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Ask AdWords - CPA Bidding

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Digital Inspired Life (4 months ago)
What does it mean if your campaign isn't moving at all. No impressions or views, nothing. It's been running for about 2 weeks
Google Ads (4 months ago)
Hi there, thanks for reaching out. Could you please confirm if the campaigns are enabled and the ads are approved in your Google Ads account? If so, we'll request you to either send us a DM on Twitter (https://goo.gl/YVA74C) or a PM on Facebook (https://goo.gl/MVzm2x) with additional details. We'd be happy to help. -Chetan
Ray Zimkus (10 months ago)
Hi, I have one question, Why I have charged for Clicks if no conversion CPA meet, I have done everything right and google suggest me experiment CPA Target , No ones talk or explain about this. Thx
Google Ads (9 months ago)
Hi Ray, you could look for the Google AdWords page on Facebook and send us a private message. We may need to look into your account to troubleshoot this further. -Bee
Ray Zimkus (10 months ago)
how can I find you on facebook? and why you can't answer here ? Thx
Google Ads (10 months ago)
Hi Ray, could you DM us on Twitter, or PM us on Facebook so we could look into this for you? -Bee
MD. Iqbal Hossin (2 years ago)
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Prajapati Hemant (3 years ago)
I want to set competitor or interest marketing champaign... What step I have to do for that..
Google Ads (3 years ago)
Hi Prajapati, thanks for reaching out. You can find directions on implementing CPA bidding here: https://goo.gl/1G3LAT. Let us know if you have further questions. -Vic
Prajapati Hemant (3 years ago)
I also want to set CPA bidding ...how I can???
Google Ads (3 years ago)
Hi there, are you looking to use interest targeting for a campaign? If so here's a Help Center article that introduces interest targeting: https://goo.gl/mHEgc2. Here's an article on implementing audiences: https://goo.gl/UTKz3R. Please let me know if you are looking for further help. -Vic
Hi Patrick & Shayna! I just started on Adwords in practice though my accounts are very old. I see it a very powerful and a source full of business success potentials. My question is in connection to CPA bidding. I understand that Google tracks conversions as explained, How does Google identify the traffic source? Since the code being executed on page for the defined actions remains same, what if the traffic is of direct or organic nature? Also can the Google Analytics Goals be used in combination with AdWords Tracking? Looking to hear from you guys soon,
Google Ads (3 years ago)
+WajhuAllah Arif Hussain Hi there, the steps involved in collecting the information for traffic sources can be found here under the 'Understanding Campaigns and Traffic Sources' : https://goo.gl/NsM6cx. You can use both AdWords and Analytics conversion tracking at the same time. Please let us know if you have any other questions. -Vic

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