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Ezypay Subscription Billing Demonstration

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To get started with Ezypay simply request a live, customised demo: https://www.ezypay.com/book-a-demo Or, apply online and begin managing your cash flow more effectively: https://www.ezypay.com/apply-now _________ Welcome to Ezypay - the perfect solution to manage your business’s subscriptions and automate your recurring direct debit and credit card payment collections. In this demonstration, we will walk you through the features that will enable you to effectively manage your cash flow and support your long-term growth. We’ll cover … 1. Subscription Plan Management 2. Customer Sign-Up and Management 3. Billing and Settlement 4. Failed Payment Handling 5. Reporting and Analytics 6. Global Capability Creating a set of subscription products or services becomes easy with the right tools. By implementing Ezypay’s recurring payment solution your business will be easily set up to manage complex subscription plans. Once you have opened your account, you can set up multiple dynamic subscription plans with customised direct debit instructions for your product or service offering. You can create plans based on commitment term, frequency of billing and start date. Entice customers and drive revenue with promotional plans that support your marketing and sales strategy. You can easily create exclusive, limited or ongoing subscription plans and product bundles with add-ons, special offers, free trials and promotional discounts with the click of a mouse. Getting started with your current customer base is simple. Customers can be assigned to a payment plan in a number of ways; You can import your customers in bulk from an existing spreadsheet When required, you can individually enter your customer’s personal details, assign them to a payment plan or create a bespoke plan, then enter their bank account or credit card details on the spot. Or alternatively, use our online sign-up. To manage ongoing customer sign-ups automatically, in the Payment Plan settings simply click ‘yes’ for ’available for customer online signup’ and the link appears. This option will give your customers the opportunity to self-subscribe to your business 24/7 by using Ezypay’s online customer sign up form. You can easily insert payment plan links into promotional emails, your social media or your website so prospective customers can easily and instantly sign-up at their convenience. These forms can be branded to promote the look and feel of your business. Once your customers have been matched with a payment plan, Ezypay’s Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard accreditation means you can sleep easy knowing all of your customer’s bank account direct debits and credit card billings are protected with the highest level of security. Managing your cash flow effectively ensures the long-term success of your business. Ezypay’s ‘Billing and Settlement’ processes offers you the flexibility of receiving collected funds more conveniently; We collect your customer payments each week day and distribute this money into your account at a frequency of your choosing. Imagine saving time chasing payments so you can spend that time focusing on what you do best. The Ezypay platform offers automated ‘Failed Payment Handling’ processes to ensure that the money you have worked so hard to earn lands into your bank account on time, every time. Did you know that Ezypay has the highest payment collection rate in the industry? We offer the ability to send SMS notifications to customers before payment processing so that they can make sure funds are available We automatically notify your customer if a payment fails and give them several ways to rectify the failed payment, such as rebilling or recovering the payment online And, the Pay-Me-Today portal allows your customer to instantly update their card details and pay any outstanding amounts in real-time. Measuring your business’ success is key to driving a successful business strategy. Ezypay’s ‘Reporting and Analytics’ features make it easy to understand crucial financial information such as your revenue breakdown, collections, failed payments and more. You can generate up to nine real-time reports of your comprehensive data at any time to help your business make good, informed decisions With the click of a button – all your financial data can be downloaded in various formats for easy sharing with key stakeholders. Ezypay is your gateway for international payments. Our ‘Global Capabilities’ mean you can seamlessly access payments from customers anywhere in the world. As your business grows and expands globally, Ezypay can grow with you. We currently process transactions from nine countries, in all major currencies, your customers can directly contact our multilingual customer service specialists for support, and, our strong partnerships with local banks around the world means you don't need to obtain a business or merchant bank account to get started.
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