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Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)

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“This is America” by Childish Gambino http://smarturl.it/TcIgA Director: Hiro Murai Producer: Jason Cole of Doomsday with Ibra Ake and Fam Rothstein of Wolf + Rothstein tour tickets and merchandise available at childishgambino.com
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Пол ёбаных млрд Просмотров . АХУЕТЬ!
Justin Case (23 minutes ago)
As some what as an artist, I get this song( maybe). I can tell you this. They're not just railing against white people but black people to
Mrpoopityscoop 67 (29 minutes ago)
I’m Australian but at least we don’t say erb instead of herb
Vanadium (32 minutes ago)
Cheesy as fuck
Endperor (40 minutes ago)
I dont get it. Im looking at the Likes to Dislikes and im still trying to figure out how Trump won.
صناعي (1 hour ago)
Shihana Al ajlan (1 hour ago)
It is voice
Valtrys Bajs (1 hour ago)
1:56 to be continued😂🤦‍♂️
code-one gaming (1 hour ago)
Wonder why this song was trending all over except america😂 Anyone in 2019?
Jaime Hernandez (1 hour ago)
Me gusta más con la canción sopa de caracol
† Berrywulf AJ † (1 hour ago)
Donald Trump has left the chat
Akshay Sakhare (2 hours ago)
This song won grammy of 2019
[email protected] (2 hours ago)
*inserts history lesson about the formation of USA*
Rob is Bliss (2 hours ago)
2:09 When co-workers catch you venting in the walk in and they ask if you cool.
ZomBeast 1993 (2 hours ago)
my god i love the comment section of literally every video i watch on you tube its humorous AF
Bonkers TV (2 hours ago)
Yes Americans killing Americans...THIS IS AMERICA
This is New Zealand.
Graphical gaming sub (2 hours ago)
*NO, this is SPARTA.*
Jaynell (2 hours ago)
John Bravo (2 hours ago)
*Jussie_SmollettxD wants to join the chat*
Someone ate the cheese (3 hours ago)
That’s Canada.
Scy Slash (3 hours ago)
This is tf2?
Justin Cui (3 hours ago)
0:52 Eggboy slams that senator. Someone should do a "This is Australia" meme
Leandro Marcelo (3 hours ago)
As pessoas entenderam tudo errado
prajwal karki (3 hours ago)
This is a comment Look how I writing now
Mr. Jetty (3 hours ago)
4:00 kill me
Mr. Jetty (3 hours ago)
42:00 kill me
Mc juggie squad (3 hours ago)
Memorieeeeeesssss summer school
I like fish Me too (4 hours ago)
*This Is America*
Ocean Tuaolo (4 hours ago)
I think moto likes you
It's Colossal 2 (4 hours ago)
0:53 You're Welcome. 👌👮‍♀️
Big Boy Biggins (4 hours ago)
The 2010s in one song
B R (2 hours ago)
Funny and sad in a way.
Dav3 Ion (4 hours ago)
just noticed... girl on hood of vehicle is SZA.
Kayden Heitzman (4 hours ago)
Showed this to my sister now she’s my mother and banned me from looking at this
thedude lebowski (4 hours ago)
Jeezy died when he saw this. GAME OVER!
cunt (4 hours ago)
*New Zealand has left the chat*
КИРПИЧ (4 hours ago)
Ребят будто вы не осознаете что это ничтожная пародия на "this is Russia"
KoyoTheNekoNinja (4 hours ago)
Donald: this is america! Leonidas I: america?? This is *SPARTA!!* *Kicks donald glover down a deep pit*
Henry Scalpcane (4 hours ago)
Aim bot at 1:56
Screamsodagirl (5 hours ago)
Our president has left the chat
Johann von Giallio (5 hours ago)
This is Britannia.
Это Америка пункт где живут дебилы
Clean Hitz Official (5 hours ago)
RyLuckyOfficial (5 hours ago)
its crazy how music can change your mood..this was one of me and my girlfriends favorite songs. listening to it rips my heart out of my chest. I made a song and video and posted it to my channel about our deepest secrets and how she broke my heart. I'm thinking about taking it down and if you watch it you can easily see why.... thumbs up and get good luck for one year
Huzaifa Khan (5 hours ago)
Daniel Burow (5 hours ago)
I just checked my like count, and you mother fuckers owe me
Dimension YT (5 hours ago)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
si ocong (5 hours ago)
Thiz is atheis
Rosan Bienvil (5 hours ago)
I love this song 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗
Erica Smith (6 hours ago)
did anyone else notice SZA @ 3:21 .....?
