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Solid State Batteries Just Around the Corner?

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I just received a small sample Solid State Battery and it works! So I made a quick video going over a few of the aspects of this new technology that will certainly be powering our devices and cars in the near future. A Solid State battery is good for around 1,200 cycles. Most lithium-ion batteries have a rated lifetime of somewhere between 500 and 1,500 charge cycles. http://selmateacher7.wix.com/home#
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I meant non-flammable. Thank you for the correction, everyone.
That's one of the odd things in English - Flammable and inflammable meaning the same thing - "nonflammable" feels so clunky in comparison - the hyphenation is apparently optional, ^oo^
Thank you for the comment and information.
Rok Adamlje (8 months ago)
Actally Al has 0.9 kJ per kg.
Rok Adamlje (8 months ago)
If energy density reaches 500wh per kg, that means 1800kJ of internal energy of a kg of battery. Specific heat capacity of water is 4.2kJ/K, aluminum 2kJ. Say the materials inside have on average 1.5kJ/. 1200C of temperature rise if shorted!
megalibra82 (22 days ago)
Finally I found a blue eyed youtuber. Reminds of the 90s info videos. Love the music and the calm behaviour of yours dan. Sadly soon no blue eyed person will be left soon.😢😢
peter cotto (25 days ago)
Hurry up, dang it!
Mikkel Nielsen (1 month ago)
Please don't use greenscreen/bluescreen, when the result is this horrible.
+Mikkel Nielsen Good information. I have used smartphones as security cameras before, that is an interesting idea.
Mikkel Nielsen (24 days ago)
selmateacher7 - Daniel Berry If a softer image is preferred for smoother skin appearance, you could de-sharpen the image in post. If you have a newer smartphone, you could try using an app like FiLMiC Pro. Be sure to increase the bitrate as high as possible. A relatively new flagship smartphone will produce better results than any consumer webcam.
+Mikkel Nielsen Thank you for the clarification. Okay, I look into my Logitech 922 pro cam's setting and raise the shutter speed for future videos. I did notice the slight blur, but I somewhat liked it as it hid my deep wrinkles and other defects . LOL. The shadow-effect is another issue. I will check the shutter speed on that setup when I am back in that area. I do have other cameras. My latest is a JVC GZ-R470-H. But I dislike the misty appearance that it gives every shot, so I rarely ever use that camera. I bought it on my last trip to Japan, my other JVC cam stopped working.
Mikkel Nielsen (24 days ago)
Mikkel Nielsen (24 days ago)
selmateacher7 - Daniel Berry The issue really isn’t so much the color. It is the blur from movements. This is why I suggested higher shutter speed or an outright better camera. The shadow-effect around moving parts is difficult to get rid of with budget setups like a webcam.
Lakario Davis (1 month ago)
omg 2019! somebody pinch me! its a dream!
Thank you for the comment.
Sujit Kumar Ray (1 month ago)
Lovely you beyonds far elses
L Ofaday (1 month ago)
This guy makes me laugh. The super bad editing is comical, not to mention the make up department. Should be doing stand-up! But hey, you seem very watchable and I seriously wish you the best and want to watch as yr videos evolve.
+Jman86 Gamertag LOL. It's okay. Thank you for the wonderful comment. I love it!
Jman86 Gamertag (11 days ago)
Could've spent that time typing this comment picking your nose, ass or doing ya know. Something, anything useful.
Thank you
Remi Andrei (1 month ago)
It was a very uplifting video to hear that this technology is just around the corner and that it will offer several quality of life improvements over what it replaces. The video did cover most of the domains in which we should expect to see these batteries such as electric cars, mobile devices and possibly even houses through the help of products such as the Tesla Wall. But what I would also like to hear about is how these batteries might aid us in the exploration of space. Could these be used in a vacuum and be usable on rovers and landers? I would really like to hear more about how this technology can aid humanity's future here on Earth as well as off of it.
I really want the Big EV Auto makers to invest more in this technology, because once we have the up-scaled version of these in our EVs, Internal Combustion Cars will become a thing of the past over night. I already own an EV and whenever I give a ride, the folks are shocked by how quick an EV can be. I have already beaten a new Dodge Charger (not the Demon), twice. If I had solid State batteries now, the car would not only be lighter, it would also charge up much faster. Thank you for the comment.
