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9 Browser Extensions that May Change your Life

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Increase your productivity and get more done with these nine awesome browser extensions. Discover why the LastPass, Evernote Web Clipper, Google Keep, Grammarly, Agorapulse, Asana, Bitly, Dayboard, and the Silent SIte Sound Blocker extensions are an essential part of my daily toolkit. In this video: - 1:35 The Last Pass Browser Plugin - 2:20 The Evernote WebClipper - 3:32 Google Keep - 4:27 Grammarly - 5:10 Agorapulse - 6:40 Asana - 8:00 Bitly - 8:42 Dayboard - 11:00 Silent Site Sound Blocker - 12:50 Three other cool extensions Related videos: - LastPass: Password Security for Your Family in 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0eVukQjo3Wg - Password Managers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bpx0ttX9-1s - Evernote Habit Webinar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tjkpGhx6gA - Google Keep, Simple and Clean Note Taking App, 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AG21_yb1JmI - Write Better, Make Fewer Mistakes, with These Great Editing Options https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTjBw2Ady7A - Asana: Project and Team Management 2017 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRgVfXzKJ08 - Asana for Content Publishing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNOMhe9JANg - Agorapulse: Manage Social Media Accounts Like a Pro https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wUtWWO5vMMo - Link shortners https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=65SU-IF4jCo Links to the Chrome Extensions: - LastPass https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/lastpass-free-password-ma/hdokiejnpimakedhajhdlcegeplioahd?hl=en& - Evernote Web Clipper https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/evernote-web-clipper/pioclpoplcdbaefihamjohnefbikjilc?hl=en& - Google Keep https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/google-keep-chrome-extens/lpcaedmchfhocbbapmcbpinfpgnhiddi?hl=en& - Grammarly https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/grammarly-for-chrome/kbfnbcaeplbcioakkpcpgfkobkghlhen?hl=en& - Agorapulse https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/agorapulse/dodghoacmcolcigjioiapehcmpdadgmi?hl=en& - Asana https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/asana/khnpeclbnipcdacdkhejifenadikeghk?hl=en& - Asana https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/bitly-unleash-the-power-o/iabeihobmhlgpkcgjiloemdbofjbdcic?hl=en& - Dayboard https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dayboard-new-tab-site-blo/kimodcegbhclamjcbifgfaldeengbgij?hl=en& - The Silent Site Sound Blocker https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/silent-site-sound-blocker/hkbdhiphllimobjnfeeekaogfibmdgfe?hl=en& - BehindTheOverlay https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/behindtheoverlay/ljipkdpcjbmhkdjjmbbaggebcednbbme?hl=en& - Unshorten link https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/unshortenlink/gbobdaaeaihkghbokihkofcbndhmbdpd?hl=en& - Tin Eye https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/tineye-reverse-image-sear/haebnnbpedcbhciplfhjjkbafijpncjl?hl=en& Curious about other tools that can help you get more organized? Grab a copy of Steve’s toolkit! https://dottotech.com/toolkit/ Love what you saw? Subscribe to the channel for weekly Google tips (live every Monday!) Want to dive into the world of productivity, digital marketing and content creation? Join us for our weekly webinar this Wednesday! Every week, we break big, complex processes like building your email list and growing a successful YouTube channel into small, actionable steps you can put into practice straight away. Sign up: https://dottotech.com/webinars/ FOLLOW DOTTO TECH ON SOCIAL → Blog: https://dottotech.com/ → Vlog: https://dottotech.com/vlog/ → Twitter: https://twitter.com/dottotech → Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DottoTech/
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Text Comments (103)
K Stevenson (8 days ago)
Do you ever have BAD Videos??? Thanks I got lots of tools from here!
Parheez Gimi (20 days ago)
Check out this App extension for GMail...Called "Simple Gmail Notes"... Its a real gem!! Sending you a link - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/simple-gmail-notes/jfjkcbkgjohminidbpendlodpfacgmlm/related?hl=en Hope you like it..Don't forget to mention who sent it to you in your next show.. *wink wink* Regards Parheez Gimi India.
