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The Dynamic Learning Framework for Teachers by Kasey Bell (Whiteboard Animation)

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Technology is NOT a magic solution for education, but it is an opportunity—an opportunity to do things differently, to deepen the learning, to engage students in new ways, and an opportunity for Dynamic Learning. Dynamic learning is characterized by constant change and activity. This learning takes place organically, growing and evolving through more unconventional means, with the learner collaborating, creating, and communicating to demonstrate progress and mastery. Learn more about Dynamic Learning and The Dynamic Learning Framework by Kasey Bell of Shake Up Learning by watching this video, and pick up a copy of her book, Shake Up Learning: Practical Ideas to Move Learning From Static to Dynamic. http://ShakeUpLearningBook.com
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Neil Renwick (2 months ago)
Brilliant timing for a dynamic start back to school. Engaging presentation, these are 3 minutes that we would all do well to share with others. Some key points for stepping outside the box and really involve our students in their own learning. Thanks!
MaryJ Smith (2 months ago)
Right on point. Great way to discuss technology and learning. What tech tool did you use to create the whiteboard video?
Lee Howell (2 months ago)
YES! Kasey, I miss your voice in this, but you are seriously speaking my language. Thank you for shaking up learning and helping educators think beyond doing what's always been done. Love it!

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