Cometa Soulstar (1 month ago)
Solid State Batteries = A long overdue Gamechanger. These are needed everywhere batteries are now used.
Haliff Roslan (2 months ago)
when can i get an iphone with this battery inside?
At the moment, the largest unit is too small to keep a cellphone on very very long. But this technology is moving fast, so it may seem possible to these within cellphones by 2020 or 2021
Roedy Green (2 months ago)
What is there about solid state electrolyte that makes it so much better? Were not the old zinc-carbon batteries all solid state too?
Thank you for the comment and question. This article goes over this topic https://phys.org/news/2017-09-solid-state-electrolyte-lithium-ion-liquid-electrolytes.html
John C (3 months ago)
trouble reading your script? try practicing first that way you will not sound like an amateur.
Thank you. I do practice, it takes about 1 hour of work for 1 minute of video . I have been a technology instructor for 20 years, so I am not amateur. Please enjoy my newer videos on technology and Merry Christmas.
k lu (4 months ago)
Good news. China has started making solid state battery. https://twitter.com/PDChina/status/1064759745548963841
Justin Chapman (4 months ago)
There doesn't seem to be much information around about solid state batteries. I have read up on the Glass Electrolyte battery that Goodenough is working on but there seems to be no news. Where do you get your updates from regarding this technology?
Thank you for the comment and information. As of today, Nov- 2018 Solid State batteries are only created for small devices. Hopefully within 5 to 10 years this technology will be scaled up to EVs.
adfad (4 months ago)
great vid dan
Work Account (6 months ago)
why say 2020 or even 2025... when 2025 or even 2020 makes more sense right? Charge once in 10 years.. ha. More like I imagine tens of thousands of tiny flying device the size of grasshoppers with a camera and wifi functionality transmitting video and sound to cloud storage. And then a service that reads all that data and enables 3d navigation of any place and time. These little grasshopper completely autonomous and looking for unique and missing angles in the 3 dimensional plane fed only by solar energy. yeah... that's what this could mean. Use Case? So many, like keeping us safe. Be ready to surrender some privacy though.
Thank you for the comment. I love the imagination.
davidsonnow (7 months ago)
Why didn’t you mention how new battery technology will allow us to charge in seconds?
Yes, I agree. Charging times, especially charging times in seconds is really note worthy. But remember to charge a 60 kWH battery in just 1 minute, would require a huge influx of electrons into the system, needing a huge power cable at very high amps and voltage. The "Charge in seconds" claim is for smaller storage units of under 1 kWH. The small unit that I am holding in the video does charge in seconds, but holds a very small amount of energy compared to that stored in an EV, even a modest EV like my 2017 Mitsubishi i MIEV. So, before publishing the ""Charge in seconds" claim, I would need to also state the amperage of current or the flow rate of electrons to the storage unit to back up those claims. As it stands, my statement of "faster charging times" is closer to the truth ( and currently doable) and something that I can actually see happening without taking down the power grid in my neighborhood. Again, thank you for the comment and I look forward to doing an update video, once I see (or discover more information on) a working example of a very large capacity solid state battery that can replace my 16 kWH lithium-ion traction battery that I am currently using.
davidsonnow (7 months ago)
selmateacher7 - Daniel Berry Fair enough, but I think you should’ve at least mentioned that as it’s one of the most important innovations in the technology!
Thank you for the comment. I did mention that these charge faster. In the articles that I was reading, there was no mentions on on exact charging times, only that the solid state batteries charge much, much faster.
eric rodriguez (8 months ago)
What happen to graphene technology batteries?
I do NOT see these batteries becoming useful any time soon. Their "Recharge Time and Amount" will make them prohibitive. You see, these batteries can be recharged up to 24,000 times when the batteries we use NOW have a 1000-3000 recharges. That means a solid State battery will last you a LIFE TIME. with NO Re-Purchase how will these companies make MONEY? Planned obsolescence's is the name of the game and manufacturers do NOT like the idea of NOT selling MORE,,and more OFTEN
Timo Grönroos (1 month ago)
I don't see this as problem. If batteries outlast cars, they will have greater residual value as they can be recycle to other products, storing energy in grid, offices and homes. That would make cars cheaper to produce.
