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Utility Billing Meter Reading App

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Utility Billing Meter Reading App Hi this is Zac Kibria and this video is going to show you about our Meter Reading App. In this video, I will be discussing the Utilibill Meter Reading App and discuss how downloading it can benefit your organization. Moreover, I will show you how to setup the app and how to use it effectively. Our Utilibill meter reading App for iPhone and iPad has tons of cool features that will enhance your overall experience in working with our platform and it is easily downloaded the iTunes App Store under Utilbill Meter Read App. Note Utilibill is our parent company- hence the name. The app does things like downloads your meter walk order and allows you to record each meter’s readings. When complete, it uploads the readings straight into the platform, records each meter’s readings and uploads everything into the system for billing. So, first I wanted to let you know that these instructions are intended for use by the appropriate person with Administrative rights to add new logins for the meter reading personnel or anyone wanting to access to app. So, for anyone requiring access to both the main cloud based web application and iPad app they will require two separate Login ID’s. Ok as mentioned earlier first I will be showing you how to setup the meter reading app. To use the app, you must setup a user for service privileges to use the app. So, first you will want to click the Admin tab, look under user manager and click users. Next click on the create new user button. After this you will want to add username and admin details you would like your new user to have and finally click blue save user button. (Note here it is important for the user to change their password upon initial login to their preferred password.) Finally go back to the user list and you will be able to change their access to web service only. So now that I have shown how to setup the meter reading app- I will now be showing you how to use the app. Now to login- you will want to login with your username (Meter Reader User ID) and Password (Meter Reader Password) click Save. Next, choose instance (which is the platform you are using) and click TEST to ensure that user details are activating and connecting with the environment. You will notice after the test a message will say ‘TEST OK’ OR ‘TEST FAILED’. If Test fails, ensure that the correct user details have been entered and that the user has Web Services Enabled in the system. Now you will want to click on the import icon and click download to load meters and walk orders. Finally, the last thing you will do is when the download has completed select Reads to access the reads schedule where you can enter new reads. Thanks for watching - this is Zac Kibria and I hope you have enjoyed this video. please like this video, comment and subscribe to our YouTube channel where we have lots of other videos as well as playlists for you. We are constantly updating our software as well as adding new videos to enhance your experience so we hope that you continue to subscribe to this list as well as all our channels. Have a great day and feel reach out to us if you are having any issues.
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