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CardPointe - How To Set Up CardPointe Online

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Cardpointe - How To Set Up Cardpointe Online --To Set Up A New Cardpointe Account-- http://www.bancardsales.com/getcardpointe Hello everyone Brian Manning here with a Cardpointe video on How to set up your Cardpointe Account. Access to the Cardpointe payments platform comes with your merchant account so there’s no additional cost or registration fee. It’s your reporting tool and access to view your batch totals, statements and individual transactions as well as access to the Cardpointe virtual terminal. The way to set up your account is to go to the home page of Cardconnect.com and come over here to the LOG IN link at the top right of the screen and click the link The entire transcript is located and related blog post can be found at: http://bancardsales.com/register-cardpointe-online/ https://youtu.be/bw2Ui5mOpxo
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