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Finally Understanding Google Adwords Ranking

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Finally an EASY explaination of Google Adwords Ranking! An HD presentation describing how Google Adwords ranks Cost per Click advertisements next to search results on Google.com. After watching this video you will change the way you look at publishing your ads on google and will understand the importance of quality. Presentation by Joseph Todaro, Founder of http://MuseResources.com and http://LearnSketch.com Host an UNLIMITED number of websites like me with JustHost: http://www.justhost.com/track/jh5099/CODE31
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Text Comments (57)
Deanna paulk (29 days ago)
Explained plan as day thankyou so much
Andreea Iulia (3 months ago)
thank you, thank you, thank you verry much for explaining
Norma Mimosa (6 months ago)
OK, so I am a neophyte. What does the amount bid and won buy? An ad? Run how many times? A click on an ad?
Dau7hy (7 months ago)
Is it still like that nowadays?!
Darkendevoures (7 months ago)
Thanks man that was really well put together and helpful
Vici Cowell (7 months ago)
Will my website work with this? endlesscashnow.com How much is each click
Robert Dunford (8 months ago)
This video is no longer relevant. To much has changed since 2010.
Sajan Patel (1 year ago)
Great vid :)
Shane Fitzgerald (1 year ago)
fantastic. just what i needed
Tamara (2 years ago)
Thanks a lot, very useful!
hamza anwar (2 years ago)
Great Video !!! But Confused can anyone help ?? Orange said her max Bid is $2 but in calculation its come $3. So she have to pay $3 or if we do calculation on original max bid its $1.5 ??
Tamara (2 years ago)
+hamza anwar in minute 6:38 he changes the biddings prices, making them all the same ($4). In the example you are pointing out, I believe the actual bid is as you say, $1.5.
everythings (2 years ago)
Sachin Pathak (3 years ago)
very very helpful thank you for sharing...
When people use Google to research, they're interested in the most relevant and useful results. Thus, they look into the one who got the top result. SEO and Google Adwords Ranking plays an important role with that.
ClickPaid biz (4 years ago)
Subscribe :)
Mehran Riaz (4 years ago)
BEST Video on youtube, you explain it such a simple way. you need to work for google 
Ali Choudhri (4 years ago)
Great video!!!
Jonathan Morey (4 years ago)
great vid!
Michelle Lowe (4 years ago)
Thank you so much for this - I feel infinitely more comfortable with rankings and feel I can start evaluating my keywords and making changes.  I really appreciate your sharing this.
foureyed rat (4 years ago)
Hi Thank you for the tutorial, would it be possible to do an updated video or is the information still the same... Thank you so much
Morris Calore (4 years ago)
Thanks Joseph! This is the best guid I ever saw about Adwords! Great work!!!
Stuart Petty (4 years ago)
Great guide, really clear and straight forward, very glad that I found your channel and subscribed
Aivaras (5 years ago)
Copy cat ;D video copied from Google's Chief Economist Val Harian vid :(
Ehab Botros (5 years ago)
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sajag shakya (5 years ago)
Exactly how long was it before you were generating income on line? I've recently set up working one hour every day and pulling in $150 through the use of Sweet Income Exercise. Just Google it!
very good
Ryan D. Hatch (5 years ago)
Wonderful video, Thank you Joseph! Presentation was created in Apple Keynote, with certain elements from Adobe Illustrator. One of the best presentations I've ever seen.
Mehran Riaz (5 years ago)
awesome video
Fede Ottalagano (5 years ago)
Grear explanation! Thanks
Mr Kandahar (5 years ago)
Hi, The final cpc was hard to follow. How much must the orange guy pay for every klick?
Razz C (5 years ago)
Magic work - well said, well put together. Congratulations. :) It helps everyone big time. Thanks man.
Ankit Marothi (5 years ago)
Insightful!!! The auction on the CTR is amazing!
LifeBloodMarketing (5 years ago)
No way your friend is so cool!
David Ross (5 years ago)
I've looked at plenty of videos like this today and I have to comment because this one is SUPERB. Nice job mate. Thanks for the great information.
It was a great one, thank you!
Alan Peck (5 years ago)
I agree about both presentation and information quality - excellent and thenk you for doing this
Austin Helsel (5 years ago)
I think it was Mr Green with adword ax in the corporate Google Bathroom. Good job on the presentation!!
Robert Mullan (5 years ago)
Nice clear explanation!
Abhey Gupta (5 years ago)
i am not understanding sir,can u tell me in detail on [email protected]
Steve Davidson (6 years ago)
Very futuristic technology
hyderabadi11 (6 years ago)
informative video. thanks
hyderabadi11 (6 years ago)
Nice vid....thanks :)
Jordan Monroe (6 years ago)
awesome vid!
vanehernan (6 years ago)
that was super helpful! Thank you!
Steven Schrier (6 years ago)
good stuff
Apoorv Shrivastava (6 years ago)
thanks a ton Joseph, this is simple explanation of not so simple method :)
Alejandro Lagos (6 years ago)
Excellent presentation. What soft did you use to make it? Thanks
mylleniunfinity (6 years ago)
@nbodiju I agree. @TrifectaFotografic -- did anyone ever tell you your voice sounds a bit like John Krazinski from The Office (US version)? ;-)
ferngucker (6 years ago)
Very helpful - should be placed in the center on the GoogleAds-Homepage! :-) What was new to me is that there seemed to be something like a minimum bid by Google. But: How do I know this min-bid for a specific keyword? My bids seem to be (too?) low, so until today I have never seen any of my own adverts, even though there are no adverts by other companies for my keyword ...
Here to help you (6 years ago)
nice one...........
Nam Phong (6 years ago)
Thank you so much!
healthlinescouk (6 years ago)
Great explanation, thank you. I'm a little guy in a very specialised market (Flower Essences). My bid is low about 0.15p (UK£). Many of my keywords say "Below first page bid", they have a quality score of only 4 (but "No problems" against relevance, quality and load time), and they say "Ad not showing now". OK, but it also gives Average position = 4 for that keyword, as well as some impressions and a click through rate of 9.09% WOW! First page bid estimate = 0.50p Any ideas what's going on?
Manchit Raikar (7 years ago)
great accent and superb explaination !
Ali Hajjaj (7 years ago)
great video
Rosalie Rondon (7 years ago)
When do I have to update my ads? is it every hour, days, months?
Rosalie Rondon (7 years ago)
Nice, thanks for the info

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