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You Will Wish You Watched This Before You Started Using Social Media | The Twisted Truth

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This might be one of the most important videos I've edited in 2018. After everything that has been going on with the privacy crisis and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg going to Washington to speak with members of Congress, I felt that this video was timely. I think social media can be good but we must be careful with how we use it. Join our website for thoughtful stories www.absolutemotivationblog.com Speakers in the video Cal Newport Mark Zuckerberg Tristan Harris Steven Kotler Chamath Palihapitiya Steve Bartlet Interview Sources for: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PMotykw0SIk&t=1482s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgkvTRz_Alo&t=15s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HBRLMoL_vTQ&t=57s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E7hkPZ-HTk&t=283s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzH0Chm6e9I&t=39s Music composed and arranged by my brother, the Absolute Motivation composer: N I M Z Official Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/theofficialnimz Keep the fire burning & let's grow together. -Instagram https://www.instagram.com/absolutemotivationofficial/ - Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AbsoluteMotivationMedia/ - Twitter https://twitter.com/MotivationAM1 - Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/absolutemotivation Copyright Information: I made this video with the intention to help others in a motivational/inspirational form. The clips and music I have used I do not own in most cases. My understanding is that it is in correlation to Fair Right Use, however, given that it is open to interpretation if any owners of the content clips would like me to remove the video I have no problem and will do as fast as possible. please Email - [email protected] - if you have any concerns at. These videos are transformative in a positive sense, I take clips from various sources to help create an atmospheric feeling that will help people in different situations in their life. Be it overcoming hard challenges, giving them more fuel in various sporting scenes or act as hope for those who need to hear encouraging words. I also do not wish to use the heart of any piece of the work that would perhaps decrease the market value of the original content, if anything I hope to promote the content so that people can reach out and subsequently increase the market value. These videos are to educate people in an entertaining fashion. Given these are very short videos the short parts I use them to act as a catalyst to further reading.
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B V (3 hours ago)
People choose addictions and so what? It doesn't permanently change anything. This is just more scare tactics. I'm addicted to Facebook! Oh no! I can't control my behaviours and I'm not responsible for what I do? WTF are these guys talking about?
truefriend 312 (4 hours ago)
You know I get why they do this but it's not illegal but there is equipment out there that can hack your brain and body also they're getting patents on it :( you can check out my liked videos it's the first one on there this is 100% true and if something's not done about all the stuff, there's going to be no more free will. The equipment can read minds, that's one of the main reasons why people say we're going to be able to communicate telepathically within the next few years it's with technology like this but people can use it to hurt one another.
Peter Lee (6 hours ago)
Same thing as everything People try to fool people stupid talk
Emily Noelle (6 hours ago)
It’s a little ironic that I’m watching this on YouTube which is no better than any other social media.
Francis Zinni (6 hours ago)
Doesn't matter ig.
elijah rosenbaum (7 hours ago)
LENA PATEL (7 hours ago)
To be honest, I got really depressed when I use to be on Facebook and looking at my former classmates live their life and I felt like my life was passing me by because I didn't have my own family or wasn't making the money I needed to make in order to buy a house or a car. Comparing my life to the people I associated with online was a waste of TIME because it was all fake! My advice to those who ever feel depressed from the social media blues...JUST DEACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE!!! Plus, you'll find that you will get a lot more accomplished. I no longer have a Facebook account.😉
GetRealz (8 hours ago)
Argh - I'm sure they could have found someone more credible than Jorden Peterson (a Climate Denier) and a Right Winger, who puts false facts on twitter and then has explosive fights on Twitter. He uses Social Media to promote himself - he has become a brand via social media. Without social media, there would be no Jorden Peterson.
