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Managing Multiple Amazon Seller Central Accounts For Amazon FBA Businesses

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Text Comments (11)
Balázs Szőke (2 months ago)
Hello. Can I use two Amazon Seller Account with one device, but two VPN? Or need I buy another laptop?
pankaj joshi (4 months ago)
do not use any VPN. beacuse VPN are also not liable . for example : If the same vpn ip another seller uses that would be problem for you. I have experience lot of vpns are same.
pankaj joshi (4 months ago)
+InternetBizUni Thanks For your information. please would you recommended any service that your are using.
InternetBizUni (4 months ago)
pankaj joshi hello, you shouldn’t use a shared vpn. I have used individual VPN’s for over 6 years and not had a problem. Thank you for your comment.
nik442 (10 months ago)
Hi James - does this mean that you use a VPN if you are asked to manage another Amazon account? i.e. what if you run an Amazon PPC business and you need to manage the PPC campaigns for 10 accounts? Does that mean you need to access each account from a different IP address?
Freedom Hustler (1 year ago)
Which VPN do you could recommend?
Vijay Gupta (1 year ago)
with the help of VPN, can I use multiple accounts with the same internet connection and laptop?
Bahi Raj (1 year ago)
Good Info thanks
yousaf Iqbal (1 year ago)
so does this mean you should not login on other laptops ?
yousaf Iqbal (1 year ago)
hi could I call you I am also  a Amazon seller, I sell  around a 100 a day of my own listing, royal mail collects my mail, we could possibly learn from each other.
InternetBizUni (1 year ago)
If another seller uses this same device or IP address then you shouldn't log in with it.

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