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Rich The Kid - Plug Walk

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Subscribe for more Rich The Kid: http://smarturl.it/RichTheKidYT Rich The Kid’s debut album “The World Is Yours” out now! http://smarturl.it/TWIYRichTheKid Follow Rich The Kid: http://www.facebook.com/richforevermusic http://www.instagram.com/richthekid http://www.twitter.com/richthekid Music video by Rich The Kid performing Plug Walk. © 2018 Interscope Records http://vevo.ly/PNtvbj
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Text Comments (52195)
AssassinPingu (1 hour ago)
ET 3
MEM3RALD (3 hours ago)
Her: What are you doing?😏 Alien: 1:14 "Research"😉
1ndependent Ch1cken (3 hours ago)
Whats their @ 👀
yoboiturtle (5 hours ago)
Dame tu cosita 2019
Kevin Marlar (5 hours ago)
I voyou
Aaron Krycki (6 hours ago)
yo soy craig (8 hours ago)
Subscribe to Oraclefish
bb Ali (8 hours ago)
Honestly though it must have cost a lot to get ET to feature in the video
If Your Lucky- Studios (8 hours ago)
Anna Pauline Murray. School, you know what I mean.
Lord raww (8 hours ago)
who here waitin for the world is yours 2
gooey Choow (9 hours ago)
2019???? Leave a like if it is
mystic egg (11 hours ago)
cough cough filthy frank et 3
King Steve King (11 hours ago)
I wish I was the alien
reingeschaut (12 hours ago)
Sounds like Devil Speaks from PRXJEK
Toms Zeltiņš (12 hours ago)
2:33 me when im about to get a ass whoopin 😂
enicholas cool (13 hours ago)
Bubblegrass 1 (13 hours ago)
Anybody here from fortnite default to og skins?
Lil Kolya (14 hours ago)
this jus another breaking bad episode dat was never released
Antidote (14 hours ago)
Imagining rich doing the ad lib at 1:39 in the studio is killing me 😂😂😂
Plug yee bich
Lance Uppercut (19 hours ago)
Plug walk to plug and n my PlayStation
Luna moon_plays (19 hours ago)
My 15 year old brother listens to this when I’m only 11 :p
sebastian olszewski (20 hours ago)
when you cooking marihuanen and sombody in outside sayng fbi open up!!!!!!
RYCE WORX (21 hours ago)
gonna make this guy type beat, this one sounds crazy asf
Asi (22 hours ago)
BReaking BAd - best tv show
Jasper Baylon (23 hours ago)
TRAFIK ES (1 day ago)
Plagiat!!!! It's 6ix9ine song!!!!!
Höge (1 day ago)
this is one of those songs that you can literally replay a 100 times and it still doesn't get old. 3/22 The World Is Yours 2
Dustin Mangino (1 day ago)
Is he talking about himself the whole time?
el topero (1 day ago)
Esto es un insulto
D'angelo Russel (1 day ago)
Plug Walk 🚶‍♂️
Max Zahariadis (1 day ago)
Cause I'm on a bus from a field trip now it's been 40 minutes
Max Zahariadis (1 day ago)
I've been waiting for this vid to load for half an hour
Adam Lyoubi (1 day ago)
Noah Jolly (1 day ago)
G Productions (1 day ago)
G Productions (1 day ago)
G Productions (1 day ago)
Lil lombo
Julisu # (1 day ago)
Bella per striscia la notizia
pietro lo presti (1 day ago)
Ma come è possibile che questi imbecilli hanno tutto questo successo? Non trasmettono alcun messaggio positivo... Solo strafarsi ed essere fottuti più delle scimmie! Spero che sta moda sprofondi come io fango che create!
Anime Clipz (1 day ago)
1:14 yummy
Murat Duman (1 day ago)
0:55 look at this dude
Einostunt (1 day ago)
I love the beat!
