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Automated Bidding Strategies! (Target CPA, Target ROAS and Target Page Location)

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Rafael Mambretti (16 days ago)
So this is a Udemy video, from a different Author (the actual teacher), and you published here :/
Jana Broxtermann (1 month ago)
very good explained unfortunately there is no second part :(
Great Information I subbed from Chicago
Carlos Salinas (3 months ago)
Which one do you recommend
vijay M (4 months ago)
Is there a way to practice adwords without having your own website ?
Nice video sir
Great explanation!! Looking forward to see your next videos!
#ThumbsUp ☆*☆*☆*☆*☆* ☆*☆* #SevenStar
Rajeev Senapati (6 months ago)
Very nice video sir, just one confusion, in the Target CPA, 275*0.2=55, but in the slides it is 82.50
Chris Marks (2 months ago)
Rajeev Senapati exactly. He's not even close and 55 would be the correct breakeven number. So if he pays 55 cpa then every 1 out of 5 times he gets 275 that is BE.

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