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Sharing a Live Video on Two Facebook Pages At Once

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how to cross post videos on multiple pages.
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Can this be done through a mobile device. I do not see this option when trying to so this with my mobile device.
Nancy Georges (4 months ago)
That was very helpful. Thank you.
Kurt Goetzinger (5 months ago)
Thanks for putting this tutorial together and sharing it. I'd heard we could do it, but you explained it clearly and quickly. :)
Nick Keomahavong (7 months ago)
Thank you for the info. So when you go live, do you do it from your personal profile and crosspost it with your fan/business page? Or vice versa? Thank you.
Ardelle Viau (7 months ago)
Can you crosspost to groups?
MrRonsaxton (9 months ago)
Please post more Facebook secrets you learn . . .thanks so much for this
thejoyousfamily.com (11 months ago)
how do you actually cross post them while live?
3p4h (9 months ago)
If I am using other third party streaming software like OBS, is it possible to stream live on multiple destinations? (After approved on all pages)
Digenieus (9 months ago)
You cannot do that normally. You will need a third party streaming software like Livestream. It will allow you to stream live on multiple destinations. You should have atleast editor rights to all the pages.
Orinoco11 (11 months ago)
Useful video - thx Heather! Do the comments & reactions from ALL the cross-posting pages get merged under the same video?
Filomena Miller (1 year ago)
Hi, does this only work with business pages? Can I share a live video in multiple groups?
Ana Sarrouf (1 year ago)
Great video! Do you know if is mandatory to have a minimun number of fans in each fan page? I see the option in one page that has more than 1000 fans, but not in other with just half.

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