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Facebook Breach - 50 Million Users!

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Facebook provides yet one more example of why we need to stay on top of our privacy and security! Links from this video: 2FA - 2 Factor Authentication https://youtu.be/TLUz7rsBxN8 Fake Accounts https://youtu.be/8-HU6o7_y3c Delete your Account https://youtu.be/ulajdbHLyHc Spotting Fake News https://youtu.be/HNWgtfDfh5Q 3 simple steps to FB privacy https://youtu.be/nqkVjhCr79o Join us live each week for a live webinar, http://members.dottotech.com/?page_id=4728 Support Dotto Tech on Patreon http://patreon.com/dottotech If you are looking for the perfect Speaker for your event, consider booking Steve! ihttps://dottotech.com/speaker/ I would love to hear from you! Be sure to comment and let me know what you want to see more, or less of! For more info on Steve's Toolkit, (everyone wants to know what tools Steve uses) http://bit.ly/2JWqrBM Here are all of Steve's Recommended Tools on Amazon…..these are affiliate links https://www.amazon.com/shop/dottotech?ref=ac_inf_hm_vp Check out Steve’s Vlog https://dottotech.com/vlog/ Be sure to subscribe to this channel. Share and like the videos and follow Steve. → Blog: https://dottotech.com/ → Twitter: https://twitter.com/dottotech → Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DottoTech/ For more information, including courses and tutorials: www.dottotech.com #askdottotech
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Text Comments (87)
Ken Dussia (1 month ago)
I got hacked and password hacked and email address phone number has been deactivated how do you get it back? ?
dottotech (1 month ago)
There is a facebook form for you. https://www.facebook.com/help/203305893040179
SuperTRev (1 month ago)
So someone has to enter their name, password, wait for a text, then put in the code, then delete the text... just to login? Um no. How about everyone hold facebook accountable for these things instead of the users having to jump through extra hoops to use the service. The company saves money not spending it on more security tech, so the users are pretty much working for the company for free because they are spending their personal time doing extra things on behalf of the company.
FlyBoyDrummer (1 month ago)
I was looking into mewe.com - I thought their approach to privacy was refreshing, so maybe that's a good place to be instead of Facebook.
Branden Sisler (1 month ago)
If you use two factor authencation on facebook they will use your number for advertising. Shortly after i setup two factor auth i started getting scam calls and tons of telemarketing calls on my new cellphone. DO NOT USE 2FA ON FACEBOOK OR THEY WILL USE IT TO SPAM YOU WITH ADS. I had to purchase a call blocker. This makes me very angry they do that even if they number is private on facebook they still sell it to others. (JUST QUIT FACEBOOK ITS NOT WORTH IT)
dottotech (1 month ago)
Is that not the worst! Keep your eyes open I have videos coming out tomorrow and Thursday on just that topic!
Kevin Harris-Brandi (1 month ago)
Thank you, Steve, now at the point of thinking that Facebooks course has run,
turbofox1980 (1 month ago)
I followed your guide earlier this year to delete my account. I miss your tv show, I’m a longtime fan! Very helpful content
C.J. Nyssen (1 month ago)
What should I do if I absolutely refuse to give FB my mobile number? Is there a different way to use 2-factor id?
Gigi Embrechts (1 month ago)
I travel and can not rely on my phone for the Two factor authorization. Any other ideas?
dottotech (1 month ago)
Use Google Authenticator. I am releasing a video on it this week.
Tamara Johll (1 month ago)
Not on Facebook. Interesting though.
Robin Perks (1 month ago)
Switch to Minds.com and gab.ai . I have deleted my Fakebook account!
SUJATHA PRAKASH (1 month ago)
50 million people accounts in Facebook hacking and stolen their data, identify to here that is too sad.this is not at all good.
Medium in the Raw (1 month ago)
Thanks for the heads up I did as you suggested and secured up my accounts. You are so awesome!!! Love to you and your sweetie
M Greenwood (1 month ago)
I've been thinking about deleting facebook for a while, but several groups I'm involved in solely use FB for announcements and event planning. I feel trapped into keeping my FB account. :(
Tamara Johll (1 month ago)
Just leave. You are not trapped.
horatio h (1 month ago)
Dumped Fakebook years ago. It's a cesspool. When I did have it, I never gave it one bit of accurate information about myself. I do understand that for many people around the world Facebook is a lifeline to family and friends, and for them it is just fine. Big problem with it is that many of those millions of fans believe stuff they see on Facebook.
