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Utility Billing Payments 4 - Allocations

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Utility Billing Payments 4 - Allocations Hi this is Zac Kibria and the next video in the Payments series is Allocations. In this video, I will show you how to deal with allocations – specifically how to enable allocation settings, set allocation priority and adding and modifying allocations. So, to enable allocation settings you will want to click the Admin tab and look under group manager. Next, click edit group and scroll down to payment options and click Enable Payment Allocation. Lastly, click save changes button. Note that the allocation priority buttons only show up under the billing heading after you have enabled payment allocation. Also after this setting is enabled al payments are automatically allocated. Great, so now that we have done that, I will next show you how to set allocation priority. To do this first click admin tab and look under billings. Next click allocation priority and drag and drop items and arrange them accordingly. Last click update button to save any changes made. An important thing to note here is that to set allocation priority – you must ensure that you have created rate plans (This whole list is all of the existing roll up descriptions in all rate plans). The next thing to do is to manually allocate a payment. So, to allocate payments you must first have a statement to allocate to. In the customer page click payments tab. Fill up the fields for payment. Then click Make Payment button and click OK once confirmation popup is displayed (Note that this is only for a manual payment. All forms of payments will auto-allocate.) Next you will want to select a statement number and lastly allocate payment amounts accordingly. The last thing I will be showing you in this video is how to modify allocations. To modify allocations, you will want to click the payments tab, and in the tab, click View History button. After that click modify allocations button. Select transaction number and statement number. And finally allocate payments accordingly. Thanks for watching - this is Zac Kibria and I hope you have enjoyed this video. please like this video, comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel where we have lots of other videos as well as playlists for you. We are constantly updating our software as well as adding new videos to enhance your experience so we hope that you continue to subscribe to this list as well as all our channels. Have a great day and feel reach out to us if you are having any issue
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