Josh Gilbert (10 hours ago)
The world is lost and everyone is a sheep looking for followers. That's why social media is so popular because everyone needs a voice to follow. But there can only be one voice that holds the truth because truth can only be absolute otherwise it's not true at all. Jesus Christ speaks the Truth. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He epitomizes all three because all of life stems from Him. So follow the voice of the One who cared enough about you to die for your sins, or continue to follow the voice of the world designed to manipulate, use, and discard you once you're rendered useless and obsolete. The choice is yours and thank God for a love that gives you a choice.
Miguel Rivera (12 hours ago)
Trisha O (14 hours ago)
Jesus Christ! Get the damned piano music off here! It is so annoying and distracting!
Eliezer Gomez (14 hours ago)
David C (17 hours ago)
I have a family member who is 20 and in college. He lives on his phone. Has NO social skills. Is exceptionally awkward to the point of being rude when confronted with a face to face conversation. I blame unchecked access to social media. He is just one of hundreds of thousands of kids with the same problem: a preoccupation with a vapid, ephemeral gimmick which stunts their ability to cope with reality.
Ehetesham Baig (18 hours ago)
And what's unfortunate is that, all this is being said and heard on Social Media, the biggest of all. Still a big thanks to the Compiler.
Amin Nur (18 hours ago)
Ironic this is on social media
Kai Martin (19 hours ago)
Never trust anything made or owned by Jews.
Pink dolphin (1 day ago)
I realized that a couple of years ago. I deleted my Facebook and other social media and I feel soooooooooo much lighter .
Do you remember how I invented social media when you all wanted me to grow a herione tree at my house?
bob ur uncle (1 day ago)
If you're still on Facebook you are feeding the Monster and it's getting wealthy while you are becoming poor!
Mikey Krumwiede (1 day ago)
I’ve been off Facebook since 2017
Vishal Shriwal (1 day ago)
I deleted my fb account 2 months ago after watching its hacking accounts news...
Tommy C (1 day ago)
The main point id like to make that they didnt in the video, is this is really only a huge problem for people under the age of 30 or 35 generally that have smart phones cuz its always in your pocket and they are the most likely to seek attention from other people for self satisfaction, facebook can be good as a tool to keep in contact with distant friends and family but access to it at all times isnt good, so you can always make the decision to start that you wont use facebook app on your phone and you will start using a laptop / desktop computer to open the web browser and type facebook.com at the top, which is the same as using the phone app just is organized differently, which will decrease a lot of the time you could be doing something productive but spend time on facebook from your phone or even going places and doing things to post on facebook xP and that will cut out a lot of the unnecessary use, otherwise a lot of older people are just getting into it this way and is great for when they come home and have nothing to do anyway
Tommy C (1 day ago)
i also found it crazy that the demographic of hardcore users can have dopamine outputs of that high when you finally get to it, ive also experienced that power of maybe before in other situations and areas of life but with the same general circumstances to it, like your waiting for an important call so you can head out to meet some friends at the bar or something and your getting ready and waiting and checkin your phone and waiting then boom theres the txt time to go! and your pumped headed out more than youll be the rest of the night, the sensation is of excitment and antisipation where your palms get kinda clammy and some ppl even find themselves having to stop by the bathroom as their digestion kicks it up a notch, so it is a powerfully influential force on the bodies operations
Tommy C (1 day ago)
i personally enjoyed the dudes speech at 8:00 although i thought to myself these are things i realized in high school lol actually middle school, when it came to how other kids wore the generic american eagle "prep" clothes and interacted with each other just cuz of association of groupings, so the whole thing seemed dumb and i questioned if anyone really liked what they did or wore etc. so inherently i kinda avoided social media cuz i was always a comfortable person, i have a facebook account i check maybe once a year or 2 unless something specific is up im gonna login and use it for which is usually at most sending a msg to someone if i dont have their phone number anymore, i also found it annoying cuz theres F'in 5 or 6 main social media websites like facebook, instagram, snap chat etc. so you have to get all of them to talk to everyone cuz some ppl use either sites and their coordinating apps, and the whole thing just seemed like an inefficient way to communicate on a regular basis really lol id rather just Email someones Email account from mine which that is saying something cuz Email sucks too still
Hera Hagstoz (1 day ago)
I call BS on the idea that alcohol and the reasons for a drinking age is anything similar to our own internal dopamine system andthat social media is the same as children using cocaine and other drugs....so do these people advocate for limiting hugs and laughter, or love? Because it’s dopamine which keeps us alive and connected. It’s the original healthy fix along with oxytocin which is essential for bonding. When this system breaks down or is damaged in one way or another we see people attempting to survive and regain stability and normality through less than beneficial methods, like drug abuse. True, social media should not be something that controls our lives, but don’t pretend that it’s the something that we can’t adjust our social standards of behavior to address. We absolutely can teach our kids proper online etiquette and model healthy balance in our own lives which we can and should put limits around and have the ability to monitor. Once we all become aware of the problem we can fix it. I have trust in myself and other people still. If we don’t then we have much larger problems. Tone down the fear factor please. Loss of privacy and anonymity is a much bigger threat. Children must be properly protected from exploitation online as well as their own underdeveloped sense of sophistication regarding reality vs fantasy. I would imagine it is difficult for kids more than ever right now.