L Ofaday (1 month ago)
Don't worry, Philips managed to find a way of making the average bulb last less long that a Trump adviser, and even STILL monopolise the market... I'm sure they have plans for the battery.
Catawallupin Bass (1 month ago)
Capitalism stands in the way of advances in civilization and ultimately survival of species...sad.
rbbartho (8 months ago)
Well said, although it's unfortunately for the consumer.
ron adami (8 months ago)
It seems that racing would be the first application for this type of battery since it has such a wide range of operating temperatures. It would be interesting to see a manufacturer of the battery configure a battery pack of SSBs suitable for the Tesla model S or model 3. The motors for these vehicles are very high performing and on a formula e race track put tremendous demands on the battery. They frequently have to drop out because of heat issues. The manufacturer of SSBs would go a long way toward proving its claims if they could operate a high performance motor under race conditions.
Very true. Thank you for the comment.
Lou Fazio (8 months ago)
Jeez, is the language getting screwed up. In- means "not" while inflammable is defined as "flammable"? -- something is wrong here, and it is the definition of inflammable which SHOULD be "not flammable" (imflammable would also be consistent with the use of impossible). It seems there has been a mixup of enflammable. (Then, "inflate" should have been "enflate"). Ridiculous.
Thank you for the comment.
Mark Paul Sebar (8 months ago)
On my channel I like to ebike when time and health permit. I am wondering about that application because electric bicycles and even electric motorcycles are becoming ever more popular.
wow. Thank you for the information.
Mark Paul Sebar (8 months ago)
Yeah was going to buy a Wolfpack or Shark Pack battery from Lunacycle but have decided to wait. We are more than half way to 2019 and there are a number of battery solutions better than the 18690 currently in usage. plus those 18690 can be prone to fires as well. Fires vary a lot on a good BMS (Battery Management System)... The key here is the industries not touting research and finally getting these so-called marvels like Solid State and Super or Ultra Capacitor Technologies out there already. Been hearing about one miraculous battery breakthrough after another, but nothing to buy yet. Time and the markets are a wasting.
Thank you for the comment. I too was looking into ebikes before I bought my EV.
Robert Kubrick (8 months ago)
I'm a small oil producer. This will work. It will take many years to get up and running and I will diversify before that time. Lithium ion never bothered me because of all it's downsides, charge time not least. Solid state batteries could have only 100 miles range because e recharge as fast as pumping gas in your car. I am also certain that they will be scaled up and you will get midsize sedans with 300 mile range. I still have about 10 years of oil business but I will ease into something else within 5 years, not be a fool and wait to the last moment. There will be demand for oil into the next century though, aircraft for one thing. This would be awesome for an electric motorcycles.
Trius (2 months ago)
+Robert Kubrick Please give some of the cash you make from these natural resources to the native Indians since it is their resources you are benefitting from.
Robert Kubrick (8 months ago)
johnny llooddte - Are you in the business? First off, I own the mineral rights myself, participate in the wells themselves so I earn 20% More per net mineral acre than the operator does because I don't have to pay anyone a royalty. My brother took my advise and did the same. My brother might sell because he is a lazy drunk but you would need a few Million dollars because he's a drunk, not stupid. I'm not selling mine, I see the writing on the wall but it's not time yet. Getting 20 new infill wells so far this year drilled by Continental Resources, Oasis, Burlington/ ConocoPhillips, Rimrock, all McKenzie and Dunn county core Bakken.
johnny llooddte (8 months ago)
i ll buy your oil leases
Thank you for the comment.
Andre Bissonnette (8 months ago)
freeman guess (6 months ago)
Donald Scott (8 months ago)
Read this buckaroo--bite me!
Eshank Bahuguna (8 months ago)
how about the competition from graphene batteries..
Red Rooster (8 months ago)
Check out Robert Murray Smiths Youtube channel. He and his crew have developed some awesome solid state batteries and Ultracapacitors. He shows you how to make them yourself and actually sells kits to make them.
Wow, I will. Thank you.
