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Accessing, owning and managing multiple Amazon Accounts

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Danny brings back Chris McCabe to help reduce the confusion over owning multiple accounts, accessing as a consultant and/or account managing Amazon Seller Central Accounts day to day.
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Tom Bay (1 year ago)
Another example why to have a second account could be opening a second business when the chargeable VAT rate is different. It can make your accounts preparation a nightmare unless you will have 2 separate accounts. From my experience, wasn't hard to get a permission for that. I still can't get an answer though to the way sellers can help other sellers with their Amazon accounts. I know for sure that there are many consultants, holding a seller account and still access, on a daily basis, to dozens of other accounts as part of their daily job. Do you guys have any idea how to do it (besides of the remote desktop)? Will be great to get some ideas.
Seller Sessions (11 months ago)
If you want to protect yourself; your best bet is to contact the performance team and let them know. However, consultants are accessing accounts without issue. Just by making a request to their client as you would by giving VA access.

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