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Multiple Accounts and Virtual Assistants management with DSM Tool

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In this video, we'd like to introduce you to two new features in our system: managing multiple accounts and the virtual assistance management. This is an exciting new way to maximize further our dropshipping management tool. Join us: www.dsmtool.com.
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justjustjustify (5 months ago)
I have subscribed to your service, but i want to ask , if i connect to two ebay account with your software, will eBay know my two accounts are actually using the same DSM account because although my two accounts are mine, but eBay treat them as separate accounts. i do not want ebay to find out that those two ebay account belong to same seller
DSM Tool (4 months ago)
+justjustjustify Hello, we are really close to release that feature )
justjustjustify (5 months ago)
+DSM Tool does your software support listings with variations, i have item with different colors, can DSM tool import those items,
DSM Tool (5 months ago)
+SWAN TV if you already have different account that may use other paypal, connecting them to the software does not effect anything, the feature main purpose is to have control on all your accounts in one software. you can contact us through the software for more info
SWAN TV (5 months ago)
how does PayPal look on that? are they linked? does eBay know?
DSM Tool (5 months ago)
Hello, DSM is not detectable, you can list from the software to multiple ebay accounts )
Mohammed Hamad (5 months ago)
Hi Brother, I have a problem in the listing process, its always showing me an error message after publishing the item & it is appearing as follow (Validation result: Error) eBay Errors: This listing would cause you to exceed the amount ($500.00) you can list. Knowing that I have purchased the Basic plane two times without the slightest benefit. Kindly get back to me with solving this issue .
DSM Tool (5 months ago)
Hello Mohammed, the error you get is result of the fact that ebay allow to new sellers to sell up to 10 items or total of 500$, in your case it seem you're about exceed it, the way to solve it is to contact ebay and ask for limit increase, the plan you have on our software can't change it. contact us through our support chat on the software, good luck )
Mohamed Babaa (2 years ago)
not ebay germany??
The Marshall Family (2 years ago)
This is the best software for dropshiping :)

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