The Japanese government has become partners with manufacturers on Solid State Battery Research with the goal of creating batteries that take up 1/5th or 20% of the space of a Lithium-ion battery with a similar energy capacity. (According to Nikkei Asian News, May 2018)
a64750 (8 months ago)
Recall all the new daily discoveries back in youth, and decades later, still waiting
Yes, I am as well. Small capacity SSB are easier and far cheaper to produce at this point, so we will see them in the cellphone market first. The Japanese government has just become partners with manufacturers on Solid State Battery Research with the goal of creating batteries that take up 1/5th or 20% of the space of a Lithium-ion battery with a similar energy capacity. (According to Nikkei Asian News, May 2018)
Lee Welsh (8 months ago)
Great video...I see a lot of interest for these. Now we just have to wait!
Thank you
Edwin Jr (8 months ago)
we need that thing now..
Yes, the sooner, the better.
D Jaquith (8 months ago)
Tesla, I'm not aware of any forthcoming solid-state including graphene enriched battery they're working on, in fact Tesla is getting snubbed from Panasonic. Toyota, BMW, Hyundai, Fisker and a few others while they're making progress aren't that optimistic. The reality is the solid-state battery science is lagging behind the bragging and half baked patents. Best case late 2020's but more realistically mid 2030's before any large scale affordable solid-state batteries.
Whoa! Thank you for the update. I am sure Elon will find some way to further this research. Speaking of updates, Japan has invested money towards the Solid State battery and that's good.
johnny llooddte (8 months ago)
panasonic owns titsla battery technology and has foreclosed on elons share of the company
Very true. Thank you for the link and information.
D Jaquith (8 months ago)
selmateacher7 - Daniel Berry Don't take my word, that's according to Nissan https://insideevs.com/nissan-says-development-of-solid-state-batteries-practically-a-zero/ There's a huge difference between making a handful of incredibly expensive batteries and industrial-scale low-cost production.
Yes. I have read that Tesla was involved. Wow, late 2020s? Ouch. I do hope it is sooner for the EV market, as they have smaller versions available today, already. Thank you for the comment.
BackToConstitution (8 months ago)
Thumbs up #398 Thank you for putting the request for thumbs up at the end. I hate when people ask for a thumbs up before I have watched the video, so that's when I give them a thumbs down! A thumbs up before I have watched the video makes as much sense as Congress voting on a bill they haven't read! That's why the country is in ruins with a debt that can't possibly be paid off!
Wow, Thank you for the comment and I agree.
Andy Lord (8 months ago)
Inflammable is a synonym of flammable because English is a pain in the ass.
Yes, I meant non-flammable. Thank you for the correction, everyone.
Straight Whitemale (8 months ago)
Energy density is less important with such short charge times. If I can go one hundred fifty miles stop for ten minutes then head out I’d be fine with that.
+Leland Hetrick That is great to hear. So many folks are not even looking at the Nissan Leaf because of Battery Degradation. I'll share your comments. Thank you
Leland Hetrick (2 months ago)
+selmateacher7 - Daniel Berry I mostly charge at home with a 120-volt outlet for my 58-65 mile roundtrip commute with my 2015 Nissan Leaf S. I usually have in the Summer 30% battery status after my commute or 19% during the winter. After 76k miles, I still have no degradation to the battery pack... even with X3 a week fast charging.
DaftnotPunk (5 months ago)
Higher energy density will bring smaller battery packs and cut weight down and therefore increase efficiency
Thank you for the comment. This is very true and we may be seeing EVs with smaller ranges, but with faster recharging times. The good thing is that we can still recharge in the home for our daily commute.
Roland Lawrence (8 months ago)
what about the recharce cycle life? are they an improvement on lipo?
Tyler Durden (8 months ago)
Apparently they can last up to 23 000 charge cycles.
There are currently at least eight different categories of solid-state batteries that use different materials for the electrolyte. These are Li-Halide, Perovskite, Li-Hydride, NASICON-like, Garnet, Argyrodite, LiPON, and LISICON-like. This is rather new technology for 2018, but researchers are just coming to grips with the best types of solid-state electrolyte to use for different product categories. None have come out as clear leaders just yet, but sulfide-based, LiPON, and Garnet cells are currently seen as the most promising for their capacity and longer life cycles.
Solid-state electrolytes are typically less reactive than today’s liquid or gel, so they can be expected to last a lot longer and won’t need replacing after just 2 or 3 years (ouch). This also means that these batteries won’t explode or catch fire if they are damaged or suffer from manufacturing defects, meaning safer products for consumers in the long run.