Dmitry Nabok (21 days ago)
Thanks! Try to use Youtube Subscription(Collection) Manager . The best for organizing youtube.
Charles Tracey (22 days ago)
how do you back up all evernote and what is the file extension is used on the backups?
Barry Hunt (1 month ago)
This guy really does know how to make great videos, wish there were more like him
madnessofmymind (1 month ago)
Other extensions I use: 1 - EmailThis (save ad-free articles & web pages to inbox for later reading) 2 - OurStickys (add sticky notes to websites. BONUS: when you click the icon and open the list of stickys - it will take you to the website you created it on) 3 - Duplicate Tab shortcut key (ctrl+k) duplicates the tab I am working on (i think you can set your own key combo) 4 - Category tabs for google keep 5 - Backspace to go back (as chrome removed that option) 6 - HubSpot sales (also added in my outlook) so I can track if someone opens an email I sent them
madnessofmymind (1 month ago)
I added the sound blocker and it blocked this vid as I was listening. LOL. It would be nice to selectively block though. Like when you go to a channel's home page, some of them auto play a vid. Dislike...want that blocked. But I don't want the rest of the videos blocked as watching. Will have to consider this more.
Here Now JAL (1 month ago)
Another GREAT video (that is VERY MUCH appreciated) ... You seem so organized, and your tips so beneficial (especially for those of us who are organizationally challenged) ... you've inspired me to explore using Chrome (as my usual browser choice is Safari), but the WeKnow malware has taken over my Chrome browser and hijacked my search feature, and I can't figure out how to remove WeKnow ... and some of your wonderful browser extensions seem to only work in Chrome (or IOS vs OS X) ... btw: if I was a little more organized I'd probably get to your outstanding videos a little closer to when you actually post them ... THANKS AGAIN for your wonderful channel ... It's GREATLY APPRECIATED !!!
Willy Horizont (1 month ago)
I love your way to think, I also use keep and sync my qp everywhere. Love the behindtheoverlay, tineye and unshotenlink, thanks 👍👍
PrairieDodgers (2 months ago)
I Love Keep and Grammarly
Rhonda Fairman (2 months ago)
I would love if Brave integrated Evernote. I love Brave, but I don't browse without my clipper.
Johnny Gee Jr (2 months ago)
Bravo, thanks Steve !
Julian Bon (2 months ago)
another great extension is Pocket: its simple and it works well I think it is better than evernote also Ublock Origin works very good
Adolfo Garate (2 months ago)
Enhancer for YouTube.
InspiredNation (2 months ago)
Mine is Threelly. Www.threelly.com
Gilbert Carrier (3 months ago)
Hi, can you tell me which application you use to create videos? It's cool see you and the computer screen in same time. Thanks.
Threelly SmartView (3 months ago)
Wow. What a great Video!!! You should slice/highlight the important points and snippets with Threelly SmartView Chrome extension - it’s Free to use: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/threelly-smartview-for-yo/dfohlnjmjiipcppekkbhbabjbnikkibo/ After you slice, it's really easy to share the short snippets on social media.
Milton Brownrigg (4 months ago)
Brilliant content every time, thanks heaps.
Rick Mortimer (4 months ago)
Kills News Feed, pushbullet, and Hangouts are al useful browsers to me. And of course, I should not have to mention Evernote Web Clipper and Bitly. There are others... Thanks for your great videos, Steve. You are a great teacher!
mohdmashi (4 months ago)
Password manager don't increase your security I think more secure to keep it in your brain 😀
dottotech (4 months ago)
I disagree. If you have an eidetic memory, perhaps. but not for the rest of us!
Dee Nimmin (5 months ago)
Still watching the video but I use Keep religiously on my phone and didn’t know it has a browser clipper. Thank you!
Shlomo Avdiel (5 months ago)
I no longer use windows.
Vishal Yagnik (5 months ago)
Onenote is also a good replacement for Evernote clipper, a must try.
Paulo Leme (21 days ago)
A lot more than that! I think it is better than the Evernote itself.
ohbobpleez (5 months ago)
whirlwind tour - didn't know whether it was world win or whirl win never saw it spelled out now I can use it; that's what you taught me today.
