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Supply Chain Cost Reduction - 5 Key Levers

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http://www.logisticsbureau.com Rob O'Byrne introduces his 5 key levers for Supply Chain cost reduction. The article is here: http://www.logisticsbureau.com/b/5keylevers.htm Book Series: http://www.supplychainsecretsbooks.com/series/ People often ask me what the most effective changes are that a business can make to their Supply Chain Generally to reduce costs which is the thing that most Supply Chain managers are trying to do these days But it's hard to do that whilst maintaining or improving customer service isn't it? Well not that hard actually So in this series of videos and articles I'd like to share with you the 5 things that I've found consistently make the biggest impact on Supply Chains And what do I base that on? Well 35 Plus years in Supply Chain and Logistics the last 20 or so in consulting working with hundreds of businesses across 23 countries in total That provides an interesting perspective on what really makes a difference and what doesn't. You know I come across so many businesses struggling to fix multiple Supply chain issues at once or trying to manage a whole range of Supply Chain improvement projects concurrently And what happens? They bog down and get disheartened They waste time waste resources and waste money instead of getting the benefits they so desperately need You need to be more focussed on the outcomes you really need. A quick summary of the video is: Get a strategy in place and understand your key cost and service drivers, use this to manage and increase customer profitability, then look at your distribution network efficiency, and finally measure the right LIMITED range of performance metrics that will help you drive improvements. This is an example of the material taught at Supply Chain School. http://supplychainschool.com/ Rob O'Byrne is the CEO of specialist Supply Chain Consultant firm, Logistics Bureau. http://www.logisticsbureau.com Also check out this great ebook on supply chain management: http://supplychainmanagementsecrets.com/
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Text Comments (12)
! I really like this post :D
Patrick Lee (1 year ago)
Your points are simple but straight to the point of supply chain cost reduction. Basic but critical to the overall success of getting the cost down. I Like it.
Martin Roux (4 years ago)
Good Share
Darren Stephens (6 years ago)
Thanks we got so much out of the other book and we have already increased profits and streamlined our business by implementing the things you suggested... so thankyou. Im not sure where you are based, but I would be interested in finding out about workshops or seminars if you run them?
Supply Chain Secrets (6 years ago)
Glad you enjoyed it Darren. There are actually 5 in the series now. You can see them all in the link above.
Darren Stephens (6 years ago)
Rob has a brillant book on called Supply chain Secrets I got some great stuff out of the book so I would highly recommend it.
Supply Chain Secrets (6 years ago)
Glad you enjoyed it Anita.
Supply Chain Secrets (6 years ago)
Certainly. There are quite a lot of videos on this channel, but I'm happy to make more..
Supply Chain Secrets (6 years ago)
Hi, do you mean paid seminars? That would be our Supply Chain School. I'll put the link below the video.
Allyson Braman (6 years ago)
enjoyed it. What's next?
Supply Chain Secrets (6 years ago)
Thanks for the feedback. I'll expand on each of the 5 levers in follow up videos.
James Clark (6 years ago)
Makes a lot of sense

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