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How to Teach "I Will Follow God's Plan" with paper plates

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Sharla Dance taught an LDS music workshop on teaching music to children in church. She has so many engaging ideas that capture attention, use physical movement, and involve melodies and messages. This method of using paper plates can be used with any song. Sharla's website is www.toteachachildasong.com Sharla's DVD of the entire workshop is available at her website. "I Will Follow God's Plan," Children's Songbook, 164. The sheet music for this song can be found for free online at: https://www.lds.org/music/library/childrens-songbook/i-will-follow-gods-plan?lang=eng
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Jenny T. Moodie (1 year ago)
I love Sharla! She's amazing!
Virginia Richins (5 years ago)
Thanks so much Sister Dance! You may not remember me, but I used to live with Lynda Needham (now Cherry) and met you a few times. Anyway, I have been called to be the Ward Primary Chorister and stumbled upon this link via facebook. Everyone in the group has been talking about it and how great it is! I am so excited to try this out tomorrow and so excited to be learning from you still, even though I am in Utah. Hope all is well for you and your family! ~Virginia Richins
Amie Einerson (5 years ago)
I just love Sister Dance. She has inspired me for years!  Come to Lubbock, tX! We need you.
Josh Dance (5 years ago)
Just a reminder that the DVD or download of the whole workshop is available at toteachachildasong com :)

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