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Google Ads Bidding Optimization Strategies: Stretch Your Budget and Maximize Your ROI

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Find the best Google Ads bidding strategy for your campaigns and lead generation goals. CPA vs CPC / Manual vs Automated. 0:46 - Keys To Bidding Success 2:08 - Step One: Manual CPC 3:49 - Step Two: Enhanced CPC 5:35 - Step Three: Automated Bidding 9:57 - Step Four: Bid Adjustments 11:41 - Step Five: Campaign Splice In this video, you will know what is google ads bidding strategy and how you can optimize it. This is a strategy guide on advanced googles ads. Through this video, you will know how to greatly reduce your advertising costs by bidding optimization and use the power of Google Ads’ automated bidding. Google Adwords provides various strategy in bidding that are also suited appropriately to various types of campaign. You can choose which of this strategy is the most suitable for you whether by putting priority on areas such as clicks, conversions, and the networks targeted by your campaign. Watch this video to know more on how to bid on google keywords, know the different bid strategy types and keyword bidding adwords. In Manual CPC (Manual Cost Per Click), you will set the amount that you want to pay every click on your ads. It is applicable when you have just started and do not have prior clues on what is going to work. However, if you have sales on your website, it is safe to prefer and start with Enhanced CPC. You can use this to evaluate and weigh the Costs per Click. It is a measure of how much it is going to cost you to get google search results. Enhanced CPC (Enhanced Cost Per Click) is a bidding strategy that help you maximize your conversions. It is a way of adjusting the amount you are willing to pay and permit google to optimize your cost for the results that you want. Google will balance your bid as deemed appropriate for you to get the result you are looking for. If you are having second thoughts on the dependability on Google, I can say that, to a certain extent, Google wants us to succeed, because it means that we will be spending more money on them. However, Google serves just as an advisor, you are still completely the one who is in control. On the other hand, in automated strategy you can only start on this if you already have the data that provide you your ads and landing pages rock. In Manual CPC and Enhanced CPC, we are testing if we are going in the right direction. We are getting information that tells us whether we are hitting the right keywords, targeting right audiences, and if our messages are on the right path. One of the smart bidding strategies that you can use is Target CPA (Target Cost Per Acquisition). By using this google ads bidding strategy, it can help you increase and optimize conversions. Another smart bidding strategy is Target ROAS (Target Return On Ad Spend) it is a desirable return, (100% would be break even & 150% would be $1.5 in revenue for every $1 in ads you spend). You do not need to get all of the results, just some results would help this google ads bidding strategy. With that you can use advanced automated bidding strategies. You don’t have to be getting great results, just some results. Once you have some results you can turn on these advanced automated bidding strategies. Manual CC and Enhanced CPC gives us something that we could work from. We feed that to advanced strategies and the Google ads black box does the work. It is a matter of gathering data in the most effective and efficient way. Using bid adjustments, it will allow you to control the frequency of showing your ads using based primarily on the time, location, and the way how and what device prospective clients used in their search. If time is used as basis, you will get the data on what days of the week, and at what times of the day is the best. Using this you can adjust your bids based on the gather data that will give you the most relevant result that you want. If location is used as basis, you will know what area works best. You will have a data on what states, territories, zip codes give you the best result. If device is used as basis, you will have an information that can let you help in your decision making on regulating your bids as to what kind of device you do and do not want to advertise on. Lastly,in campaign slicing you will be managing your campaigns on targeting combinations that will work the best and handle your traffic using various automated strategies such as, Target CPA (Target Cost Per Acquisition), and Target ROAS (Target Return On Ad Spend). I hope this video provided you a working knowledge on google ads bidding strategy. Like this video and subscribe on my channel for more informative videos that will help you in your online business! ----------------------------------- Disclaimer: Please note that all recommendations & links are affiliate promotions.
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Jason Whaling (3 months ago)
Comment below with your Google Ads questions!
Jeremy Smith (16 days ago)
This is good practical advice. The only thing I would add is to avoid smart bidding strategies if you are doing a lot of a/b testing or making a lot of changes to webpages and ads. Smart Bidding works best when you have dialed in your messaging and content.
Jason Whaling (15 days ago)
So true! Thank you for adding that insight on smart bidding. It normally takes months for me to ever use it because as you said, we are constantly changing up the sites
Thanks Jason!! This has been very very helpful!!
Jason Whaling (1 month ago)
Great to hear. Hope your cost per click and lead goes down 👍
Awesome Tuts (2 months ago)
I've been running an ad campaign for two weeks, it's a in-stream video ad. I am using youtube channels as placements. One weird thing I see is that out of 100 channels that I am targeting the ad shows only on 10-15 channels, do you have an idea what that might be?
Awesome Tuts (24 days ago)
+Prince Roy Thank you for your reply but I don't think that is the case here. As I see other ads that are the same as mine e.g. other youtuber who is in the same niche as me (game development) is promoting his channel via ads in the same way as I am. And I see his ads on that channel but mine won't run on that channel. That is why I find it strange. I even increased the bidding to $6 per view and still nothing.
Prince Roy (24 days ago)
it is because the rest of the channel might not be google adsense approved. you ads will serve only to those channel which is showing the ads on their videos hope that helps
Awesome Tuts (1 month ago)
+Jason Whaling That's what I did so far, but still, I feel I could have reached more people if the ads show on all channels. I even contacted google ads support, and they had no idea, they were like increase the budget, I set the budget to $2.8 per view, and still I did not get a single view on the rest of the channels and I've been advertising for more than a month now.
Jason Whaling (1 month ago)
That's normal. It could be the size of the channel or just the type of channel that your targeting. Focus on optimizing those 10 to 15! Your on the right track 👍
Emma M Davis (3 months ago)
pretty good understand please explain about quality score
Jason Whaling (3 months ago)
Great future video idea for Google Ads! Thanks for watching🙏
Gaming Channel (3 months ago)
Priceless knowledge!
Jason Whaling (3 months ago)
🙏🙏 Crush it with your Google Ads keyword research!
Andrew Froude (3 months ago)
Thanks Jason. Well explained.
Jason Whaling (3 months ago)
🙏 Hope it helps with your Google ads keyword research!
kostaftp (3 months ago)
Hi Jason, do you have any suggestion for making work adwords if you are looking for distributors? I am a little lost with one campaign... i have tried search, display, and remarketing. Maybe with specific placements or audiences? The copy says clearly that its for distributors. Thanks in advance, i love your channel !!! 😊😊😊
kostaftp (1 month ago)
thanks a lot, i will try with more specific targeting 😊
Jason Whaling (3 months ago)
If your copy is clear then it's your targeting. Remember there are only two variables in digital advertising: Messaging & Targeting... if your confident your message is on point, then you have to revisit your targeting.... Yes, your next step would be identifying new audiences to target and maybe try some new keywords.
abouk noun (3 months ago)
I started advertising targeted specific channels, but the announcement does not work
abouk noun (3 months ago)
+kostaftp ?
kostaftp (3 months ago)
I usually put two campaigns, In Stream and In Discovery. Each one with diferent group ads. Keywords, Placement, Interest, and Themes.
Jason Whaling (3 months ago)
If your placements aren't working then it means the audience is too small. You'll need to find bigger channels if your not getting the impressions you need.
abouk noun (3 months ago)
​ Jason Whaling I need the placement targeting but its not run at all I did use other targeting but i need placement to get more subs to have the same audience
Jason Whaling (3 months ago)
For your channel if your getting impressions, up your bid. if you have no impressions, then try different targeting.

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