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How To Create an Invoice in Excel + Free Invoice Template Download

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If you are searching for how to create an invoice in Excel or free invoice templates to download, this video shows you 2 invoices that you can download for free. ★★★DOWNLOAD★★★ The Free Invoice Templates Here: http://bit.ly/2-free-xl-template ►View The SimplyPay.ME Invoice and Payment Link Software Overview Video Here https://youtu.be/P1IvhRFFA2E ►►If you're looking for a way to collect payments online, this is the Best Payment page builder that I have found: http://bit.ly/2S10S7J These free invoice templates are customized and built in Microsoft Excel. You can download Excel at: www.microsoft.com Follow Me (my Businesses & Websites): Blog: http://www.bancardsales.com Merchant Accounts: https://www.getcardpointe.com Invoicing & Payment Link Software: https://www.simplypay.me FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/Brian.A.Manning LinkedIN: http://www.linkedin.com/Brian.a.Manning https://youtu.be/ZzURez-jXBY
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Text Comments (20)
J D (17 days ago)
Hello Brian, what is the lead time on receiving the templates?
BancardSales (17 days ago)
Should be within 15 minutes or so. The system sends the link immediately but just allow time for email delivery time. Thanks for watching. !
KCC Meds (2 months ago)
This is a non working template site. Tutorial, and a sign up for advertising, but no template. Don't waste your time.
BancardSales (2 months ago)
Thanks for your comment. However, your statement is incorrect. There IS a download link that is emailed to you IF you request the templates. You need to put in a valid email address as stated on the form, and I send you a download link for the 2 Excel invoice files. LOT's of people download the free template so I know it works! The website www.bancardsales.com is a Payments blog and article site, so if you're looking for payment related information feel free to browse! Thanks for watching, and if you didn't put your correct email address in, please feel free to do it again! http://bit.ly/2-free-xl-template
hello Brian, thank you, great video and for a beginner, some steps were a bit quick for me to follow and when trying to download the free templates it says page not found but when I checked my emails they have actually come in, thanks once again
BancardSales (2 months ago)
Perfect. Thanks for watching. The system will email a link to the invoice templates! Glad they work for you !
cant download the templates
BancardSales (2 months ago)
Did you check your email inbox for the download link?
Too fast, slow down
Jack Kemp (28 days ago)
Whoa, slow down Maurice.
BancardSales (4 months ago)
Thanks for watching! (Pause and rewind) :)
Mike A (11 months ago)
How can I make a proposal form. Could I send you an idea of what I'm talking about. Thanks
Eoin Hogan (11 months ago)
Great Video. I want to add gallons to the unit list but I cant access the Table Because Column AC is Hidden behind the gray. Could you tell me how I could add gallons to the unit drop down table or where I access the Table Please?
Fabricio Siloe (1 year ago)
Hi there, how can I do to show the GST amont separate? thank you.
Fabricio Siloe (1 year ago)
It doesn't allow me to modify it. is there any way that you could help me, Im not very good with excel. thank you
BancardSales (1 year ago)
You would have to create a conversion table to pull the GST or recode the cells to reflect your currency.
umar elfarouk (1 year ago)
Hello thank for the tutorial
BancardSales (1 year ago)
+umar elfarouk you're welcome glad you liked it. Thanks for watching
isitebuild (1 year ago)
Great tutorial
BancardSales (1 year ago)
I hope you find these free templates useful! If you have questions about how to customize your template (once you download it) just comment below and I'll help you out!

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