Anton Nym (8 months ago)
Good video. Good information, but this news isn't great. This is not an improvement --- UNTIL we see it on the market. I'm getting pretty tired of the battery horizon. Has anyone else noticed that all battery improvements are ALWAYS 5 years away? Let's see something out of the laboratory and in actual production. Thank you.
Ivan (3 months ago)
Laboratory isnt the problem, industriies are. U can have best battery iin the world in the lab, iif industry refuses it, iits useless. Remember how many decades ago Li iion was developed? Just recently they became standard, thats like 40+ years later.
Joe Black (8 months ago)
Nice. If it already incorporates tech to harvest kinetic energy then the cover should be PV, and for good measure the substrate should incorporate materials to harvest energy from heat. I mean it won't charge it quickly, but it will charge it a bit. And since it's a margins game - I say why not...
Don Sipler (8 months ago)
Any guess on what the weight savings will be?
Update on weight savings: According to Nikkei Asian News, the Japanese government is investing $14 million (US) into Solid State Battery research with the goal of reducing the weight of the battery by 80%. Wow, that is big amount. The Japanese are also working on hydrogen fuel cell technology, yet very little has been heard from them on that topic.
The weight savings depends on the technology and materials used. I have seen numbers from 5% to over 20% weight savings for the same kilowatt- hours storage.
Michael Brown (8 months ago)
When will you release a video testing this battery you received? Please let us know about physical size, capacity, voltage range, max charging current, max discharge current, temperature range, etc. Right now, "solid state" is only marketing vapour, there's nothing on the market.
Milan Swoboda (8 months ago)
Good to hear that advancements in rechargeable battery technology is being made. However I do have a question for you, what metal Ion battery category is the Solid State battery sample you have based on if not Lithium Ion?
Russell Fine Arts (8 months ago)
Fisker and others have already built an EV-scaled solid-state battery and have been in durability testing to release for sale in their cars by: 2020. Sakti3 worked on solid-state batteries for the past 11 years and their technology is now with LG Chem, who bought them and will appear in GM EV's. I think solid-state Li-on batteries will be the norm by: 2022-2025 in all battery electric devices and will put gasoline cars out of business and into the history books.
EpiDemic117 (8 months ago)
I don't oppose the concept of EV's at all. I think they have great benefits especially in being quiet and require very little maintenance. Eventually yes they will replace the ICE engine for small commuter vehicles as the battery technology improves as well as the cost going down, the people above didn't listen to me when I stated the engineering problems with will have to be overcome inorder to make that happen. but I guess because i pointed that fact out that there will be alot of new infrastructure and adaptions inorder to support it I must be literally Hitler or in their claims "work for the evil oooooil companies" for stating the obvious. What will have to happen is power companies will need to find a way to balance the grid when you have overnight strain from all of the EV's charging, another solution though could be to have what tesla is doing with their powerwall where you could store energy during off peak hours or from solar on your roof and use it to charge your vehicle. Though it is kinda inefficient because you'll have losses when transferring the power unless a better battery design (like solid state) could be implemented. Also in california. it's nearly impossible and super expensive to construct a new power-plant due to all of the beurocratic regulations (noise pollution, environmental impact studies, permits up the ass that take years if not decades to obtain) unless it's in the same location as the old one and even if it's a natural gas fired powerplant. .
rbbartho (8 months ago)
EpiDemic117: Imagine several environmentally regulated electric power generating plants replacing thousands of ICE. Along with MPG equivalence if at least 100, EV's don't consume energy and pollute like ICE while stopped in traffic. I believe that it's a big win for the environment. I'm 70 years old and hope to live long enough to see the outcome.
EpiDemic117 (8 months ago)
"Maintenance requires energy. Energy to install the parts, energy to produce the parts" So now you are going full retard in trying to argue on the level of how many calories it takes to maintain a vehicle? By looking at how fat everyone is I don't think that would be a problem in anyway for them to work those flabby arms and loose a few extra pounds. What a stupid argument.