Okezzy (1 day ago)
I have social media but I never use it I don’t even think I have an account
John Clancy (1 day ago)
spread the truth. new subscriber
SaShin ShiNE (1 day ago)
Does Mark Zuckerberg look like one of those men in black people? Almost like if hes wearing a skin suit.🤨
vivek kene (1 day ago)
who's that guy at 8:28?
Peter Oldwood (1 day ago)
I felt something sinister behind it from the beginning that's why I never started any social media account.
Lou Sensei (2 days ago)
Deleted all my social media accounts 6 years ago. This is more proof that social media is the downfall of man. I dare you, who is reading this, to deactivate your social media accounts for at *least* two years. Bet you can't and/or won't😉
Ari Heino (2 days ago)
Here's another view for you. Go shove it up your ass. Click bait jerk off.
f1r3 hunt3rz (2 days ago)
Seriously, our greatest technological inventions are a fake reality or illusion, and weapons of mass destruction. Bravo.
The Boys (2 days ago)
I got a Russian accent computer voice advert selling email greeting cards subscriptions halfway through this video. The Russians are geniuses at disrupting real information. It’s like, they are 10 steps ahead in the information-age War. It’s totally war.
Sleepy.Magii (2 days ago)
Why is anyone surprised? Everything is drugs, your attention, time and energy are your nost valube resources, people want your recourses. Yes there are variants and moderations, but comeone in the large scale, yall gonna tell me you dont see what this is...an illusion of connections, but we are indeed more seperate
kaplock bangz (2 days ago)
theres no difference to ALL marketing industries even money
Rida Saeed (2 days ago)
Someone please ask me after 1 year 😄 did i quitted social media?
Brenda Jayden (2 days ago)
I dont understand the last scene ?
Rounak Barman (2 days ago)
People used to call me old school for staying away from social media. It has been more than 5 years since they started calling me that. What people need to realise is that there is a life beyond social media. People need to start working on their self instead of their selfie, building their own life instead of comparing their own with others. It ultimately does no good. It only makes you think that there is something that is missing from your own life when you compare your life with the fake life your friends curate to show you their life is good. It's all an ego trip. Get off social media. All those who truly want to be in touch with you will find some other way. Meet up and get off social media. Those dreamy dps and instagram pose are nothing but a desperate need for approval. If you are real, you ultimately don't need constant approval for others. Be your true self. Be happy. Life is too short to care what others think about you.
Brenda Jayden (2 days ago)
I dont have any social media and i can honestly say i feel free and happy.
Jeremy Hall (2 days ago)
Its time to shut this shit down! SHUT DOWN SOCIAL MEDIA!
