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Understanding Google Adwords Bid Strategies - Google Adwords PPC Tutorial

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Learn all the latest google adwords bid strategy from basic to its best fit use in your campaign. Following are the bid strategies that i have expalined in this session - 1.Target Search Page Location Bid Strategy 2.CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) Bid Strategy 3.Outranking Share Bid Strategy 4.ROAS (Return On Ads Spent) Bid Strategy 5. Maximise Clicks Bid Strategy 6. Maximise Conversion Bid Strategy 7. Enhance CPC 8. Manual CPC For more clarification on google adwords bid stratgy please get in touch with me by commenting or visit my site and connect with me at http://www.diigitus.com/contact-us/ Happy Learning!
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Suraj rawat (17 hours ago)
Again I m Watching All your Videos To Clear All my Doubts. You Really Have A Magical Mind Understand Students Confusion And Explain Such A wonderful Way. I Became Your Fan . 😂
Suraj rawat (17 hours ago)
Thanks Alot brother. I Was Literally Confused about All these biding Strategies now You made my Day. I Subscribed Your Channel Hope You Will make more videos On Futher Topics. 😀
Vivek Rawat (20 hours ago)
hello sir, thanks for sharing information. i was always confuse regarding that concern. but now after watching your videos my concept is clear. your video is really appreciated
Ashwini Bissa (20 hours ago)
Stand Out (10 days ago)
awesome awesome awesome :D i wanna be your student
Sanyam Verma (1 month ago)
very nice tutorial...where r u from Ashwini..can i get coaching from you?? my contact number is 9636011799
Ishika Call girls (1 month ago)
Mujhe pura adword shikna h
Ishika Call girls (1 month ago)
Sir aap apna Numbar send kr skte how
Ajit kumar Gupta (1 month ago)
ur to good i joined manipal prolearn and having burst experience of digital marketing
Sushant Bajpai (2 months ago)
Thanks a lot guru ji
ADARSH KUMAR (3 months ago)
wao !!! wonderful , full of informations on bidding , easy to understand.
Nagaraju Kodirekka (3 months ago)
Nice Ashwin, its a detailed Bid Strategy types explained very clearly in a proper way. Looking Forward to More Classes from you
pooja agarwal (3 months ago)
Hi Ashwini i liked your training.I am also looking forward for video marketing tutorials like creating channels and live streaming through YOU TUBE.I am not able to find video marketing tutorial added by you
JOKE OF LIFE (4 months ago)
help me sir
sri vyshnavi (4 months ago)
Gud information. thanks!
Oways Sheikh (4 months ago)
Sir, I'm new to this. I can't find out the right amount for cpc.. As per keyword planner it gives amount from 10-100 how can i select the right amount so that i can get d clicks?
Ashwini Bissa (4 months ago)
Have 2-3 set of keywords(for example - choose 15-20 keywords under Rs.10-15, like this create three sets)..and use them in different adgroup...or..Choose the keywords based on customer intent...
Oways Sheikh (4 months ago)
I'm a business owner so i don't have a cap on amount.. But i don't like to waste money... Plz help
saurabh shirke (4 months ago)
Movie Maniac (4 months ago)
vinodpatil88 (4 months ago)
CPM - M stands for 1000 in Roman!
Artistry Solution (4 months ago)
well i liked your explanation, how much do you charge for this full course. i want to learn it fully, with step by step, and can you teach online.? can you teach by showing how it works in google adword. let me know. thanks
Mohit Sharma (5 months ago)
Good explanation i like it.
Antenna Design (5 months ago)
Enhance CPC ka Wrong Bataya Apne.. Enhance CPC increases the Bid Value aggressively to compete harder for clicks , if Google Finds that the Auction is likely to lead a conversion . But Reduces Bid Value if Auction is not likely to give conversion.
Movie Maniac (6 months ago)
I am your new FAN
Barnali Bhatt (7 months ago)
Hi Ashwini! Its too good and helpful. People like me who cant afford to peruse this course from outside to them you are THE Guiding Angel ! Please keep helping us!!
krishna kumar (7 months ago)
thank you ashwani for sharing , good effort
prabhu karthick (7 months ago)
Good one bro. Really helpful.
Tushar Chauhan (7 months ago)
Nice one sir..keep publishing such videos...
Ashwini Bissa (7 months ago)
Sure I ll put up the videos very soon..
Tushar Chauhan (7 months ago)
Sir, Can you make a video on Social Media strategy... Facebook and Twitter Insights.. and type of bids are used in them
Ashwini Bissa (7 months ago)
Thanks Tushar!
Adit Chouhan (9 months ago)
Good one Ashwini! :)
Ashwini Bissa (9 months ago)
Thanks Adit!!
Asha Bissa (10 months ago)
Nice video

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