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Model F Bass Assassin S.W. Shad

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How to rig a Penetration Hooks Model F and Bass Assassin S.W. Shad
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zukko360 (1 month ago)
My dad had like 12 packs of these laying around and never goes fishing anymore. He told me I could have them and I was having a hard time finding out the best way to rig these. Awesome video. Thank you
thai pham (1 year ago)
u dug that hook in way too deep nub
PenHooks (1 year ago)
the hook is in the furthers place back that does not stop and tail action.
alejandro hernandez (3 years ago)
That bait is for saltwater or freshwater? Thank you
PenHooks (1 year ago)
this bait can be used in both salt or fresh water
PJ Coats (2 years ago)
can be use for both, at the end of the day its just a soft plastic jerk bait

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