Vine Nerd (6 hours ago)
rodrigo fattori (6 hours ago)
BurgerMan Animated (6 hours ago)
Basically America in a nutshell Guns, money, riots, and overall *CrAZyNeSs*
lego marvel filmz (6 hours ago)
This is Walmart No refunds
Talos Skrullman (6 hours ago)
Nah bro you mean 2058?
Andrii Medvediev (6 hours ago)
Elizabeth Drake (6 hours ago)
This is based off of Jim Crow's entertainment.
ZIfan Yang (6 hours ago)
Me: ooo this tune is ni- bitch this is america
fat homer simpson (6 hours ago)
Kiibo OwO (6 hours ago)
Put it on 1.25. No problem.
fat homer simpson (6 hours ago)
It sounds pretty good
camila Santos (7 hours ago)
fat homer simpson (6 hours ago)
Wrong one buddy
ZOKING Pshychopatte (7 hours ago)
Yeah this is the motherFuck'n America where the people's killed without a reason god job childish
Raciel Bell (7 hours ago)
Es que no has venido a México xD
Andrew K (7 hours ago)
Charlotte Jones (7 hours ago)
fat homer simpson (6 hours ago)
This is America
Nathaniel Yetter (7 hours ago)
Hahahah I can see Marshal-Lee singing this! lol I love this song
Stitch TheFirst (7 hours ago)
*This Is China and Russia* Don’t let us catch you run.
Stitch TheFirst (7 hours ago)
*_This Is The KKK_*
JadenAKAtfue (7 hours ago)
News Reporter: Man was killed in the making of the song "This Is America".
Xj9 Is My Waifu (7 hours ago)
This is GAME ENDED Don't steal petscop 2 Pyro you better upload This is GAME ENDED Don't steal petscop 2 Pyro you better upload This is GAME ENDED
AradaxxVevo (8 hours ago)
this video means that all the person from salvery dayz the white salve masters owe we black people money until now if its true drop a like
Miracle Playzz (8 hours ago)
*Russia has left the chat*
Stefen Vincent (8 hours ago)
I'm sad for him. He should go back to babysitting.
Manuel Ramyrez (8 hours ago)
This is wakanda!!?
0:52 Lo matan 3:08 Revive Hahahaha .
Hassatou Tanou Diallo (8 hours ago)
Me at the beginning of the song :😁 Me when i saw he shot someone :😅😰😨😱😱😱😱😱 WTF
Luis Suarez (8 hours ago)
What has the world become
FUB Lz (8 hours ago)
This is a *Miracle*
Rosa Perez (8 hours ago)
1:21 21 savage ?
Lil Dino (8 hours ago)
This Africa
rafiq sabir (8 hours ago)
This is America
Eugene Bruno (8 hours ago)
nor berto (8 hours ago)
This ain’t America, this is YouTube . This is me commenting on a video on YouTube this is you reading a comment on a video on YouTube, put your phone away and help one another
Карина С (9 hours ago)
Блин, со Святошами вообщем для всех ШОК!!!!
James Glen (9 hours ago)
This gives me chill s because it is true
Jerrod Sumlin (9 hours ago)
evey body that talk about this man u should look and see how much money u got because we all know that he has more money than u make a music video that u get money off than talk i mean a lot of money
linda stonier (9 hours ago)
Who was paying attention to the background the whole time?
Dara MaDah (9 hours ago)
Take a bath american(war maker country)
Sam Chyzam (9 hours ago)
Блин пахнет Far Cry 7... Вот я нашол нового злодея в будущем для новейшей части!
Caleb Guerrero (9 hours ago)
Dude Donald Glover needs to stop stealing childish gambino’s video.. smh
Bombardier 0 (9 hours ago)
This is NZ
Droguza (4 hours ago)
Dont catch you prayin now
Pink Mana (9 hours ago)
The message in this video is so true i personally think the message is america covers all the bad stuff up that is represented by the dancers and behind them is in shambles
IJAK (9 hours ago)
It's funny how journalists have tried to push the idea that this song is about racism or something like that when it's obviously abour black on black violence.
Giantape64 (10 hours ago)
Pretty much the only song that I can think of that is actually good and something you cant stop listening to
Paper Plane (10 hours ago)
It's so nice that Donald Glover published Childish Gambino's song. They look oddly familiar
BroodRiven (1 hour ago)
Paper Plane ThEy’RE thE SAMe perSoN DUmbAsS
Josiah Evans (10 hours ago)
2:33 you and your squad when your teacher don't give homework all week
Aaron Davenport Jr (10 hours ago)
0:40 when it’s Friday and your teacher gives out homework
TheLastPotato (10 hours ago)
Gonald Dlover
dxrin.d (11 hours ago)
This is Turkey
fbe will
Mannie Cimbron (11 hours ago)
People die who why? 1:55

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