Khanya Marareni (2 days ago)
A lot of us who watched this video will still continue using Social Media😂😂😂
David Soffer (2 days ago)
Social media is a cause of the missinformation? Who is creating the information? Yes, the humans. Without social media we wouldnt know a y thruth, Just a news paper saying what happened yesterday, or a paid news channel
David Soffer (2 days ago)
I dont think that social media is the problem, rather is how we use it. Our insecurities are showing Up... We could use social media To keep you up to date with social events, cultural events, to know there is a New restaurant, museum, A play, a conference about something you are intetrested about... You dont need to quit social media, Just have to chose what to follow.
Mildred Medina (3 days ago)
Excellent research! “ If you feed the beast that beast will destroy you! It’s so true their is a lot of fantasy, when the truth is we all have struggles in our lives, that this make believe world of social media hides. The worst of all is how can this effects the mind of the most vulnerable: our children. If it effects the minds of an adult, imagine how a can a mind that is in development is constantly being manipulated by all false información in how life should be versus how you are living. We have to take care of our selves, and mostly, take care of our children’s welfare.
Lawerance Lanham (3 days ago)
Zuckerberg...the most shady, evil, inhumane person on the planet. Screwing the minds of you, your kids, your spouse, granny, everyone else you know.. and your pets. Yes your pets, you don't even pay attention to them... you're too busy thumb f'n your FB to notice anything else. Nobody gives a damn what you did today or tomorrow...nor what you have. It's turned people into narcissistic twits. Like that shit, why don't ya! 🤣
Pancakes611 (3 days ago)
Fuck the white man and fuck social media
Elijah Thomas (3 days ago)
Thank God I ain't got none of them social media.but am not against it. I love it but its not the time
Osaka Plug (3 days ago)
I delete all my social media account aftet watching this.I feel so much better now.I am happy that I am out of social media. Fuck fake people and Internet friends. Social media is just an artificial way to present yourself.
Mason Toney (3 days ago)
The freemasonic and jesuit operated military industrial complex uses illuminati mind controlled agents known as 'handlers' or 'masters' to conduct terrorism and influence targeted infividuals or groups to carry out terrorism for political agendas. They use military grade mind control weaponry that makes the target convince themselves God's talking to them or hearing voices telling them to carry out a crime, giving detailed directions on how to carry out said events. These federally funded agencies also use gangstalking, blackmail, gaslighting, and sabatoge. They can completely drive a person crazy and ruin their life including finances. This is how the illuminati deep state creates Manchurian candidates and patsys. The goal is to anger their target and drive them insane via drugging them and sleep deprivation, then coerce and direct them with the v2k technology which was dubbed in the CIA world "the voice of God". They call these 'Orion sleeper agents'. The ones incharge of orchestration of such events using nazi like military weaponry and Hilter like terrorism tactics to coerce the people freely give their rights away for saftey should be hung high in public on a sunny day for their war crimes. Along with the abolishment of the industrial war complex and complete removal of said Corporate entities that create and manufacture such weapons of mass destruction. Corporate terrorism should not be excused due to financial circumstances. The uses of such technologies on civilians to control or manipulate the masses of this world should be highly outlawed and PBL. The faternal organizations and secret societies that use these technologies should be disbanded and burned to the ground for good measure. The corporation of America and its counterparts and constituents such as rome, england, the bankers, secret societies, and corporations have started a war agaist freedome and the very sense of free will. The whole world is under mind control and has been for decades and its gotten out of hand. I feel as if Gods hand has struck the final hour. I will stand against your established Nazi like criminal empire ran by devils and fight you with firepower and God as my witness you will bleed . Liberty and justice for all may God help us . 🇺🇸
Go Infinite (3 days ago)
Currently on day 18 of a social media fast and I have accomplished more in these last 3 weeks than I have the previous 3 months. Social media can create horrible addictions for the short term gratification, people are losing their depth and ability to focus on long term goals. Not sure when or if I will return to using IG and FB. YouTube is the only sm i still used but primarily for education.