EpiDemic117 (8 months ago)
hahah oooo conspiracy. Somehow I work for the evil oil industry thus secretly conspire against your idealistic nonsense. Welcome to the real world. Where nothing is free. I'm sorry if my citation triggered you. The only part on a EV that will last long is the electric motor but if you've ever worked on an actual tesla or EV. You'd realize they are an absolute pain in the ass to get parts for especially when it's discontinued and the dealer gives 0 fucks in providing any decent aftermarket support for repairs and diagnostics that can otherwise be extremely expensive. Wanna replace a doorhandle? That'll cost you at the tesla dealer. because only the dealer can replace that part and every fucking part on that car has a unique software serial number that will ONLY pair and function if you have the FACTORY TOOLS which they do not supply. Also the BATTERIES will be and always are the main culprit for failure and obsolescence . By the time you want to replace them. Guess what. They are already superseded by a different model or design and are EXPENSIVE AS HELL to replace. That is one of the reasons why ICE engines are still cheaper to maintain for most general makes who don't go full german (retard) depsite all of the bullshit fluff from you idiods who ARENT mechanics. Also. COST. which is what I explained the entire time which you tried to refute via lithium batteries somehow being infinitely recyclable and so continent to do so .Which is false unless we are all made of money somehow because it costs between 5 and 7x as much to do instead of just digging it up out of the earth which is what most new batteries are made by.
EpiDemic117 (8 months ago)
See the difference between you and Me is that Unlike you I am at least level headed and try to at least weigh things before I can make a opinion about it. You on the other hand are responding with knee jerk reactionary thinking catalyzed with fairy gumdrop unicorn utopia land bullshit because i'm not telling you what you want to hear. because what I say doesn't hype along the line with your buzzwords nor satisfy your emotions with candy coated bumper sticker phrases. I'm sorry if i'm not a blind follower and instead look at things objectively. I don't blindly follow nor praise any technology petrol has it's disadvantages to like anything else. It's completely blind to say that the disadvantages of it outweigh the advantages just like it is blind to say that the disadvantages of EV's outweigh it's own advantages for certain applications. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. None of them are a fix all to every problem. I look at things at the basis of what they can be practically used for in the current time frame and what they cost. I don't follow a Blind line of hype and group think like you. Also. Read this article, then again I bet you won't because it will defile your supposed eco gods and tear your argument apart. https://waste-management-world.com/a/1-the-lithium-battery-recycling-challenge.
Sky Light (8 months ago)
good video
Thank you for the comment.
Gavin Faulkner (8 months ago)
Flammable and inflammable mean the same thing. I think you mean non-flammable.
Yes, I meant non-flammable. Thank you for the correction.
Marc-André Jacques (8 months ago)
Very clear explanations. Keep it up !
Thank you for the comment. I always try my best to make these topics clear.
celtic barbarian (8 months ago)
I didn't know that batteries were mechanical? Dry cell are all in a solid state .
Thank you for the comment and question. Yes, But these batteries are being called Solid State because they lack the fluid that is found in all other battery types.
Kemp Stephens (9 months ago)
If EVs are currently making use of the battery weight, to have a low center of gravity for great handling, what will they do when these lighter weight batteries come out?
Yes, that is one benefit.
johnny llooddte (8 months ago)
go faster
Kemp Stephens (8 months ago)
Good point! I thought of that later. (duh). I guess we will be on our way to 1000 miles per charge then.
Yes, that is one possibility. I have been reading in articles that the auto industry may lower the total overall energy capacity and range to less than 200 or 300 miles to solve a number of problems: 1. recharge times. 2. battery material shortages. Thank you for the comment and I personally would love to see higher energy capacities in our EVs, yet at the same time I know that would dramatically drive up the cost of the battery unit and the cost of the car as a whole.
dekutree64 (8 months ago)
Most likely the weight of the actual battery used will remain the same, but the energy capacity will be higher.
Pedro Gordinho (9 months ago)
That looks amazing but there must be a catch. 300 miles and recharge in minutes?. They will cost 3 times the price of the ones we have today. There´s no way oil companies are going to let this happen, it would be the end of the combustion engine. I hope Im wrong and these solid state batteries do come and will be at least the same price as the regular ones.
Texarmageddon (6 months ago)
nice-new not necessarily... those dates are not set in stone yet... those are the goals though
nice-new (6 months ago)
Well petrol cars will be banned by 2040.
