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How to Advertise on Google For Beginners | Complete Google AdWords Tutorial for 2018!

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💡 How to Advertise on Google For Beginners | Complete Google AdWords Tutorial for 2018! ⏳ Facebook Ads Agency Masterclass 👉 http://bit.ly/FbAdsMasterclass2019 (CLOSING SOON!) 💥 [FREE] FB Ad Training 👉 http://bit.ly/FREEFbAdsTraining ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ The THREE Google Advertising Hacks That Changed EVERYTHING! 🔥 How to Make $20k/Month with FB Ads 👉 http://bit.ly/FREEFbAdsTraining ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 📺 LEARN THE BEST WAYS TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE: Passive Income: http://bit.ly/TheMoneyQuiz Amazon FBA: http://bit.ly/AmazonFBALearnMore Facebook Ads: http://bit.ly/LearnFacebookAdsToday Shopify Dropshipping: http://bit.ly/LearnShopifyToday ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🗣 TALK TO ME ON MY SOCIAL MEDIA ! Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/kevindavid/ Facebook ► http://bit.ly/KDFBPage SnapChat ► https://snapchat.com/add/kevinhulse PodCast ► http://bit.ly/NinjaPodcastWithKevinDavid Affiliate Program ► http://bit.ly/KevinDavidAffiliate ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👋 About this channel : My name is Kevin David and I’m the creator of the freedom movement. I left my 80/hr a week accounting job to create a massive movement of people becoming financially free. In the past year I’ve free thousands of people from the 9-5 grind, and it is my life goal to help millions of people realize there is a better life than being trapped in a cubicle. I teach how to make money online, I teach how to earn passive income, and live the best life you can, with the freedom to do the things you want to do always. Come say hi on social media, I respond to every message and I always will. Remember you can completely change your life at any time, you just need to start. The information contained on this YouTube Channel and the resources available for download/viewing through this YouTube Channel are for educational and informational purposes only.​
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Text Comments (1222)
Sandra Castellanos (4 hours ago)
Just subscribed! Thank you I’ll be back in 60 days share how it went
Sandra Castellanos (4 hours ago)
My screen doesn’t look like that, did it change from last year or am I looking at the wrong thing ?
Carmel Cullinane (22 hours ago)
SurfsidePPC are far superior to this guy. Checkout their YT channel
1lordgarth (1 day ago)
Great stuff! How would I tweak the first hack for my landscaping service business vs a product being sold?
coach nick (2 days ago)
my man...i NEED that A-Z youtube ad video
coach nick (2 days ago)
very impressed with the content. always over delivers and his whole marketing campaign is awesome. great content!
Nikki Whitaker (3 days ago)
YouTube video!!!
Markess A. Wilder (6 days ago)
Gotta give you thumbs up for this one, thank you.
sam mcnutt (7 days ago)
im going 52$
Dave MMA (9 days ago)
Your Facebook advertising video changed my business, I have no idea what I am doing with marketing or advertising and I hadn't made a penny until I watched your Facebook video to make my ads better. Big thank you andI am now going to try the google ads.
Ulises Vargas (12 days ago)
Great stuff. Im just starting out but i feel i will get to that rock star level. I would really appreciate a YouTube tutorial video.
Andréa Bolinelli (13 days ago)
What about a consultant website?
George Borsaru (14 days ago)
Kevin, how you do Google Ads if you have only your Amazon Store? How you track conversion? How do you create campaigns? It will be great if you could make a video only for how to use Google Ads for your Amazon store. Hope to see that video soon! :)
Mick MC (15 days ago)
Loved the video. So helpful and in for 100 bucks free draw. Would love to see the youtube advertising video. Maybe make private and charge $10. I would pay for it.
Terry Hunter (16 days ago)
Wow! Want to see You Tube video for Realtor services
Karylle Berry (16 days ago)
Last night I was thinking to take online course for digital marketing, after watching this, I changed my mind, I’ll just watch your videos. Subscribing to your channel now! 👍🏻
WB Holding (17 days ago)
Ashok Life (17 days ago)
very good
Ride Bmx India (22 days ago)
Please make a video advertising on youtube
milkshake4ev3r (23 days ago)
Kevin, Thanks for the great video :D
Aison Fahie (24 days ago)
This video is amazing! Thank you so much for your knowledge. You did a great job explaining that topic. Everything you said was extremely useful. Keep it up!
Sarah Gadban (28 days ago)
The video quality is so bad I can't see anything
Awesome content Kevin - but would prefer you to slow down
Misty M Middleton (29 days ago)
Thank you for sharing! Your step bu step instructions and your hacks are amazing information. Thank you for teaching us how to Digital market! You set us up for success! You are very appreciated! Thank you!
Kenny Monsters (1 month ago)
Kevin are you actually stocking the golf tees and shipping yourself or are you drop shipping them for this example? Thank you for the advice by the way. I learned a lot from the video and I'm trying to figure out how to apply this to Amazon Affiliate marketing
azadeh tahmasebi (1 month ago)
you can for more information about google ads please click here. http://dimaht.com/%d8%a2%d9%85%d9%88%d8%b2%d8%b4-%da%af%d9%88%da%af%d9%84-%d8%a7%d8%af%d9%88%d8%b1%d8%af%d8%b2/
World Kid's (1 month ago)
google video
Adam Bartnik (1 month ago)
Exactly the information I was looking for today, my campaign is now up and running, thanks a ton!
