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QuickBooks Training - Enter Bills - Item and Expense

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QuickBooks allows you to enter bills for payment later. If your vendor has given you terms, you should take advantage of that cash flow. This video guides you through the process of entering a Bill in QuickBooks and getting it ready to pay. AQB.com offers OnDemand training videos for Intuit QuickBooks Accounting and QuickBooks Point of Sale solutions. These YouTube videos are a small subset of the hundreds of video tutorials available at http://www.aqb.com/quickbooks-elearning/.
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Text Comments (42)
essa qamar (4 months ago)
thanks for this informative video but how to enter invoices which shows GST . can we treat gst as an expense .
John Smith (5 months ago)
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Zack Taylor (7 months ago)
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Accounting Tutorial (11 months ago)
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Adel Dixon (1 year ago)
Is there a shortcut for switching between the “Items” and “Expenses” tabs in the middle pane of the bills window?
kosimoh link luck (1 year ago)
hi how i can insert my business expenese like rent and Electricity ....atc
Tech help (1 year ago)
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TINA MORAN (1 year ago)
can I export all my invoices from one quickbooks account and then import them into another quickbooks software pkg? separating two entities into two separate companies and locations
Kari Wilson (1 year ago)
Coltalb 12 (1 year ago)
How can you enter a bill that was already paid with a paper check just for keeping track of the expenses. Your help is greatly appreciated.
Izhar Ahamad (2 years ago)
Quick Book Is A Most online Accounting Software Then it is very easy for us So that My Opinion All Indian People Use This Software
Mohamed niyazi (2 years ago)
how can v use for recruiting agent business example v have forign agent provide mony besides v pay cash commission to sub agent who supply manpower how to enter these details if anyone interested to reply me u a welcome
Joe K Roberts (2 years ago)
how do i march an items with their chart of accounts
Tv Star (2 years ago)
I\'m not sure but ,if anyone else wants to learn about quickbooks online class try Zamartar Simple Accounts Remedy (just google it ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my colleague got cool results with it.
Bettina Beer (1 year ago)
Tv Star p
Mike Tison (2 years ago)
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Sami Ullah (2 years ago)
Mike Tison
Wilfred Bernard (2 years ago)
Why is decking lumber not considered inventory under quickbooks?
Pat Kirk (3 years ago)
where do I enter expenses on quickbooks
Begc Est (2 years ago)
you should go to company button there would be general journal entry ...you will enter dr and cr there
alinah qhobane (2 years ago)
i am also looking fo rthe same thing . how do i do general expenses not the suppliers bills
Tamara Raphael (2 years ago)
Hey Pat, did you ever find a training vid for the expenses? I have been looking for the same thing..Thanks
Jeff Melton (3 years ago)
you can manually put in what items were purchased right? also does this work with invoices because I only do COD purchases
Srey Ya (3 years ago)
Tafazzal Hoque (3 years ago)
I am learning QuickBooks Enterprise 12.0 edition. When I open the enter bills. I can't see the Tax column between Account and Amount column. Please let me know how to configure it.
majusitshu (3 years ago)
+Tafazzal Hoque Another product I also found useful was Grathaw Master Accounts Expert - it should be on google if you need it
Erica Pollard (4 years ago)
Do you have a video for entering already paid things such as receipts? I am a new user to quickbooks and I cant figure out how to enter receipts that I were paid through my business card.
nidaa bassam (5 months ago)
I don't know why dummy people click dislike and give bad reviews!!
Judy Liautaud (1 year ago)
You can enter already paid things in the check function. Go to banking-write checks. If you used a credit card, you can use banking-enter credit card charges.
Gontle Ntshole (3 years ago)
+marjones69 same here, do let me know if you find out
marjones69 (3 years ago)
+Erica DiMaria Thats what i am trying to find out too..Lets say i bought something or paid my truck insurance. how do i log that in so that can reflect on the balance of the funds in the business..Did you find out how?
S Proc (4 years ago)
Useless bugger
Phillip Correia (4 years ago)
David Trinh (5 years ago)
pointless video, you dont mention what tabs you are clicking, or how we get to the screens you're displaying. I have no idea where you are navigating. Pro tip, when making tutorials for software programs, mention from beginning from when you open the program to end where you are clicking and what you are clicking. so the viewers can know what to do to get exactly the results you are teaching.
Chris Howell (1 year ago)
David Trinh ii
David Trinh (4 years ago)
Alexis Moore (5 years ago)
Records & Greenback
Elise P (5 years ago)
I'm confused about the expenses vs items tab. I've only created noninventory items in quickbooks and pay upfront, so I have never had to use the 'pay bills' feature. I only use the expense account charged on the Invoice, no Items because no inventory created yet. But, why is freight listed as an expense but the other items are not listed as an expense? or do the inventory items purchased both have an expense account that you applied originally upon creating each item and thus the amount gets automatically expensed to those categories? I had no idea that freight is listed as cogs. I wonder what other items should be listed is this category?
Akbar Khan (5 years ago)
loving the name.
Akbar Khan (5 years ago)
most useful video i have across yet. when i pay a bill it also adds an equal deposit in the bank account, unless there is VAT involved, in which case it deposits the NET amount. why why why
classybitch8888 (6 years ago)
hi, i am 4 months behind on my accounting and am just recording all the info now. What about expenses paid by debit or cash from business acct? do i have to enter it as enter bills?
tilly2484 (7 years ago)
Thanks for this, really great

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