Rood67 (5 months ago)
it is *whirlwind* as in scattered or in no particular order relating to the debris randomly spread by a tornado or a hurricane. the actual definition is "used in similes and metaphors to describe a very energetic or tumultuous person or process*
Mark Valentine (5 months ago)
Lyndylupin (5 months ago)
What a useful post! Thanks Steve. I use Evernote web clipper all the time. Have just started using google Keep after your vid on that.Very useful too. Will certainly now try the Sound Blocker. My husband will be SO pleased to hear about this, and also Behind the Overlay and Tin Eye. Thanks again
Just 4U Travel (5 months ago)
A friend told me about Steak - Chrome extension. If you use G mail/ suites as your business account. You can make pipelines for projects. Similar to other project management extensions, however, it is FREE, so great for smaller businesses. Another feature in Streak allows you to know when your email was opened )also included in the 'free' version. They have a paid version as well with more features. I use it for the email and pipeline features.
Christine von Pander (5 months ago)
Evernote clipper multiple times per day for me!
Hiro Kame (5 months ago)
Some reference, please. How to put the time at the head of each part of the list. Thank you.
dottotech (5 months ago)
In your comments you enter a timestamp and YouTube resolves it into a link.
Chris Webster (5 months ago)
First, don't forget Vivaldi - works fine with Chrome extensions. My favorites: Dashlane, OneNote Clipper, and Grammarly.
Sassy Townhouse Living (5 months ago)
Just added TinEye. Looks great. Thanks for this list, Steve. Awesome!
david solomon (5 months ago)
I use printer friendly to print articles with ads removed
FiscalRangersFlorida (5 months ago)
Great topics. I need an app or tool that equalizes ALL audio coming from the PC. Reason is that it seems every YouTube account sets different audio levels, or I even watched a "This old house" LIVE broadcast where they used two different mics that had huge differences in audio level. So I have to constantly adjust audio levels between different YouTube channels or even speakers on the same channel. The White House press briefings is a perfect example. The speaker at the podium always has a perfect feed, but when a reporter asks a question the boom mics or remote mics are usually much lower, thus forcing a manual adjustment of the audio level. So, the need is for an app or device that adjusts the sound to a consistent level, no matter the source, before it goes to my speakers.
David Evans (5 months ago)
There are a lot
CoolDudeClem (5 months ago)
I generally dont need browser extensions, however i cannot survive without... 1. Ublock origin, because I HATE ads, to me they are nothing but annoying. I don't want to sit through an ad before I watch a YouTube video or click on a misleading button thinking it's a download to something I'm looking for, so thanks to Ublock I can turn all that crap off! Also I know some ads have malicious code in them so that's a nother reason I always have ads disabled. 2. Behind the overlay revival. Again like Ads, these screen-dimming popups annoy me too, I'm trying to read something and BAM! Popup in my face! I DON'T CARE, I don't want to sign up for a stupid newsletter, I get too much junk mail as it is! Sometimes there's no way to close them unless you turn the ad blocker off. So f*ck that and hello behind the overlay revival! 3. HOXX VPN Proxy. Because most of the internet thinks the world doesn't exist outside America, I try to watch a certain video on YouTube ... "This video is not available in YOUR country". I think what they're REALLY trying to say is "You are from England, so we wont let you see this video because we hate anywhere that's not America. 'MURICA F*CK YEAH!". Screw you I'm going to watch whether you like it or not! So HOXX works like a charm for things like that. The internet shouldn't be so prejudice against anywhere that isn't America and let the whole world watch online videos. With those 3 the internet is more like it used to be.
Brennon Maingot (3 months ago)
With respect to point 2, U-block can also get rid of the pop up. Click the U-block extension, click the lightning symbol on the left. Now move the cursor on the screen to highlight what you want zapped, click and that's it.
FiscalRangersFlorida (5 months ago)
Actually, here in the US, we block UK from websites in revenge for the BBC blocking us from viewing their content.!!!
Paco (5 months ago)
Using all of them will slow your browser tho.
