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Utility Billing Templates - Email Templates

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Utility Billing Templates - Email Templates Hi this is Zac Kibria and in this video I will showing you how to manage your Email Templates. A useful feature in our platform is the ability to create email templates which users can setup and use to communicate with their customers. Some of the types of templates users can create include: invoices, reminders, feedback and receipts. So, to setup the email templates you will first click the admin tab. Then look under communications and click templates. Next fill in all the required fields and click preview button to see the layout of the email. After this click on the validate button to validate tags provided by users in the template and finally click save when finished. Thanks for watching - this is Zac Kibria and I hope you have enjoyed this video. please like this video, comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel where we have lots of other videos as well as playlists for you. We are constantly updating our software as well as adding new videos to enhance your experience so we hope that you continue to subscribe to this list as well as all our channels. Have a great day and feel reach out to us if you are having any issues.
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