey google? You know, like "backup AND sync"? I set up a google drive folder on my pc. Moved all my pics onto it. And put a google photos folder into google drive on the website. I'm sad this is how convoluted it is, but you have to do what you have to do. All in the name of getting your devices to friggin sync, without the user having to do it themselves. Backup-and-Sync you have ONE JOB to do. Copy that data onto THE OTHER DEVICE ITS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE We will see how this goes...
sfmech (1 month ago)
Google lens sounds cool, but unfortunately my Google photo app does not have icon for Google lens. I guess it is not available in my country. I did however download a separate app of Google lens, but it does not access photos, but instead, tried to recognize object in real time using the built-in camera on the smart phone. I aimed the camera on my eye drops, but this app recognized it as a box, so I deleted it immediately.
Kathy S (1 month ago)
Thank you.
Anthony Lenzo (1 month ago)
When backup the photos, does Google Photo backs them up to your Gdrive or does it has it own location?
Alan Hunt (1 month ago)
It depends if you opt for the free package then they will not count towards you drive allocated space but then the saved resolution size is capped for both photos and videos, if you don't opt into the free package then the photos will count towards your drive space and will be saved at the full resolution they were captured in until you run out of drive space. I was tempted to pay the appox 1.90 per month for the extra drive space but none of my photos were over 16 mega pix so I opted in on the free google photos package.
TEJAS KOLGE (1 month ago)
It saves it on Google Drive, in your account
Chris Locke (1 month ago)
...and i think we should all agree on another thing... crApple did not invent the "smart" phone, sorry fanboys.
dottotech (1 month ago)
Maybe not, but they have been the central figure in the growth of the space.
Indi Li (1 month ago)
One of the BIGGEST cons of GPhotos is that it doesn't understand IPTC and XMP info (such as tags for example). Also, it isn't so capable in search as it should be. For example, try to assign some photos a description, containing "breasts" word and then try to search for them. You won't find them. I don't know if this is some kind of Google censorship or what, but the reality is like that. (BTW, there are other words that aren't searchable, I can't remember them now)
Stephen Butler (1 month ago)
Just last month Google photos notified me of a video it made of my daughter, photos from her being one charting her to now (ten). It wad titled 'they grow so fast'. It actually made my wife cry.
Tino Salinas (1 month ago)
I learned a lot from your very informative video thank you! Have you ever been faced with the dilemma of getting photos from your computer into Google photos? If so, I'm curious how you went about that.
Bailey Williams (1 month ago)
Haven't read any comments but I searched for a color like 'red' and it found all photos with red in it!!! I thought that was amazing. 😀
Myaahho Latag (1 month ago)
You can't upload a folder of photos, which creates an album named after the folder....
Appu Prasad (1 month ago)
Hi Steve, please do mention meaning of partial upload and the kinda of resolution it is uploaded to in comparison with original image size. Also does the pixel phone series upload in original quality in which pic was taken?
Parheez Gimi (1 month ago)
Did you know that if you add certain pictures to Albums in Google photos and then delete them from photos..the photos get deleted from the albums as well..just thought I'd give you a heads up on that..since I made the same mistake..🤓
My Retro Watches (1 month ago)
Thanks for this update video on Google photos. I converted over when I saw your first video! As much as I love all the features what i find extremely limiting and annoying is the sheer inability to have an album within an album!! I do not understand why with all this technology behind the app we the user cannot do this. For instance I collect and restore watches and have literally 100s I have an album for each restoration but I cannot group them all to one big album with subfolders. So when I scroll in my albums I have all my holidays watches family stuff all mixed together which is frustrating especially as each week there are more new albums being created. Can someone please explain why this , in my option , basic feature is not available?? For the life of me I can’t understand why. I want folder “holidays” and in there sub folders of all my holidays etc... Keep up the good work sir. Great content
Alan Hunt (1 month ago)
Have you tried creating albums that contain only relevant photos, as an example, if you have a restoration project for a rolex submariner then place a reference ticket in each photo in top corner and then if you search for the reference all the photos with that text will appear and then place all those photos in a folder with an appropriate name, I might try this myself actually.edit nope it couldn't search by text will try with a small pattern of some sort like a star.
Kevin Rabie (1 month ago)
I was organizing all my photos through Google photos in my God you wouldn't believe how many accidental screenshots I took in through the years lol
Charles Celano (1 month ago)
Another great video Steve. Thanks for these great tips. I am moving more and more towards everything Google thanks to you.
Mike Strange (1 month ago)
I have been using Google photos for just a few months, after years of trying to organise all my pics. from various cameras and phones this is the perfect solution, I cannot believe it hasn't been more advertised. However the back up and sync system for adding the photos appears to be lacking a method to move all my pics. from one computer to another, as I have numerous desktops and notebooks. The only way I have found is downloading all the photos on each device which takes hours. Is there not a way to copy the photos from an external drive onto a new computer then the sync option will just index the files, "Dropbox" does this so moving all my cloud storage is very fast.
SuperTRev (1 month ago)
Thank you! Another human being that understands that "back up and sync" is BROKEN

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