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Billing and Collecting Money in Lawn Care Business - Invoicing

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Text Comments (46)
ThorntonsWelding (3 months ago)
Thanks for all the info, its a huge help.
Lawn Care Life (3 months ago)
Glad to help. Thanks for the comment
Amos Grummet (4 months ago)
This is the first year I am really strapped into lawn care so to speak. I am trying to figure out a easy billing method for my costumers. Last year I billed per month like you do, but I found keeping track of my costumers that are late, and ones that forget is very difficult. Would you recommend a contract type deal? I have let them know I will be making a few billing changes, and they seem to be ok with that. Any input on this subject will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Joshua Smith (9 months ago)
The cash app may be a good option for some, or other payment apps.
Ken Badali (10 months ago)
What I do is at the last service for the month I drop off the invoice for the next months service with the due date being the next service date that way I am always paid a month in advance. NO PAY NO MOW
MrJules409 (11 months ago)
Hey sir...i just want to say thank you for what you do... I'm about to launch my lawn care business this month and you have been very helpful...i was just saying how I will be needing a simplified way of keeping tabs with my customers, payments, ect. Again sir thank you
Mr. Alex (1 year ago)
Square hardware allows you to plug it right into your tablet or cell phone and accept payments on the spot
Austin Braham (8 months ago)
Mr. Alex Yup, that’s what I use.. or email them an invoice thru Square
Tyler Winkowitsch (1 year ago)
Offer 5% off if they prepay for any service
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
That is what I have been doing this year. I have maybe 10% of people prepay
Freedom 1 (1 year ago)
There’s 13 billable months per year....
R B (1 year ago)
Great talk thanks!
Lisa Michelle (1 year ago)
I figured it out. I had to convert my customer list to Excel. I finally figured it out thanks
Mr Motivateme (1 year ago)
thanks for the info
JMNH2009 (1 year ago)
so whenever they pay online, are they paying through yardbook?
Erik Cardoso (1 year ago)
JMNH2009 no, it goes thru Stripe
Swahiliangift70x7 (1 year ago)
There is no volume on this video. Why?
Alex Kansas (2 years ago)
Great video. Very educational
Michael DeWitt (2 years ago)
I have 2 customers that will not pay. One is just $40 for one cut. The second is $162 and she asked for leaf cleanup twice plus cover her hose bibs and haul off two loads of trash. I have not collected from either of these people but invoiced each via mail and tried calling and texting. Any advice?
tommy mays (1 year ago)
Send them that letter saying your going to put a lien on there house
Michael DeWitt (2 years ago)
Lawn Care Business Wow. I had no idea other's in the industry had such similar problems collecting. The $162 lady paid me yesterday. The $40 guy lives out of town and asks me to mow his duplex here in town.
Lawn Care Life (2 years ago)
Sorry to hear that collection is difficult. If they will not answer the phone, i try to knock on the door and see if I can talk to them in person. Persistence is key. Once it took me over a year to collect around $200. I just happened to catch her at home one day and she paid after many attempts to call
Kieren Burke (2 years ago)
I am just starting in Australia, not having a bad experience but could be better, I have 5 regular customers 1 is an Australian wide company I also maintain his rental and pays by EFT after i issue an invoice using MYOB and he pays same day I give 7 days although I think he can tell I'm new not by quality but price I am still working that out I did a weeding and putting mulch in his garden and I said 150 and he told that would be the price of just of mulch but he offered more and I haven't heard anything bad and he is still calling for both properties also i live in the tropics and end of year is dry start to may is wet any good tips of rain mowing
Kieren Burke (2 years ago)
yea I hope so should pick up soon its just pouring with rain & always seeing post of gardeners not turning up after quotes given maybe they got a higher paying job really annoys me when a $50-$60 job gets turned down for $600-$1500 job most of the time the $50-$60 turns out to be regulars but thank you for your videos really helpful on have a sedan, 8x5 cage trailer, push mower, line trimmer, & blower I am trying to take your suggestion to look at used ride-ons and upgrading to premium fuels and oils, partners father is a car nut and only recommends it just picked a a resort today but just a rubbish removal
Lawn Care Life (2 years ago)
Glad you landed a good customer your first year. Sometimes, that is what it takes to get your business off the ground. For me, year 2 seems to go much better than year 1. I hope that is the case for your business
Michael DeWitt (2 years ago)
Those clients that want to pay with a check by mail, do you use your home address or a P.O. Box?