Alexander Immortal (3 days ago)
I wish i lived 100 years ago where people were more real and happier
Francisco García (3 days ago)
Damn you are right bro we are getting mind hacked we should also not use youtube or watch tv, fuck man thank you so much your video opened my eyes.
SummerRain Goddess (3 days ago)
The only social media I have now is Twitter I’m done with Facebook Instagram SnapChat I’ve noticed since I’ve had all these accounts that I’m way more depressed then I’ve ever been and it’s a major distraction in my life! I’m seriously done with social media
Róbert Nagy (3 days ago)
egyz igazság az hogy a ratyi nagy vallatok , aés nagyhatalmak :)))))) csak cyberg kedéshez értenek :))))))) mit is várunk a kvilágtól a ha anagyvezetok ilyenek :)))))))))
Seth Adam (3 days ago)
The data cars gather now is more valuable than the car, get off your phone, smoke some chronic & get a hobby.
Dina Ralte (3 days ago)
Im so so lucky and grateful that i watch this video
Yppengasse28 (3 days ago)
This is such an interesting report on fake news and social media. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/11/12/opinion/russia-meddling-disinformation-fake-news-elections.html
Adrian Cojocariu (3 days ago)
They publish "why social media is bad" on a social media network.... nailed it.
Bozhidar Petrov (3 days ago)
Being in coffee date nowadays is not just fun, it's fckin provement that "you are cool, you have friends aaaand you are robot, brain damaged etc." Literally I'm trying to iiiinclude some of my friends in one simple conversation. While chatting in phones or watching some posts I'm wondering "Wtf, am I a fckin old guy or just they are fcked up so hard of this stupid modern age". They cannot leave their phones just for a second, just a secoooond. So pity no men, no women, even shemales or so deep damaged .... :( :/
Fried Patatoes (3 days ago)
This is why my daughter is failing in school!!!
Erixander Rivera (3 days ago)
Thank you for waking me up with this addiction. I now deactivated my social media accounts or I'll just unstall them except gmail, YouTube and messenger that would help me to learn more to what I wanted to be and provide me communication to update on my group mates etc. I need to focused.
Erixander Rivera (3 days ago)
Thank you for waking me up with this addiction. I now deactivated my social media accounts or I'll just unstall them except gmail, YouTube and messenger that would help me to learn more to what I wanted to be and provide me communication to update on my group mates etc. I need to focused.
M Skallywagg (3 days ago)
Facefuck, Twatter and their like are a scourge on society and are designed for the weak minded
nilolee nilakshi (4 days ago)
The more you feed the beast , beast will devour you. So think about the next beast AI
Gen ST (4 days ago)
Ending says it all.
Mi5ta Freeman (4 days ago)
The 1.9k that disliked this video, are idiots that still read at a 5th grade level & exhibit a poor understanding of cyber hygiene. https://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/22/top-reading_n_1373680.html The content is beyond intriguing and 100% accurate. Despite no mention of FB's use of hot miking(for blackmail) or malware that emits frequencies to cause the user to feel discomfort. By discomfort, I mean vomiting, irritable, depressed, suicidal, & yes, even homicidal. Targeted frequency malware is set to become the next biggest form of malware attacks.
Andrew Rogerson (4 days ago)
Please don't ever take this video down.
nathan laird (4 days ago)
It's honestly sad that people are claiming these to be addicting this is not an addiction and if u think it is it's bc ur pathetic no other reason grow tf up people ligit lose their lives over real problems and if u lose your life over something like face book it's bc ur weak u can reword it anyway u want but at the end of the day ur a sad pile of shit fuck what others say abt you either pull the trigger or pull ur self out of the pit to claim social media to be like coke or alcohol is a nasty claim and if you really think it's that bad than it shouldn't be allowed at all Jesus fuck were a sad fucking species
Mi5ta Freeman (4 days ago)
nathan laird I'm sorry, when were you employed as an Executive at a Social Media company? What peer reviewed studies have you published on this subject? Oh, none? Well, your anecdotal opinion doesn't mean 💩 to anyone. Go kill yourself, Nathan Laird. Even the American Marketing Association agrees there's a social media dopamine addiction, you know NOTHING about pharmacology and neurology to speak so confidently about it. https://www.ama.org/publications/MarketingNews/Pages/feeding-the-addiction.aspx No one listen to Nathan, he's a precariat, libtard idiot that relies on FB for news posing as adversarial journalism.
