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BUSINESS LEVEL STRATEGY IN HINDI | Porter’s Generic Strategies | Strategic Management | BBA/MBA |ppt

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#YouTubeTaughtMe STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT IN HINDI - 11 This video consists of the following: 1. Concept of Business level strategies in hindi 2. Different types of Business level strategies i. Cost Leadership business strategy ii. Product differentiation business strategy iii. Focus business strategy IF ANYONE INTERESTED IN JOINING MY TEAM IN MAKING PPTs, HE/SHE CAN JOIN MY TEAM MY NUMBER IS 9716663769 (WhatsApp only). BEST REFERRED BOOKS FOR BUSINESS POLICY & STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT : I. https://amzn.to/2Hh33gL - Concepts in Strategic Management and Business Policy II. https://amzn.to/2kMmTrD - Business Policy and Strategic Management: Concepts and Applications TAGS FOR VIDEO: business level strategies generic business strategies porters generic business strategies model cost leadership strategy in business product differentiation strategy in business focus business strategy what are business level strategies strategic management levels of strategy business strategies by porter Michael porter's business strategies ppt on business level strategies in hindi strategy of international business strategy v business plan
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Text Comments (36)
aarti kirkire (6 days ago)
aarti kirkire (6 days ago)
Deepika Ahuja (7 days ago)
Hello sir thank you for posting this video did u post functional level strategy?
Priya Yadav (30 days ago)
Explain SWOT analysis
neha singh (1 month ago)
es mei matrix bnakr h four apne three hi btayi . an fourth vali ?
Akanksha Prajapati (1 month ago)
Sir can u explain this topic with suitable examples it helps us
Sonu Singh - PPT wale (1 month ago)
Gunjan Sharma (1 month ago)
Hey ! Can you please help me with the functional level strategy brief vedio.it's really urgent if its possible can you please?
Gunjan Sharma (1 month ago)
@Sonu Singh - PPT wale i have already watched this. I actually want a short breif.
Sonu Singh - PPT wale (1 month ago)
Have you watched this video? May be this can help https://youtu.be/Esa5FPH24cM
Gunjan Sharma (1 month ago)
@Sonu Singh - PPT wale thank you so much !
Sonu Singh - PPT wale (1 month ago)
I'm working on it Gunjan.
sunny gulani (2 months ago)
sunny gulani (2 months ago)
Bhut sara tkssss sir
Sonu Singh - PPT wale (2 months ago)
Bhut sara welcome Sunny
Yogita Sharma (2 months ago)
Sir your voice fantastic and ur content is amazing thanku
falak parveen (5 months ago)
Kirti Bhardwaj (6 months ago)
Nice 😎
Reena yadav (6 months ago)
Thank u...
Aditi Shah (6 months ago)
apne topics bhot ache se samjhae, humara HOD bhi yeh topics dhang se nahi pda paya.
MOHAN THAMMIAH (6 months ago)
u need to work on ur presentation ..... boringggggggg
Khyati Gupta (26 days ago)
@Sonu Singh - PPT wale that was a really great diss..and i do agree with you sonu singh..!! your videos are awesome but just incude more examples to it..!!!also,if i'll go through all your business strategy vidoes, will it be enough for my BS exam..?? i have it tomorrow looool
Sonu Singh - PPT wale (6 months ago)
I'm sorry that I can't meet the expectations of all the viewers. But there are some viewers who liked this video. You can switch to some other videos available on YouTube. You have choices
Pintu Mallick (6 months ago)
Thank you so much for this
The Average Engineer (6 months ago)
Bahut badia Bhai subscribe Kar dia Maine Bhai. Love you. Mast tha. From a Engineer that is currently pursuing MBA
Abdul Wahid (17 days ago)
PANKAJ KUMAR (6 months ago)
Your videos are good , but please understand with example
pradeep Jain (7 months ago)
Business policy and strategy ache se samazane ke liye thanks 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Sonu Singh - PPT wale (7 months ago)
You're welcome Pradeep.
Pooja Joshi (7 months ago)
Corporate strategy bhut acchi samzai thanks. 👍
Pooja Joshi (7 months ago)
Sir please,plz thoda evalute krke samzau with example ....
Neeysh (8 months ago)
Tomorrow's my exam and #YouTubeTaughtMe like literally!!! Thumbs up 👍 & Thankyou 😊
kopal gupta (11 months ago)
Red ocean and blue ocean strategic plzz explain this topic or strategic decision planning plzz explain this topic EFE matrix ye bhi explain this topic
Sonu Singh - PPT wale (11 months ago)
I've noted your topics. Videos on these topics will definitely be there soon. Stay connected. Thanks for your comment ✌️👍

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