tommy mays (1 year ago)
P o box had one drive by my house didn't believe my mower was down one week needles to say I dropped that guy the next month
Lawn Care Life (2 years ago)
+Michael DeWitt po box
Ousama Abdu (2 years ago)
Thanks Sir
Lawn Care Life (2 years ago)
+Ousama Abdu you're welcome
Ousama Abdu (2 years ago)
Thanks for the reply. So if they do pay with credit card, what is the procedure that you use to complete payment? Do you do it via phone, or face to face with a swiper on your phone, ect. I've only done cash and check, and I need to have credit to add to make things easier for my customers. Thanks
iKnivie (1 year ago)
yea def interested in the fee of that
Scott Duke (1 year ago)
what is the fee for transactions?
Lawn Care Life (2 years ago)
I used yardbook.com for my lawn care software. It has a built in credit card functionality. I can keep a credit card on file or the customer can pay with a credit card from my website or if I email them the invoice
Ousama Abdu (2 years ago)
Awesome video as always. Do more of your customers pay with check, cash or credit card these day?
Lawn Care Life (2 years ago)
Mostly check but more and more are using credit cards
Kodu Võlurid (3 years ago)
Hi Jason! First of all - awesome videos! I have learned a lot from them! I do the same business in Estonia and I have a question about clients. What are a few main customer types that you focus your marketing on (older people, real estate agents etc)? What are the most likely commercial customers that will need your help? Would be so grateful for that insight because I've been struggling with it lately! :)
Raymond greenridge (1 year ago)
kodu i meet 3 guys on a consturction site in baltimore maryland usa.they were from estonia great guys to work with.they showed me the proper way to drink vodka.to much fun
Kodu Võlurid (3 years ago)
+Lawn Care Business Well it is seasonal ( pretty much 3 months). Upside is that there is only a few competitors. Thanks for your answer Jason!
Lawn Care Life (3 years ago)
+Kodu Võlurid Wow, I didn't realize lawn care was a business in Estonia. I don't necessarily target a certain people but I do target certain neighborhoods. I target neighborhoods with many homes that are small to medium size lawns. I prefer neighborhoods with new homes being built because new people will be moving into those homes
David Denson (3 years ago)
I use Wave accounting software. It's free. And through their software you can easily get setup to take credit cards and do invoicing. Through Wave, I email the customer their invoice, they pay with a CC and it's deposited in my bank account. I never see their CC info. It's worked very well so far. Of course most of my customers still prefer to leave cash or check in the BBQ grill, etc....and that's fine too. I'll take it however they want to give it, lol
patrapper7 (7 months ago)
How much yearly do you pay for cc fees?
Lawn Care Life (3 years ago)
+David Denson Sounds like Wave works similar to Yardbook. I never have their credit card info. I agree. Take the money however you can get it
Gravel Back Mechanic (3 years ago)
I started using Yardbook and it's been helpful. For a free software, you can't beat it. I have been using the email invoicing to collect for all of my services. Clean ups and aerations have been "one-time" services and I send an invoice after work is completed. But I get people to prepay the month when it comes to mowing. Thanks for sharing, Jason.
Gravel Back Mechanic (2 years ago)
Luke Horan Aeration is profitable. I do everything 100% prepay now. rent until it makes sense to purchase. I can stack all of my aerations during 1 week and get a good rental rates. 2017 season I may purchase an aerator due to growth .
Luke Horan (2 years ago)
Hows aerating going for you? Really considering investing in one. Good profits?

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