Horia Neagu (1 month ago)
I fully agree with both the sentiment and the advice of this video, so congrats on another great one! However, I have to point out a major caveat: although the importance of security and privacy settings cannot be stated enough, this time, the breach happened due to a vulnerability in the access token of the "view as" feature. In other words, even a strong password and healthy security habits won't make a difference in this instance. It's just a security flaw in a feature that is built into the platform itself.
_ Milo_ (1 month ago)
I don't use FB much anymore, but the other thing I like to do security wise, is have facebook send me encrypted PGP email notifications. If everyone did this, phishing would be zero effective.
Keith Morley (1 month ago)
Great Video! I was thinking, how sad it is that we have to go through these steps for security. Please do this. I know it is a pain to do this but we live in a cruel world and some people want to destroy us!
Innovative Journaling (1 month ago)
Steve... do your followers even use FB for things other than business? FB IS A JOKE which gives the hoi polloi something to do. I see your followers as thinking people with above average intelligence and full lives. I think the title of Sherry Turkle's book illustrates very well what most of FB is about, Alone Together. I am also beginning to wonder if it is even a good platform for advertising any longer when you can advertise on the blogs of Influencers and other way more targeted places online.
dottotech (1 month ago)
I think it is still relevant, but you make good points, it has certainly lost it's lustre.
Andrew Beach (1 month ago)
I've been using code generator from FB app. That takes some finding if you haven't done it before.
Lisa Adler (1 month ago)
What sensitive information is on Facebook tho? I mean seriously, selfies, memes, and pictures of our kids that's what we're worried about losing our privacy about. It just doesn't seem like a big issue, tbh.
Vulcan Viper (1 month ago)
2:03 2FA is good, but I highly recommend using Authy for it and not SMS. 4:10 I might do that, but don't Spotify users need a Facebook account to use it?
Pipe2DevNull (1 month ago)
I use Spotify without having a Facebook account.
Mr. Ken (1 month ago)
I don't use Facebook or any other social media fad. From the beginning I always felt that was something would come back to bite people in buttocks, big time. Time after time I've been proven right. Facebook on folks, it's your funeral.
James Wright (1 month ago)
Steve, again I don't have a cell phone, I don't think I can use two factor identification. Does this mean I am out of luck safety wise?
James Wright (1 month ago)
Thanks, Steve, this makes me feel a bit more secure in general.
dottotech (1 month ago)
You can, take a look at this, https://mashable.com/2018/05/23/facebook-2fa-authenticator-app/#5nBsHo920gqQ
M M (1 month ago)
I didn't get a warning from FB but I changed my password just to be safe and activated the 'Help from friends' facility. Hope I never need it but it seems like a good idea!
Jakob D (1 month ago)
How do I know whether my account is compromised?
Contrast Bright (1 month ago)
dottotech (1 month ago)
THank you so much, somehow this has escaped my notice, researching more now!
Nick Nimmin (1 month ago)
Ah man. Wasn’t happy to see this news. Thanks for the heads up!
Dorothy Martorano (1 month ago)
Thank you, Steve.
Amarjeet Singh (1 month ago)
As you read all comments - thank you very much for all you're doing. I really do appreciate it and more importantly, what you put up is very useful. Once again, thank you.
dottotech (1 month ago)
I am glad you like them!
J H (1 month ago)
Again with Facebook security issues. I’m done with Facebook.
Danny Mc phee (1 month ago)
Steve, Facebook is not a social media platform, they are a surveillance platform !!!
FrshChees91 (1 month ago)
i'm guessing having a deactivated account doesn't exclude me from this breach?
LAND SEA AIR CANADA (1 month ago)
simply put We have No FB account period as it is not relevant to our work or personal life Thank You DT for your help for those in need of understanding this situation Long may you run.
Andy Raman (1 month ago)
Yes not feeling good about it... But dotto is good for you...
Yadvendra Jadon (1 month ago)
Very timely and precise video. Thanks Steve Dotto for taking the effort to be so prompt. Grateful.
Celia Alves (1 month ago)
What kind of impact can a breach like this have for those who choose to sign in with facebook in many other websites?
Maria Neville (1 month ago)
I’m waiting for Facebook to announce the next Zuckerberg apology tour.
Dhanush raju (1 month ago)
great now die Facebook
Nailhed 66 (1 month ago)
I have never had a Facebook account , but I am on Instagram. I figure it’s only a matter of time before Facebook ruins it.