Simple 1i (4 days ago)
Write a real telegram, face a real book and hear a real bird tweet... all in front of a real Window. Ameen.
Eric Blash (4 days ago)
meditation will get you past this
E T (4 days ago)
Social media; is the newest, latest cult. By watching the world around me, I made my own personal choice, to not have a FB, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat account....I do stay in contact with my family & friends via old fashion email 😂 whats app, Skype, calling them & more importantly talking to them face to face... yeah call me weird, strange whatever!?!. However; I can't miss something I never had. I don't need to know how many likes 👍 I have, because I know for certain I have 1 and that's me 😘
Johnny Jam (5 days ago)
Get off from Facebook and put yourself in the book
Eliud Frednand (5 days ago)
True facts
Aki79 (5 days ago)
lol. Jordan Peterson?!? Hardly an intellectual or an expert on the implications of social media.
Mi5ta Freeman (4 days ago)
Aki79 That's funny to hear coming from an anti-intellectual precariat nobody such as yourself. Still upset about Jordan refusing to use the pronouns you prefer, huh? Libtard.
Time.Arq I Taller RT (5 days ago)
*Watching in You Tube App...*
Dizhen Lyu (5 days ago)
Super biased video.
Mi5ta Freeman (4 days ago)
Dizhen Lyu No, what's biased is your dog eating ass. Yet your type wonders why MIT & Harvard go out of their way to reject the Chinese. 😂😂😂 It's public knowledge that the 13th 5 year plan includes building vulnerabilities to aid the Chinese nation state with PSYOPS and influence operations. Of course you would find this information as biased 😂😂😂. You're a walking clunky piece of garbage that can't hack worth a 💩 without leaving identifiable timestamps & signatures all over your malware. Get back inside the manufacturing factory to make the next vulnerability ridden iPhone while under the supervision of a Chinese Communist Party member. Yeah, we know what you fucks are up to.
Ty Vann (5 days ago)
Social media depression 😉
claudine (5 days ago)
I feel sad for those who don't know life before anti-social media. btw the ad in the middle of this movie is perfect irony "phones ARE great" after Eve rebuffs the serpents offer of an apple, preferring the tinder app...
Woxineau Crows (5 days ago)
When you LEARN your lifes Balance for YOU then you will see that golden path to Serenity...Im on it NOW it is possible for ALL~Prayers to all ~
ProGamer 119 (6 days ago)
I hardly ever use facebook, i am not on instagram but all my friends are. I always felt that there is something childish and weird about sharing pics of everything you do by giving over dramatic captions and faces. Seeing this video I now know that I did the right thing.
Abdullahi Cade (6 days ago)
Guess what i dont use FACEBOOK nor MESSENGER nor INSTA nor SNAPCHAT nor TWITTER. 😎😎😎😎 and this clip praised me and encouraged me more to stay away that as usual. Thanks mr uploader. 👍👍🏼👍🏽👍🏾👍🏿
fekih1 (6 days ago)
Ok this video is really made by social media haters. I mean I personally don‘t care about likes, since the most of them are anyway bought. I take the opportunity to connect with people that have similar interests, this is the reason why I use social media. I think everybody have different reasons. That one mentioned in this video are maybe the reasons of real idiot users.
Daniel Turner (6 days ago)
Hmm...This video was published this year. How long will we understand the affects of our mistakes before actually making a constant suitable stable consistent change? Should we all continue to be idiots?