Damian Germishuizen (1 month ago)
Hi Kevin, you got me hooked on your videos, but I have a challenge for you. I have a registered business and I am almost done with my shopify store, but need suppliers/wholesalers that will not take 30 - 60 days to deliver to the my customers. The problem comes in that I am from South Africa. Now I have two options, either I buy stuff locally in bulk and do the shipping and all of this myself, which would take capital that I do not really have, or the other options is to do everything in your youtube videos and sell to the "big four", but how would I do that from another country? Being from another country is not my concern, it is setting up and address, banking account and paying taxes in that country (which will most probably be the US). I would REALLY appreciate some help with this as I am struggling to find any information. It seems like when everyone figured dropshipping out they forgot the African Continent, which is quite large and have a massive amount of interest in online shipping. Currently it is just flooded by two suppliers; Takealot and Loot. I would appreciate some advise on this a lot. I am very determined for this to work and will not just take a "rather try something else" comment.
Vicki Batcheler (1 month ago)
Thanks - great insight and extremely useful to a beginner :)
Lingerie Lashes (1 month ago)
Ok so when is the Youtube Ads video coming out ? LoL I love watching you and learning !!
coach nick (1 month ago)
I want to enter my name in $100 contest. Your videos always have plenty of info people either dont have or aren’t willing to give away for free.im a new fan!
coach nick (1 month ago)
Awesome video! Incredible insight! I would love to see your youtube video!
Gap P (1 month ago)
Good job 😎
Robert R. Salas (1 month ago)
That was a learning experience for me hope you have room for one more student cause I'll Be knocking on your door.
Awakening Analytics (1 month ago)
I love your video! Honestly, I had not known the idea of putting good url's in the keyword finder. Keep it coming!
Rick Johnson (1 month ago)
Hi Kevin, For a Shopify store selling physical products, would you say Google Adwords would be most profitable or Facebook paid advertising? Thank you for the great videos!!
Colin Thorne (1 month ago)
Exactly what I was looking for dude. Straight and to the point such that a newbie like myself can comprehend. You are awesome. You have found your calling. You need to do this on a massive level.
Hoang Pham (1 month ago)
You keep repeating yourself bro
Charles Castro (1 month ago)
thank you for the lesson
Morgan KG (1 month ago)
How much should someone spend per day when starting out on Google Ads?
Robert Pustizzi (1 month ago)
Absorbing everything you continue to say! Thanks for all the advice.
Your training is always very in depth . You always give such great value and very easy to understand the concepts you are teaching. I always come away feeling empowered. Thank you so much for being you
Cindy Griswold (1 month ago)
Great video on Google for beginners! Very interested in video on YouTube!
Eskimoz (1 month ago)
L'angle est très bon c'est parfait !
Z Pirangi (1 month ago)
Great Video Dude...
Patrick Adam (1 month ago)
How to do the same for affiliate online business?
Get some English (1 month ago)
I like your very good, straight to the point, clear and full of great content videos BUT even greater than that I like the way you present your tutorials!!! it is NOT boring!!! and this is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you very much!!! It's been a pleasure to learn from you
Kevin David (1 month ago)
Want to Leverage Google Ads in the Most Profitable Way? 💥 *WATCH OUR FREE TRAINING* 👉 http://bit.ly/JoinDCSTrainingNow
Kelly Buerger (1 month ago)
Very helpful quick video! Love how you get down to business and keep flow quick to maximize info and my time! I subscribed for more!
Hussein Adamally (1 month ago)
Hey, Could you make a youtube advertising video! thanks
hamid (1 month ago)
do make of the utube ad training plz
YO Vlogs (1 month ago)
I have a small question when my adds are displaying if my opponent (whose adds are also running at same time with my adds)is repeatedly clicking for opening my adds several times so is this also the reason why my money is debiting so fast and sometimes I put money and after 20 minutes it becomes 0 is there any way to protect from all such miss use things?
Philip Oon (2 months ago)
You tube advertising please....
brandon burke (2 months ago)
was ready to dislike you....because of your hair, but this was fantastic. I have subscribed. and YES please make a youtube advertising tutorial.
Tanvir Ahmad (2 months ago)
I have an insurance agency. I don't have a product to sell. How do I market my agency in an effective way without a physical product for sale.
Shakaama (2 months ago)
this video is now obselete. google completely changed. time to make a new one.
Annette Jacobs (2 months ago)
How does this work if you have a service company? I can substitute most parts, but there are a few sections that are confusing me. Can you email ?
The Frozen Canadian (2 months ago)
what would an average conversion percentage be for google ads?
