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Can't Install Or Update Wordpress Plugins

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if you have access to the cPanel, try this: Download the plugins that you want to install on WordPress. Open your CPanel and sign in. Open “File Manager” Locate your wordpress installation there and Click on the folder marked “wp-content” Open the folder marked “plugins” Click on “upload file(s)” and upload the plugin you just downloaded. Click on the plugin file that you just uploaded and click “extract”. Open WordPress and go to the dashboard. Click on “Plugins”. ( You should see your new plugin as one of the selections. ) Click “Activate”. The above steps are explained assuming your hosting is With HostGator. The steps are similar for other hostings also. Cheers !!!
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chandan kumar (1 day ago)
very bad song ..irriteting..but your video is very useful ..nice
Host Programming (1 day ago)
thank you
George Neil (3 months ago)
omg your music killing me

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