JaySidouMusic (1 day ago)
+Einostunt cool you could check it out on my youtube
Einostunt (1 day ago)
JaySidouMusic ye y not
JaySidouMusic (1 day ago)
yeah me too, i made a remix, do you wanna hear it?
pvav1003 (1 day ago)
209 Million fuck
CAMRON LIGHT (1 day ago)
wippin in da kishin
Gabe Garcia (1 day ago)
Oh yea my song everyweek i put this song on well i weight out the pounds to make sure its on point
Mr sadiq (1 day ago)
Who else listens to the music and redet the comment Don't forget like👍
Robi Troy Luna (1 day ago)
E.T 2
Jeti (2 days ago)
Where did Lil Mayo go?
Michael Whall (2 days ago)
holy shiiii the amount of veiws
angela campos (2 days ago)
ndahhhhhhh alto tema wachooooooo
Karyn Childers (2 days ago)
ASS up
Karyn Childers (2 days ago)
I don't even understand how the Fuck my plug talk.
wilkins sahdala (2 days ago)
Good reference to breaking bad
Lucas Iribarren (2 days ago)
Shishi walk🔥
luce paolo (2 days ago)
I like you alien.haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.You are so funny!
Thomi (2 days ago)
where is the "feat.LIL MAYO" ?
yoyo geinus (2 days ago)
When you're walking with your plug
Maria Kerr-stansell (2 days ago)
W Brumskine (2 days ago)
Hey guys, If you enjoy good music and great visuals, check out this video by Maryland's own LegacyThaBosss @
Janet Iglesias (2 days ago)
Breaking Bad (PLug Walk)
Egg Head (2 days ago)
Dude dancing in the tyvek suit kills me
RyLuckyOfficial (2 days ago)
such a banger. this song is dope and the beat is addicting. video brings the lyrics to life. I hope one day my music reaches this many people. I have something special. Cant explain it, you just have to see. like this comment and have good luck for a whole year
Bianca Moise (2 days ago)
Lmao ya right y’all niggas could’ve bust out the windows with them at fragile looking trailer. Lol is it just me who’s in love with these guys swag? So cute. If you making legal money and your thugged out, that’s sexy but if it’s illegal, I don’t want it or you lol
BarnYard Fat rat (2 days ago)
;-; hi......... I always want a friend thats green and a alien... and smokes grass... like garden grass.... original grass...... the grass my father plants.... wEeD
Marco Cilli (2 days ago)
Rich White
myles elroy (2 days ago)
Jersey and Mr White meth lab
DUBLO 7 (2 days ago)
Darius Bailey (2 days ago)
Who was here before a mil views
Nicholas Stulga (2 days ago)
This is epic
Suraj Yadav (3 days ago)
Nic song
Lasergangers (3 days ago)
song makes me wanna pull up on a UFO with glock
Idriss Mze (3 days ago)
Adrian Dapkevitchus (3 days ago)
Oh myyyyy,such a cool song
Wyshmaster Beats (3 days ago)
Lusion ops (3 days ago)
Is that lil mayo 😂😂😂
Dawson Thrush (3 days ago)
JK I love this song
defaulty boi (3 days ago)
0:24 when some bitch knocking on the door while you on your phone but you new xbox controller gets here after a 5 day shipping 😂🔊
Kzzz Beats (3 days ago)
Indian american
Alex.BEJ. (3 days ago)
The Alien is lit af
Alex.BEJ. (3 days ago)
+JaySidouMusic xd
JaySidouMusic (3 days ago)
+Alex.BEJ. i wish i was high right now, ive got a day off today
Alex.BEJ. (3 days ago)
+JaySidouMusic too
JaySidouMusic (3 days ago)
he is high as wiz khalifa
Yasro (3 days ago)
Idk why but this reminds me of Breaking Bad. However.. I think I am the only one anyways..
JaySidouMusic (3 days ago)
+Yasro cool you could check it out on my youtube, i would recommend the one called "high on life" to start
Yasro (3 days ago)
+JaySidouMusic Sure!
JaySidouMusic (3 days ago)
+Yasro ok i ask because i am a rapper, and i am wondering if you wanna hear one of my songs?