Daniel Turner (6 days ago)
Maybe if we stop focusing on stupidity and start focusing on whats real and living things will get better. Being a nosey moron is not beneficial to anyone.
Daniel Turner (6 days ago)
Maybe its munipulation and control. Keyword tools. Its designed to slowly cause a certain predictable behavior.
Daniel Turner (6 days ago)
This causes negatively and depression why would anyone continue to allow this to happen?
Daniel Turner (6 days ago)
Are these mistakes or just continuous stupid behavior?
Darlene Recapente (6 days ago)
Im using Facebook for asking questions!😍 like "Can we eat papaya?" thanks facebook😙
bomb city (7 days ago)
I haven't had facebook, Instagram, snapchat, etc. For a few months now and I honestly have no interest in reactivating them. Ever. I work full time 6 days a week and it does kind of suck to be sitting there with your co workers and all of them are constantly just staring at their phones. One of my co workers didn't even know I had a phone until last week. I've come to realize that I have very little real friends because everyone seems to forget about you unless you're on their timelines. I've kept YouTube because I enjoy coming on here to watch things that interest me, plus I cant just watch YouTube off and on throughout my day. I have clinical depression and I've noticed that I've been so much happier living my life in the world and not trying to show a fake version of myself for 500 acquaintances to see online. I try to urge the people I work with to stay off social media because everything is bogus, but they just seem to think I'm weird for not having any of it.
Alter (6 days ago)
I've never got into all that social media stuff and i feel kinda isolated, since everyone have that. I'm considering to actually try it now, not much of a choice here... I'm 22 btw.
warm trees (8 days ago)
That’s true , but it’s also a good way to meet ppl.
Wyclffe Ogeto (8 days ago)
time to delete youtube
1dogissky (8 days ago)
I’m 18 and in college. Some people act like you’re a weirdo when you don’t have snapchat and Instagram, or you have it but you don’t want to give it to them. Someone even asked me don’t I feel left out and how I find news. I’m glad I found friends who have the same mindset as me. YouTube is the only thing I use.
Tashma Davidson (8 days ago)
He looks like a reptile... Not human
Jasmine Crump (8 days ago)
Mark Zuckerberg, would never use Facebook in the capacity that he’s helped program the world to.
Kryptofreedom (8 days ago)
I have this with youtube xD
Abi Shah (8 days ago)
The jews since time have corrupted the world now we can see fuckers like zuckerberg the little bitch cunt is creating an addiction in nonsense social media...i will never use these kinds and sorts of platforms as they are intrusive and dangerous. I urge ever idiot to get off FACEBOOK BECAUSE THIS IS A JEWISH ZIONIST PROGRAM TO CONTROL US ALL AND THAT THIS ENTITY IS USED TO CREATE MORE ILLEGAL SETTLEMENTS IN PALESTINE..PLEASE GET OF THIS FACEBOOK AND UNDERSTAND YOU HONESTLY DO NOT NEED IT.. BE MORE CREATIVE AND SPEND MORE TIME WITH YOUR LIFE.THIS SHIT IS A WASTE OF TIME.
Anabel Camacho (8 days ago)
Anabel Camacho (8 days ago)
Caravan of Thieves (9 days ago)
OK, this is the most important video I've watched all year
Mojtaba Rasooli (9 days ago)
I don't get what the point with these videos are, they just make us more depressed. Life is as it is now and we can't change it. We're all part of the system now and you should get used to it.
Akshay Sharma (9 days ago)
*In U.S.A or well developed countries you can see and heard many type depression and anxieties but in our country people have depression about how can they feed their families next day... Believe me when you have hunger depression than the other type of depression cant stand for a moment*
Grace Shilloh (9 days ago)
Social media it can be good if u use it in a good way if u use it it bad way then it will be bad
Jahday Correa (9 days ago)
Soo true
Jonny C (9 days ago)
Is youtube also applied to this arguement
nicetrydick (9 days ago)
YouTube is social media

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