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Futures trading vs Forex trading - who wins?

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Futures trading vs Forex trading has always been a battle of being able to trade at certain times. What if I showed you how to trade only 3 hours Per day? And what if you could only pick the best Markets to trade? Well then you would crush the Market and become a professional trader. Email: [email protected] FREE live demo: https://www.dynotrading.com/live-trading-examples/
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Text Comments (17)
Lee Seabrook (19 days ago)
Interesting. Visited your website (via the link below) however there is no pricing info or tabs to order/buy?
DynoTrading (18 days ago)
Thanks for the comment. Send an email and someone will get back to you. -Kevin, CM
Matt (3 months ago)
These just look like renko bars to me. What's the difference?
DynoTrading (3 months ago)
Thanks bro!!
Sameer N Parekh (4 months ago)
Respected Sir I'm Waiting for your reply. Please Sir reply me.
Aparajita Saha (4 months ago)
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Click Here (3 months ago)
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Glenn Weinstein (4 months ago)
My love ExpertOption. Thursday= $589 Friday= $584 Saturday= $798
patil larna (4 months ago)
*1st month $20 invest, $230 income.* *2nd months $340 invest, $4000 income.* *3rd months $1300 invest, $11040 income.*
Robert D. Moore (4 months ago)
Highly recommended. Using it and enjoy every time I use this
ben willis (4 months ago)
GREAT video Mark!
linkinn fe (4 months ago)
Hi looks good to me I was interested how to get started and make the payment .
Ilves Vuori (4 months ago)
So far all I've seen are videos of trend days. Most days are not trend days. What I would like to see if how much do I lose on range days? That would help give me a better idea on overall performance. I like the concept of the trend bars don't get me wrong. But it is hard to gauge the profitability when only showing those home run days.
DynoTrading (4 months ago)
actually thats a good one for a Video will keep this in mind!!
DynoTrading (4 months ago)
Wish I could answer buddy but this is not a crystal ball. Trend days minus chop days = profit On my channel there are already several examples of chop days. thanks for the comment!
Sameer N Parekh (4 months ago)
Respected Sir, I'm Sameer Parekh, I'm Intested in your dynobar strategy, May i Have your demo ? And i also know what is the price of Real dynobar and way to payment ?

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