Nailhed 66 (1 month ago)
Zoran Djokovic My Instagram account is not linked to a Facebook account,so I believe that there should be a firewall. But this is Facebook we’re dealing with ... just a matter of time before they completely ruin Instagram.
Sherry Trainor (1 month ago)
Great I will try to do this right now.
Ace Lucero (1 month ago)
The best thing you can do if you are going to use Facebook is never use your real information.
Sam Finance Tech (1 month ago)
To use or not to use FB anymore 🤔
whatsupdate (1 month ago)
I have not for even a moment ever regretted #deletefacebook
Jayrooo (1 month ago)
I just set that up for my google account the 2 set verification handy
M. I. S (1 month ago)
Wow great info!!!
nr3rful (1 month ago)
Time to shut Mr. Z down
X x (1 month ago)
Sucker, I left Facebook years ago. How do you know Facebook was hacked and your info was not sold to the highest bidder.
MacNathan Gehman (1 month ago)
Always remember that once you post it's out there forever and it can come back years later to bite you!!
Mark Knowlton (1 month ago)
Thank you Steve, not just for this video but the other ones that are in use because of you, no account has the same password, each account that allows me to has 2FA, and thank you in advance LastPass for how easy you make it for me to change all of my passwords. Steve your education has me smiling today and at a zero stress level.
MJ Dorris (1 month ago)
Gord Isman (1 month ago)
I recently started using 2-factor authentication, but now i better apply it to my Facebook Account!
J H (1 month ago)
Gord Isman not going to make a hill o beans difference when Facebook sells your information anyway. Remember that greedy Jew was trying to sell our health records?
Jean-Claude Lepine (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot for the warning and the videos to correct the problems.
Kevin Andrews (1 month ago)
Thanks for a great video. Appreciate your wisdom!
KevieO (1 month ago)
I left FB a year ago.
MC (1 month ago)
I don’t have Facebook. The best way to protect your account,...delete it
Fusion Fred (1 month ago)
I don't use Facebook Edit: Twitter is Supreme
Landon Praught (1 month ago)
Thanks for this video Steve When I hard this about Face book I was really upset . Why should we clean up there mess I will not join Face book until they get there act right . We need to make the world better place not the other way a round. Thanks for this great tip . Landon
RV with Tito DIY (1 month ago)
Whew! Dodged that bullet and left Facebook years ago. I never used accurate profile data back then anyway. For some reason I trust Google more...what's wrong with me?!
Nikhil Deshpande (1 month ago)
Unfortunately both mine user's data !
Terry Moorer (1 month ago)
That explains it. Last night I was logged out and had to create a new password.
Charlie Blattler (1 month ago)
I don't do Facebook. Hooray!!!!!
Charles Celano (1 month ago)
Thanks for the heads up Steve. I had not seen the news on this yet. Thanks for staying on top of tech related issues.
Pipe2DevNull (1 month ago)
I only use Facebook for Tinder. My information there is either lies or exaggerations. So phew I'm ok.
Andy Raman (1 month ago)
Yes agreed 🤝 swipe right
dottotech (1 month ago)
Love it!
RCdiy (1 month ago)
Be cautious if you travel using two factors authentication with your cell phone. When I went from North America to Europe I changed my sim. When you change your sim you loose the ability to receive text message from the service you are trying to use.
Greg M (1 month ago)
dottotech  DOn't forget that FB is hsaring your phone # that you use for SMS 2FA with advertisers. Thanks FB for shooting yourself in the other foot as well. Sure endears you to your users.
dottotech (1 month ago)
Great tip!
Heriberto Mendoza (1 month ago)
Steve, Thank You for this informative video, as always. I closed my facebook account and i have removed it from my android phone. Im feeling better already. Too many variables happening at Facebook, that's why i decided to steer clear from it all together.
Manuel Martinez (1 month ago)
Something so important as the privacy is going to the hell. Great video bro.
Shannon Pilatzke (1 month ago)
You warned us about this a few months ago in a webinar (where you talked about WHY you aren’t going to be using FB as a platform anymore) Love your intuition Steve ;)
Shannon Pilatzke (1 month ago)
EqualizerPG I apologize, in that Steve is clearly using FB... just not as a top preference .
dottotech (1 month ago)
I never left Facebook, but I did create the video on how to do so so some may have assumed I was leaving.
EqualizerPG (1 month ago)
Shannon Pilatzke yet we see him log in to Facebook. And he mentions features he hasn’t seen before.
Jon Chan 69 (1 month ago)
Had to re sign in 5 times yesterday i was like oh come on....

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