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Berkley Gulp! and Gulp! Alive!

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Scientifically proven to outfish live bait! Gulp! expands a fish’s strike zone by up to 400X. With extreme scent dispersion and a scientifically proven formula, the attraction is magnetic. So forget the hassle of live bait—let the Gulp! attraction work for you.
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steve noe (1 month ago)
Gulp is a love hate relationship. Love that it gets bites, hate that it falls apart SO easily. Fish nip it to pieces. I was fishing saltwater gulp mullet for flounder and the pinfish and sand trout nip the tails right off. Thus the hate part because gulp aren't cheap. You are much better off fishing with live bait or the tried and true ORIGINAL Mr. Twister or maybe D.O.A. 2c
Sarah Higbee (7 months ago)
Sub to me
shawn eldridge (11 months ago)
I love and I enjoy using Berkley powerbait and Berkley gulp alive especially when it comes to trout fishing. Well it's the only type of fishing I will do. Anyway I do have a few favorite trout powerbait that I love using when I do go trout fishing. And they are the cheese, garlic, marshmallow, rainbow, corn, and the gulp alive 1 in minnows my favorite color chartreuse shad . Especially when it's cloudy or when it's raining I have 97% more luck on the yellow cheese and the white marshmallow. Don't know what it is about these two flavors in the rain or when it's cloudy but the trout they go nuts over it. However I did go up to Cabela's and bought$175 on Berkley powerbait however Cabela's was all out of the Berkley powerbait cheese. I tried four different places they were sold out too so I have to go back maybe after Christmas and then hopefully they have the yellow cheese in the Berkley powerbait. I must have the cheese in the powerbait for trout fishing season opens and starts.
unseenoutdoors s (1 year ago)
would love to see a gulp alive 5" paddle tail swimbait!
night some ok dark (1 year ago)
I use it and it works well🎣
night some ok dark (1 year ago)
I use it and it works well🎣
Merrick Slocum (2 years ago)
where do you get the quart size bucket
Junior Martinez (2 years ago)
can i find the quart size at Walmart?
Catfish and Bluegill (2 years ago)
I have multiple jars of both in my tackle box
toilet master (2 years ago)
these baits are great, but...every time I open the pouch it reminds me of my ex...
Ariffy (2 years ago)
am i the only person that gulp dont work iv tried for bass pike walleye even catfish it just does not work
Ian Easterday (3 years ago)
I would have no problem paying so much money for them if they don't dry out. more durable. and more variety. currently I use zman baits
Elliott Ley (3 years ago)
Nothing beats live bait
UltraGoldCoin (1 year ago)
Thirsty films Boi I agree and disagree, I have caught tons of bluegill and bass using gulp alive but at the same time when using it with catfish it doesn't work that well. Live bait is the best but this stuff is second to it and has similar success rate.
Chikin biskits (3 years ago)
This is November 2015 and I haven't seen them in stores do y'all still make gulp
Ryan Gardner (3 years ago)
Hands down favorite soft plastic lures
Btw love your products and would love to represent them
Rusty Gecko (3 years ago)
I like their hats I also love the 3 inch smelt minnow all I have to do is put on a floater and move it a little got a 6.8 pound blue cat with one the only thing that I don't like is that they are so soft and fragile I have to put a new one on every time I get a bite
christopher martinez (3 years ago)
Didn't know it was in Iowa! I'm from Des Moines area 🖖
Spongeboy0 (3 years ago)
I have a bucket of mixed 3 inch Gulp Alive minnows, gulp saltwater squid, Gulp Alive Crabs and shrimp and more! I've had it for many years now! I caught a large sand goby with my 3 inch minnows using just a jig head and a minnow!
river rat (3 years ago)
those things really work. i was catching hand-sized bluegills on 1/16 oz jig tipped with  1-inch chartreuse gulp alive minnow, when a 10 pound carp inhaled the little lure and made me think i had hooked into a world record gill.  berkeley should put a warning sign on the package, lol.
SwimbaitFreak (3 years ago)
Caught my first Peacock Bass on the Gulp! Inch Hawg. Great product

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