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Pros & Cons of "Maximize Conversions" Bidding Strategy

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Today's question comes from Nils, from Amsterdam. He asks about the pros and cons of using the AdWords bidding strategy "maximize conversions", versus manual bidding. He also wants to know if automated bidding strategies will make our jobs as AdWords managers obsolete. Thanks for listening! Ask us your AdWords question here - https://paidsearchpodcast.com/contact-us/ Please share with your friends and colleagues, and rate and review the show on iTunes here - https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/ppc-questions-and-answers/id1352588764?mt=2
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Robert Hewson (3 months ago)
Just found your channel. Great Adwords ... opps ... Google Ads info! Thanks from Michigan!
sam rafi (7 months ago)
a good adwords strategy takes knowledge how to create the best landing page, ad copy, targeting right locations, strategy for negative keyword & how to apply them, how broad or focus you buy keywords, how differentiate conversions value and many other factors... i don't see that machine learn these things without help of human touch anytime soon... I hope I'm Not Wrong
a998 (6 months ago)
sam rafi unfortunately there's a high probability that you are wrong. All those variables and messaging could be generated through machine learning. Within 5 years or so I'll bet automated content marketing will be a thing. That's just a step away from taking over the role of managers.

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