Yasro (3 days ago)
+JaySidouMusic Kinda. Not always.
JaySidouMusic (3 days ago)
+Yasro do you listen to a lot of rap?
Afyonlu Ketur (3 days ago)
17 march ( mars ) 2019 ????
DakiGM (3 days ago)
Plug walk (plug walk, plug, plug) I don't even understand how the fuck my plug talk (Huh? what, what?) Pick him up in a space coupe, I don't let my plug walk (Skrrt, pull up in a space coupe) New freak, had to cut my other lil' bitch off (ooh, ooh, lil' bitch) 50K, you could come and book a nigga for a plug walk [Verse 1] You can't reach me (what?) Space coupe like E.T. (E.T.) It's the plug tryna call me (skrrt, skrrt) I was up trappin' early in the morning (plug) Ooh, on the wave like a du-rag (du-rag) Pussy nigga callin' for his boo back (pussy) Plug walk, Gucci on my shoe racks (Gucci) Walk up in the house, hit a rat-a-tat 'Til I ran into the plug ('til I ran into) 'til I ran into the mud (to the mud) I done ran into some racks, I done ran into your girl ( 'to your girl) Why the plug show me love? (Show me love) I done came up from a dub (huh?) [Chorus] Plug walk (plug walk, plug, plug) I don't even understand how the fuck my plug talk (Huh? what, what?) Pick him up in a space coupe, I don't let my plug walk (Skrrt, pull up in a space coupe) New freak, had to cut my other lil' bitch off (ooh, ooh, lil' bitch) 50K, you could come and book a nigga for a plug walk [Verse 2] Big ol' Bentley, it's a spaceship (woah) Call me on my phone, I don't say shit (what?) I make money when I talk (when I talk) I'm a boss, take a loss (I'm a what?) I could introduce you to the plug (to the plug) Bitch, this ain't no Henny in my cup (lil' bitch) Stayed down, now the racks up (racks up) She gon' let me fuck, ass up (ass up) Plug, I stuck kis in the Louis V (Louis V) Fuck 12, I’m a G, ain't no stoppin' me (ain't no stoppin' me) And my wrist is on overseas (drip) Rich nigga, you can't talk to me (rich) [Chorus] Ayy, plug walk (plug walk, plug, plug) I don't even understand how the fuck my plug talk (Huh? what, what?) Pick him up in a space coupe, I don't let my plug walk (Skrrt, pull up in a space coupe) New freak, had to cut my other lil' bitch off (ooh, ooh, lil' bitch) 50K, you could come and book a nigga for a plug walk
bendito flow (3 days ago)
MakeupCrush (3 days ago)
I don’t even understand how the fuck my plug talk
Darcy Nett (3 days ago)
BurnoutMind (3 days ago)
Search Plug Walk in "+18" websites
Ghandimate 3 (3 days ago)
plug walk on a man
Ghandimate 3 (3 days ago)
haha love this comment of mine its pretty funny yeye
Dexter Willams (3 days ago)
NYC man love this song
Paulo Pro 567 (3 days ago)
y ese efecto antes era lo maximo :v me refiero a la nave especial en digo espacial
Me bru
Nathish Logiraj (3 days ago)
OMAR Kerimov zzz (4 days ago)
Директор РЕН ТВ подписывает договор с пользующимся популярностью репером
Tekashi 6ix9ine (4 days ago)
Pareces el chocolate Cremino con ese traje v:
RandomCTGaming (4 days ago)
Who Ever Reads This Comment God Bless You And I Hope Something Amazing Happens To Y'all Like You Find 1 Mil On The Street Or Your Team Wins. Sincerely RandomCTGaming -_- :-)
RandomCTGaming (4 days ago)
Welcome To Episode 1 Of Plug Walk
F. B. I. (4 days ago)
This came out on my birthday
JaySidouMusic (4 days ago)
is it a sign?
Stuff with Stella (4 days ago)
Now u can go to Area 51 but just sing plug walk

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