Techoids (5 months ago)
DARK NIGHT MODE - It automatically makes all sites turn into Dark/Night mode, and it is awesome. And we are talking about every site in the internet changed to dark mode, even the ones which do not have native dark mode! In the past, there were some extensions which did this using very problamatic color-inversion method, but the cool thing is that this extension doesnt use that method. FireFox - https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/dark-night-mode/ Chrome - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/dark-night-mode/bhbekkddpbpbibiknkcjamlkhoghieie Unfortunately, in the chrome extension page, some scammy compitor made 1000+fake one star ratings using a bot, and thus it has less ratings(The developer of this extension had shown proof in a reddit post about this issue.) So, if you like it, then make sure to write a review as well. And, the cherry on top is that this extension is FREE and Open Source!
Jared Helsin (5 months ago)
Just a random person who saw this and thought your channel is useful. Do you have a similar video for people who have difficulties using the web?
dottotech (5 months ago)
Welcome aboard, we have several hundred videos covering all topics, many of them web related!
Darren Then (5 months ago)
Stanislav Dimitrov (5 months ago)
Hey, thanks for suggestions. I just discovered Agorapulse and it is awesome. One that find really useful especially when I am working/browsing at night is Night Eye. It enables dark mode on any website you visit and does it properly (not just automatically invert everything)
Ryan Hale (5 months ago)
I am completely lost without the Cloud HQ extensions for Gmail. Better than Boomerang, IMHO. And I agree that Google Keep is a Must Have.
Peter Harris (5 months ago)
Thank you, thank you, thank you Dottotech - you are a star. Brilliant and useful video, and thanks for adding the all-important links. I'll follow them up later.
Brian Prows (5 months ago)
Use ublock to stop trackers from following you along with https everywhere and extensity
Brian Prows (5 months ago)
Google keep integrated with google docs.
Edie Brown (5 months ago)
Web clipper is the tool that I use every day.
Durgesh M. (5 months ago)
Evernote Webclipper
Nancy Runyon (5 months ago)
Https everywhere
Neena Grosvenor (5 months ago)
I love the auto text extender on GC. It allows you to create shortcuts to messages that you use repeatedly. Also, Awesome Screenshot is another favorite from GC. It allows you to add annotations to images. Great when sending content to explain something via email.
David Glendinning (5 months ago)
There are three extensions for Chrome that are must-haves... and one I use occasionally: 1. Tabs to the front! - when you right-click an item to "open in new tab", it not only creates the tab but gives it focus. Indispensable! 2. Frame By Frame for YouTube™ - does just what it says on the tin. 3. WhatFont - I'm a typography geek; this will show what font is used if it's text and not in a image. 4. Noisli (occasional use) - provides sounds like wind, rain, pink noise, etc. to block out background distractions.
madnessofmymind (1 month ago)
That tab one might be nice for some...for others, we don't necessarily want that tab to be opened right away. I'm just getting it ready to view soon but still want my current tab as my view. *shrug* But like I said, for some, that's a great feature.
Thrifty Gal Collectibles (5 months ago)
Steve I have a lot of those extensions mostly picked up from past videos of yours. I don’t have keep yet, but you convinced me!😀 oh I have one for you, Honey, it finds coupons when you are in shopping sites.
Joan Mamanakis (5 months ago)
One of my favorites is Extensity as a way to organize or hide less frequently used extensions. A newcomer to the notes/Notebook world is Zoho Notebook and web clipper. It has an app for apple/ios and android as well as browser access. The clipper is not quite up to Evernote and OneNote clipper, but I think better than Keep. Besides, the notebooks have really colorful colors, as do the notes. P.S. Grammerly made sure this comment was without errors.
Raul Diaz (5 months ago)
Google Keep has been very useful and easy to share lists after a video you postedbefore. Otherwise I would just have skipped it. Thanks and regards.
Landon Praught (5 months ago)
Thank you Steve I have used ever note note some times with my gmail great video ! Landon
Megan Charles (5 months ago)
Awesome video - thanks. I picked up a couple including the silent sound app. I HATE it when I get blasted by audio on a site, especially when I'm expecting to read an article not be blown away by an autoplay advert that is shocking and annoyingly loud. So far it seems pretty easy to use. Ebates and TickTick are helpful. Often times I forget to use Ebates on sites I shop on, but with the extension it will pop up on sites I never imagined would offer $ back, example online learning sites like Udemy.