Texarmageddon (6 months ago)
I'm a big fan of ICE vehicles and honestly don't give a damn about EVs, but I will definitely buy an EV for a daily, but as it stands I'm not touching an EV till I can recharge it as fast as I can fuel my car. Second, for those of you who think this battery tech is going to come down in price anytime soon... That's being highly ignorant. Right now alone... Buying a quality Lithium Ion battery just for an ICE vehicle is at least $100 over a 6yr guaranteed lead-acid battery. Hence, why no manufacturer puts a Li-ion battery in an ICE engine from factory. Li-ion Batteries are already expensive and raising prices of EVs... Hell, ICE cars still rise in price every year. At what point do we say enough is enough at car prices? By time Li-Ion batteries become the norm even for ICE engines... I fear SSB will be in a bad place..It's only worse when you think about how many devices use Li-Ion batteries and it's still expensive.
true, does "less than 59 minutes sound better?"
IncognitoTorpedo (8 months ago)
"Recharge in minutes" is a silly canard. First of all, as Platypus Paws pointed out, the vast majority of charging is done while the car owner is sleeping, working, or eating. Secondly, pushing 50-100 kwh into a battery in a few minutes will require a huge level of power, and a cable so thick that it would be hard to lift. Today's DC fast charging technology is already pretty good, and getting better. The real problem with massive adoption of EVs is the COST of the battery, both up front and lifetime.
andrew christie (9 months ago)
Dyson is also working on these batteries
Thank you for the info. Wow. I should make an update to this soon.
yutuniopati (8 months ago)
Volkswagen just invested 100 million $ into a solid state batteries startup.
Cool. The more the merrier.
PhilBear (9 months ago)
There are huge problems with durability. In their recent press releases, Toyota hopes to have the technology ready by 2028, VW by 2025. I hope a solution can be found sooner, but if not, by that time the solid state batteries will also have to compete economically with the mass produced li-ion for automotive applications.
Yes, so do I. It will save weight, space, and could chop the price of owning an EV by a good margin.
MsSomeonenew (8 months ago)
Well since neither company has any real plans in EV until 2030 that suits them just fine, I imagine other companies will be accelerating development.
BiggityBoggityBoo (9 months ago)
Just FYI you say flammable vs inflammable at around 2:05. Inflammable and flammable actually mean the same thing.
Yes, Thank you for the correction. I am happy you knew what I meant. non-flammable is right. I just bought a new EV and I hope to do a number of videos on it.
이명후 (9 months ago)
Many frame of circuit
Yes. Thank you.
Andrew McLellan (9 months ago)
good video. I am always interested in seeing how battery technology is progressing. Flammable and inflammable mean the same thing. I think you meant nonflammable. The Simpsons did a joke on this. The English language is weird.
Yes, Thank you for the correction. I am happy you knew what I meant. non-flammable is right. I just bought a new EV and I hope to do a number of videos on it.
Ed Hansen (9 months ago)
This is a very interesting and enllightening video. I did not know that solid state batteries were advancing so quickly. Great information for anyone who has had a problem with their smart phone battery. AAAAA+
debendra gurung (4 months ago)
Except he absolutely doesn't know what he is taking about. Toyota is probably the biggest investor of the technology, and according to them it's still another decade.
Jermainne Espinoza (7 months ago)
I do “app” food delivery also and was thinking the EXACT same thing as you in regards to the Smart Fortwo. The only reason I have not pulled the trigger is because it does not have fast charging 😢. Maybe I should just get the gas model for now????? I DONT LIKE GAS CARS, I LIKE ELECTRIC. I was then thinking about getting something with more range like a Bolt or Tesla but you can’t find parking as easily in those like the Smart Fortwo. What to do, what to do🤯🤔?
I was contemplating getting the Spark EV for my food delivery "app" job. The Spark seems to be torquey on the take off almost like they decided not to "buffer" it. Sounds like a blast to drive! My other consideration is the Smart EV with it's tight turning radius and ease of parking dimensions, even more so than the Spark. Concerning the Solid State Tech you said Tesla IS working on it too? I hope so!
Thank you for the comment. I am going to the Chevy dealer today to see a Chevy Spark.
Ima Yurii Baskakov (9 months ago)
It would be good to see them in EVs. I hope its true that they have the capacity, energy density, and high output needed for those automotive applications.

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