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Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)

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“This is America” by Childish Gambino http://smarturl.it/TcIgA Director: Hiro Murai Producer: Jason Cole of Doomsday with Ibra Ake and Fam Rothstein of Wolf + Rothstein tour tickets and merchandise available at childishgambino.com
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Text Comments (688972)
Frostbrot (2 minutes ago)
2:15 That falling dude in the background must do a willhelm-scream
Америка? Пфффффф Раша Бейби Тудудудудутутутудудуд🙃
Frostbrot (4 minutes ago)
I wish I was an actor in the music video...so much fun XD
j x (27 minutes ago)
Is he in spiderman homecoming,as Aaron Davis?
TheRisingGuardian (34 minutes ago)
545,285,766 views and no trending Well that makes sense
Galo4ock 2.0 (45 minutes ago)
MrNight YT (46 minutes ago)
Русские кушать?
Crippling Depression (1 hour ago)
Director: "How much America do you want in the background?" Childish Gambino:
Feliks Romanczuk (1 hour ago)
1:38 bro on god i heard 21 savage
鯱海老 (1 hour ago)
Angel Santoyo (1 hour ago)
esto es sinaloa y no pendejadas
Yücel Yusuf (2 hours ago)
kiddada3 (2 hours ago)
One of the most intelligent videos ever made.
SS GG (2 hours ago)
God damn this video gives me anxiety and rage but I know people have to be exposed.
Andie Kennedy (2 hours ago)
Me when i play way to much phantom forces 0:52
Andie Kennedy (2 hours ago)
This is a meme thats a cream this is america and that is Canada grandma is dizzy cause she dont have her sleeping pills this is a bakery
Cheese Boi (2 hours ago)
This song is actually fire
Sahtekar Piyanocu (2 hours ago)
lomen;D (3 hours ago)
Ele mato msm??
D B (3 hours ago)
whats the damage?
Pati Sama (3 hours ago)
Pantek la
Odrin Mary (3 hours ago)
This is Europe...
Русские здесь?
Deenzok (3 hours ago)
This is childish gambiano? Donald Glover: ...
Legendary Milk (4 hours ago)
This is Brazil Eae Men kk
佐々木コジロウ (4 hours ago)
omar villalba (4 hours ago)
Pinches negros
ИМЯ ФАМИЛИЯ (4 hours ago)
Жду таковой же трек про Россию.
Hey Its Cardi Graal (4 hours ago)
I Searched "I am the man song" Found this, Im not regretting this.
Sean Uptown (4 hours ago)
great song, wack A F video wid all the flabbit sh1t body lan mov oh
Lorenzo Matias (5 hours ago)
Dumb fuck
Kole Festi (5 hours ago)
Saske E.NST.CTO (ενστικτο)
Keigo Mason (5 hours ago)
1:56 csgo hackers be like
Soulless Dumbass (5 hours ago)
Who saw the kid with a gun in vr
Capt. Jack Sparrow (5 hours ago)
Back again! 😍❤
Dwi Prasetyo (5 hours ago)
Anonymous 1 (5 hours ago)
We kill. we slaughter. we think we own the world. We force people to do something that they don't want to. We support military more than Nasa. We scream humanity. THIS IS AMERICA.
nicebluejay (5 hours ago)
as we watch this on our phone manufactured all over the world
Malaky Evans (6 hours ago)
Every "dislikes" are white supremacist..I bet..lol..YUP..gho back to ya caves in Asia..u cave monkey's..didn't creaet shit but the most diabolical actions the human race has seen in history....allergic to the sun..your not made for it, ur an evolution defect..sunlight is needed to live and look..yaw burn..so what that tell u...colonizers have a nice one..lol...
xiitheone (6 hours ago)
Is that boy from REACT channel? 1:10
nicebluejay (5 hours ago)
Kyle Eisner (6 hours ago)
2:33 kids after standing still for 0.00023 seconds in Walmart
Senia Reyes (6 hours ago)
Ai lo ve😍😍😍
Just lailah (6 hours ago)
o ya 8 million likes for this thicc boi
The_Gamer_ Exist (6 hours ago)
idiotic mashup (7 hours ago)
Shathay 62269 (7 hours ago)
0:50 this is jalisco
April Gutrierez (7 hours ago)
Jay Raut (8 hours ago)
Producer: (breaths) Donald Glover: Yes
Jaffa Juice (8 hours ago)
Was not expecting that!..............lol
dajaune corbin (8 hours ago)
0:28 is quegmire from family guy shaking his head
Steve Stelly (9 hours ago)
is this Lando?