Josh Jenkins (2 months ago)
Ublock origin works extremely well at blocking all adverts including the noisy ones. Give it a try as well
Dave Martel (5 months ago)
Great video, as usual. Thanks. Saw a couple I will try out. I use most of them already. Two that I use often, but you haven't mentioned are: The Great Suspender, which suspends chrome pages to free up some of the ram that's being used while they are open, and the second is Mercury Reader which strips out all the garbage on a website and presents you what's left. Keep up the good work.
Daryl Bambic (5 months ago)
Silent sound blocker: Check out the Chrome settings because it can also do this.
John L (5 months ago)
Agreed- just look in the tab of the page you have open and there is a speaker icon. Right click to toggle mute on/off. Would have been superior if they simply allowed you to click on the speaker in the tab to toggle.
African Leopards (5 months ago)
Handy tip for the Google Keep web clipper. To clip text from the page, select the text you want before you click the Clipper
Phi (5 months ago)
hi, my main extension is uBlock origin, privacy badger, Awesome Screenshot, Wappalyzer and TunnelBear, and amazon kindle
Shannon Schwab (5 months ago)
Grammarly is on every device here. As homeschoolers it has been a vital tool. I will be looking into Tin Eye and behind the Overlay. My question is about Agorapulse. Does my FB plugin have to be active for Agora to work?
dottotech (5 months ago)
No you can create an account with your email address (I think!)
Rick Mortimer (5 months ago)
Great video, thanks, Steve. I had Bitly on my Chrome Browser (Windows 10) and Chrome discontinued it. It tells me it is no longer in use with Chrome. I liked using it and miss it! It does not even show up in the list of extensions you can get.
Alex Ruiter (5 months ago)
Hello Steve, I like your video's! Do you know the nice extention of the Opera browser: Opera Touch with My Flow? It works pretty well for me. All the best and thanks for all your good help and support.
Steve Whitley (5 months ago)
Thanks Steve - great review - much appreciated!
Nikhil Deshpande (5 months ago)
Informative video sir, thanks. Regarding "The Silent Site Sound Blocker " extension, Safari browser can block annoying web auto play videos & also has more privacy related features like preventing cross tracking & etc.
Tom McSparron (5 months ago)
Steve I love your videos and have learned a lot while viewing them. The extension I can't live without is Mighty Text. It's an extension that allows you to send and receive text msgs from your PC. Check it out, I think you will love it as much as I do
dottotech (5 months ago)
I looked into it but I don't think it works in Canada. Thanks!
olbaze (5 months ago)
Alternatives: Bitwarden instead of LastPass. Bitwarden is open source, and LastPass did a very bad job of porting their extension on Firefox when they changed to WebExtensions. Instead of Bit.ly, I use an extension that gives me shortened URLs with the native shorteners (Native URL Shortener for Chrome, Copy ShortURL for Firefox). I know people who will simply not open bit.ly or goo.gl links because of their widespread usage in spreading malware, just like tinyurl. Personal additions: Feedly, InoReader, TheOldReader or Feedbro for RSS. I use RSS feeds to avoid having to check news websites (or YouTube) for updates. Before that, I used to go to a bunch of tech news sites several times a day to see what they had posted. Using RSS makes the news come to me, not the other way around. Which option you choose will depend on how you end up using RSS: I use Feedbro because I am not a fan of the artificial limitations of Feedly and InoReader that they put on their free versions, as I am a believer in paying for good software, not for unlocking features already in the software I use.
Julian Bon (2 months ago)
Enpass or 1password is another great option
dottotech (5 months ago)
Good catch, I use Feedly every day as well!