Gary Cloud (2 months ago)
Bro, you put a hell of a lot of effort and passion into these tutorial videos. Thank you for doing this!!! I've been a 9 to 5 guy all my life until very recent so these vids are very valuable to me. I'm new to the game and I would like to get your take on whether I should get into the business model of getting leads and clients for local businesses or the model of being an affiliate. Which route do you think a beginner like myself should go after? Please Keep these great videos coming!!!
Comsar Too (2 months ago)
Well done bro! Enjoyed the tutorial
Almontel (2 months ago)
Awesome tutorial! Would love to see your YT Ad tutorial too! thanks for the hack tips!
Tammy Cullers (2 months ago)
First time viewing your channel and now I am a subscriber! I appreciate your video. YOU are a fast talker...but...I like you. I am trying to learn about Google Advertising and Adwords to gain knowledge for my business. It's a service business rather than a shopify type business. Going to see how to work this knowledge into that. I current having someone helping us with our Google advertising and my goal is to be able to take over and run it myself like a boss. Thanks!
Wilson Vidal (2 months ago)
This is awesome!! Great explained and easy to follow for newbies like me. Can’t wait to try GoogleAds for my little family owned business!! And in top of that I’m a ninja ⚔️
Maurya K (2 months ago)
Girl Chat (2 months ago)
Looking forward to the YouTube advertising video! Hope I did not miss it!!
Amar## Channel (2 months ago)
Hey kevin thanks for the amazing video, and i really sing in to the website. i make a payement for my ads but i really can't see my earning in my google ads account. How can i make my setting so that i could see my earning.no. of click ,impression, cost is shown but i really can't see my earning, please help me out.
Carve Your Success (2 months ago)
can you update information
Audrey Issacson (2 months ago)
Is there one that walks you through Google ads when you are advertising services instead of products?
Oolala Vietnam (2 months ago)
Do you also make video about Manychat? Thank you and love your videos xx
Kousouvi Turqui (2 months ago)
Pls i want Accounts Adsence Free ??🙏🙏
Aaser Media (2 months ago)
Please don't forget us in a video on how to use use Facebook to advertise for a new webdesign company. I did try everything and still no results.
Aaser Media (2 months ago)
Hi Kevin. Thank you so much for your simple smart self explanatory videos.
Michael B (2 months ago)
Thanks again Kevin for sharing your Content. Yes interested in utube marketing
Sarah Adam (2 months ago)
You are videos was really helpful Thanks very much
Avant garde Treasures (2 months ago)
I was just about to start editing my first campaign, and have watched many different videos. This was an excellent excellent video you're a great teacher and I'll let you know how things go.
Denis de Leon (2 months ago)
Great video. I especially liked the two hacks and that you went into remarketing. Can't wait to try this stuff out. Thanks!
Stace TG (2 months ago)
Yes please make a You Tube ad video thanks
Star Biss (2 months ago)
Yes Kevin, a YouTube ads video would be great. You’re the man
Elite CleanIN (2 months ago)
How do you get leads if you’re in the service sector?!!
Carlos Torres (2 months ago)
That’s a lot of steps uffff wow ,, but good info thank you 🙏🏼
Amy MacDonald (2 months ago)
Love your videos! Has the Google AdWords website been updated since this was recorder? The screens are set up different and I want to make sure I am filling boxes in correctly. Thank you!
Mukesh Jha (2 months ago)
Awesome thanks so much for the information
tony budri (2 months ago)
And happy Easter 🐰
tony budri (2 months ago)
Thank you for the video! Send me that win 💯🏆🙏🏽🏆
Janelle S. Walker (2 months ago)
Stumbled upon you by accident but you were exactly what I needed. Thank you so much.
Karlos Vincent Bitoin (2 months ago)
Hi im kinda new to google ads, and your video is the first thing that catched my attention. Thanks, it was detailed enough for me to know what to do. Keep it up
HE-RAN (2 months ago)
John Ramirez (2 months ago)
thanks Kevin this was very informative
yoseph Woldu (2 months ago)
Thank You So Much My NiNja Idk How I would've figured any of this out without your help!!!
Jo Sh (2 months ago)
Seems like that coupon you talk about (@ 1:56) isn't available anymore as of April 2019. Just fyi
JJ Diaz Reyes (3 months ago)
awesome Video.
Stephen Brodsky (3 months ago)
Kevin, why do millennial generation digital marketing professionals exploit vulnerable Baby Boomer professionals? It's really a form of elder abuse.
Weaver Records (3 months ago)
you talk too much and never go to the point
SUPERΔRTIFICIΔL (3 months ago)
he is typical clown
Frank Aikens Jr. (3 months ago)
Please do an A-Z video on YouTube advertising.
Defult (3 months ago)
Ashok keswani (3 months ago)
Thanks Kevin for detailed tutorial on every topic. you are great. if you do youtube marketing tutorial will be great. you are inspiring. Thanks
KKonzuk (3 months ago)
Thank you. I learned more in the first few seconds than anything I have ping-ponged around to try and find. Wish us luck!
solomon muchori (3 months ago)
this the best video ever
Bruce Markewicz (3 months ago)
If I'm trying to get people to register and pay to attend an event and not selling a product would it be better to select leads or website traffic vs sales? If so, which do you recommend - leads or sales?

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