pastelcity :P (9 hours ago)
0:52 Gambino’s like “bye bitch owo”
sophia (9 hours ago)
i honestly thought childish gambino was a weird jamacian guy for most of my life
John Foster (10 hours ago)
1:56 это чё за аим
アニマスZERO (10 hours ago)
Jd the Gamer (10 hours ago)
(Pause the video at 0:41) when you get soap in your eye and you tryna see the demon in the shower with you
rockhog (10 hours ago)
yes: yes how yes would you like this yes to contain yes: yes edit omg thank you for the likes!!1! ^ this shit needs to fucking stop
Gui gamer TV Insano (10 hours ago)
Castanhari perspectiva
TacoMooses (12 hours ago)
man troy barnes is really good at music
T-Rex9000 (12 hours ago)
Producer: How much violence do you want in the background? Childish Gambino: Yes
2:15 the guy in the back who jumped off litrly disappeared into the floor... *hey what’s up you guys, yes* If you got that we’re now best friends
amia ford (9 hours ago)
b l o o m i n g f l o w e r amia hey
Macabre Callings (12 hours ago)
Damn Donald, 545 million views and still goin strong. This fucking slaps.
Incredibly Vivid (12 hours ago)
50 Cents is a giftless youngster after this got dropped!! Ya! (In my LilCris voice)
Lenny [GD]YT (12 hours ago)
Pito parao
Incredibly Vivid (12 hours ago)
Gematological Dactiloscopy+2pHones=🥅◻🥅 (Hard)
Real Madrid (12 hours ago)
Teacher: Make video about america Me: This is America
C O L D B L O O D (9 hours ago)
Aaliyah Mei (12 hours ago)
Look at those 2 chickens in the background lmao
lee winstanley (13 hours ago)
This is fucking dope
Jazmin Bts (13 hours ago)
Woow fantastic! 👏
Hamster Yi (13 hours ago)
alcatraz soğuktur
John Peluso (13 hours ago)
Donald trump is quaking
Malaika Omari (13 hours ago)
Why does he pose like a girl to kill someone
TheAlex0903 (13 hours ago)
America needs a tax in the sale of guns to provide free mental healthcare to prevent people from doing the shootings. Access to healthcare should be as important if not more than access to guns.
Tinistas da Tini (14 hours ago)
Agora toda vez que ouvir essa música me vem a retrospectiva do Castanhari
ESMERALDIN (14 hours ago)
Eta wa es peru pe
Gandalf the Grey (14 hours ago)
People hate you....
Daniele X (14 hours ago)
Sicilians approves.
feniard 01 (14 hours ago)
Very nice
Danilo Madruga (14 hours ago)
Tengo miedo 😬😬😬😱😱
Aaryan Fxrooq (14 hours ago)
2:11 thumb nail
Ronny P (14 hours ago)
Ajaz bhatt (14 hours ago)
Is this a beggar..... So filthy..... Americans are so ugly niggas
Fury Aion (14 hours ago)
What is the story of that white horse?
Mr. Meme (14 hours ago)
Who saw that guy at 2:14 jumping off that roof?
Jaivon Jenkins (15 hours ago)
more people have watched this than there is people in america LOL
Daniele X (15 hours ago)
Che cazz.....
Who is here after watching video about freaky teen in VR?
Andrew Schutz (15 hours ago)
Damn, crazy to think this became a meme and really popular a year ago.
Boombaaabum (15 hours ago)
br alguem
Selia Murray (15 hours ago)
When you and bsf got plans after school on Friday
SPIDER GAMES (16 hours ago)
wat hay
Aspen Antoinette (16 hours ago)
We analyzed this for my lifelong literacy class. Really cool day.
Minka G (16 hours ago)
Bless him. Heeeeer speaks truth SSI much violence but we are focused on Babylons ways nothing but sin
Wundors (16 hours ago)
This is legitness
Jonathan Black (16 hours ago)
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Isaiah2103 Olson (16 hours ago)
0:50 the guy that was shot was so delayed to fall on the ground
Gabriel Hanquet (16 hours ago)
One two three gid down
jeon jungshook (17 hours ago)
Wooow this is racist including jim crow stuff in here

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