Upside of Downsizing® (5 months ago)
Thanks, Steve - Bitly will definitely save me time! (and I like the background)
Dale Smith (5 months ago)
I use last pass ,Evernote clipper,just started google keep recently,. A dottotech fan keep up the good work. Thank you
Baer LordBaer (5 months ago)
I use ,on all my browser , for securer/faster wed browsing , is uMatrix. it allows you to choose what gets loaded from a page. It can be a little frustrating when you first go to a new page, because it automaticity ,by default, blocks all scripts but once you figure out what to allow, those settings are saved. also your 'rules' and settings can be exported between browsers so you don't have to redo thing if using a different browser
Veritasss (5 months ago)
I LOVE Pushbullet for reminders, page notes, and communications to myself and others. I can also pull up SMS, great for messaging, and I see/share notes on all my platforms
dottotech (5 months ago)
Great tip, I really like Pushbullet
David R. Reed (5 months ago)
Nice ☺️ I can see there are more Chrome tools/extensions than I was aware of to make my increasing web browsing nicer and safer. Thanks for this update.
Steve Cedrone (5 months ago)
You should use Opera. It is chrome based and you can install chrome extensions as well as Opera ones but it's far better performing than Chrome speed wise and memory wise and it has a built in free VPN for web surfing and Ad-Blocker that works really well. (Just need to turn on in the settings). I used to use Chrome in the past but left when it became really slow and would leak all sorts of memory if left open when I wasn't using it. You can also message though WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger through the sidebar in the browser which is really cool.
Moyd Wathiqi (5 months ago)
Opera is a great alternative actully. I used it recently and it did what it meant to do, but for some reason I always go back to Chrome mate! Maybe because of how simple or probably the Google eco system that's tying me up.
Sally Harvey (5 months ago)
Thanks for the tip. Will definitely be giving it a try.
Punerdeep Sidhu (5 months ago)
Steve Cedrone thanks for this. Will install tomorrow
Carole Gyte (5 months ago)
Thank you for your videos. They have helped me many times.
Thomas Kilcoyne (5 months ago)
Excellent video, Steve. I like Google Keep and Grammarly (free version). I also use Save to Google. I also like the Library Extension. It lets me know if a book on Amazon is available at my local library.
Hyperbole Master Kerry (5 months ago)
My main extension is the Evernote Clipper. I have used it for years. I learned about Asana from your older video and as a single user with no team, I do not know if I will start using it or not. Currently, I use Reminders and Notes to keep lists and reference information. But, the convenience of the extension looks beneficial. Thanks for telling me about ‘Silent’ and behind the scenes. Just what the doctor ordered. Last comment: My PC has been struggling lately. It is because all the extensions are always running and I have to get a better PC or stop using extensions.
Alex Noé (5 months ago)
Hello Steve! Great video. You can check these extensions which work great for me. TURN OFF THE LIGHTS: Dims the the area around the video screen on youtube. VIDEO SPEED CONTROLER: Accelerates video speed in increments of 10% - up and down. It works in many environments. CLIPBOARD HISTORY: generates a new copiable line at every CTRL+C you type. And finally FULL PAGE SCREENSHOT: Makes a screenshot of the whole page. Thanks.
Jeffrey Hancock (5 months ago)
A great extension for display tasks when you open a new tab in your browser is Momentum ( https://momentumdash.com/ ) It has a few other features as well. I am only using the free version and it works great. The paid version always you to sync with a true task manager like Asana. It is worth checking out.
Sally Harvey (5 months ago)
Great video. One I couldn't live without is Trello. I use it for organising almost everything from work to home.
Lisa White (5 months ago)
I use Extensity to manage all of my extensions. Insert Learning, Nimbus, AnyoneCanView by Alice Keeler, and Kami
Alan Ponikvar (5 months ago)
Grammarly is near useless. For poor writers looking for help, it is dangerous. Moreover, no refunds.
paulnames (5 months ago)
I have a friend who uses his drone to drop his fishing line farther out onto the lake...
Lyndylupin (5 months ago)
paulnames Love this!😁
dottotech (5 months ago)
I have wondered about that, or for spotting fish!
Have you tried bombbomb video and if so do you know when it can get integrated in outlook for Mac?
dottotech (5 months ago)
I did look at it a while back might be worth a second look!
CarolsTechnology (5 months ago)
Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, and Slides - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/office-editing-for-docs-s/gbkeegbaiigmenfmjfclcdgdpimamgkj

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