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This Forex Strategy Will Make You Rich

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FxLifeStyle Forex (3 months ago)
START TRADING FOREX & INVEST FROM JUST $49.. & COPY LIFETIME FOREX SIGNALS TODAY! GET STARTED HERE ►► https://WWW.FXLIFESTYLE.COM ◄ ◄ Recommended Brokers I Use ( $10/£10 Min Deposit!!! ) ►► https://www.fxlifestyle.com/brokers FOLLOW MY CRAZY LIFE ON FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/fxlifestyleteam
galant cadence (1 month ago)
I made 4. 5M in just one week. Next week I will make 5M. Yeah he is the best. He actually send me a pair of glasses too. Haaa haaaaaaa haaaa haaaa haaaaaaa
Nwuke Favour Iheoma (2 months ago)
FxLifeStyle Forex teach me
A to Z sure fun (2 months ago)
@MrSuperbasshunter actually what he say is true or just simply created. Myself past 20 yrs in tis forex bt seen only failure
jeferson santos (1 month ago)
this guy me stole 600 dollars, do not enter or lose your money
Hermen manhica (1 month ago)
What´s the plataform you use to trading?
Mauro Feilhaber (1 month ago)
thank you, i followed this strategy and made one billion dollars in 30 days, starting only with 20 dollars.
bellyom (1 month ago)
This is the best strategy ever. I used it and now I own the federal reserve. Thanks man.
Gilbert Cockworthy (2 months ago)
What a clueless cunt!😂😂😂😂
Apex Recon (2 months ago)
This is proof !!! He is right for sure.thanks alot
jojo bizarre adventure (2 months ago)
Thanks fousand dollars i made trillions of dollars and now I'm buying Mars cash from an alien
patrick wachira maina (2 months ago)
i just come to this channel to get entertained
L D (2 months ago)
You deleting my comments? 2:58 why would you sell there? Its been support for 4 or 5 retracements, and so the obvious thing would be to buy again. Selling would be illogical unless you know a reason why its going to break lower (which you dont, not from charts anyway). At which point, you and your clients would be looking at losses even if only down to your stop. Mind you, anyone can be the perfect hindsight trader. This time next year, Rodney.........
Lil Ray (2 months ago)
when we join do we get a broker? i really don’t understand how to actually set up an account on my phone
Semeon (2 months ago)
Lil Ray just don’t join
sri hari nivas (2 months ago)
i want became ur mamber i want make daily 4000$ up
Castizo (2 months ago)
Wow you made 5k+ off of 116 pips using 1 micro lot? That's pretty amazin!
Roger L (2 months ago)
Am very new to forex but you really inspire me a lot . am from west Africa Ghana and I will like to join your team from today . Am your student
MrSuperbasshunter (2 months ago)
Omg, this is so funny. Thanks man you've made my day. 😂
Cash Flow (3 months ago)
i just mde millions dollars from your signal trades. thanks you legend
A to Z sure fun (2 months ago)
Pls tell me is it true
harsha weerasinghe (3 months ago)
Lot size??
I totally recommend it
Horizonte (3 months ago)
Thanks, fabulouses, amazing...
Get in here if you have a problem trading forex.
Azhi Anwar (3 months ago)
He is rich but not milliinaire He is from iran
Muhammad Waqas Arif (14 days ago)
He is rich by selling his course not by trading forex
MrSuperbasshunter (2 months ago)
@HESTER Nkuna omg
HESTER Nkuna (3 months ago)
Evan Hoffman (3 months ago)
If your trading on that chart you are high
gp (2 months ago)
@1 Dave dave, let me tell you something. Traders and businessmen use naked charts( the chart is seen as a whole), Technical analysts and bookworms go for heavy indicator charts(obsession with little details without seeing the actual market)..
1 Dave (2 months ago)
tbh you dont 10 useless indicators to look cool, naked charts are the best for a lot of us
augustins12 YT (2 months ago)
Isaiah Williams (3 months ago)
Evan Hoffman 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Bjbessy March (3 months ago)
Mah bouy back at it again! Haaslaa!
UNLIMITED FUN (3 months ago)
Ha ha ha 😜
Flynn (3 months ago)
Made 800 billion dollars and bankrupted Goldman, HSBC and UBS with your strategy tonight. Thanks man
Currency (3 months ago)
Thanks fxlifestyle! I just turned 1 rupee into a billion dollars in 2 hours over the weekend when the market is closed
cyberpunk 97' (2 months ago)
@A to Z sure fun r/woosh
A to Z sure fun (2 months ago)
Aiyo y u ppl exaggerate so much. Pls tell t truth
smitesh more (3 months ago)
Hi fxlifestyle can you make a video on how to catch the highs and lows
Miss Dee (3 months ago)
Aw www,I like you...from Nairobi kenya,new in forex but am getting it.all the best😘😘😘😘
ricky daxhan (2 months ago)
Nice, proudly Kenyan. Let's take Forex to the next level. +254746274783 we can share ideas if you don't mind.
suham hamid (3 months ago)
I'm from Nairobi too....i want to be apart of it but sijui nitaanza wapi so can u show me how u do it...
Cool Wolf (3 months ago)
this guy is so funny
lock key (3 months ago)
I guess you loss thousands then because USDCAD price shot up literally the next candle on your chart🤣🤣 come on now this ain’t the millionaire lifestyle you gas yourself about
D Emmanuel (3 months ago)
Hey faggot, your words tells me ,u don't have any knowledge in forex...you also don't know what you are saying. pros use back-tested strategies which give an average of 12-20% ROI/year.if ROI passes 25%, wall street considered it as best investment also you will surpass warren buffet.which needs experience of decades not 2/3 year.So only bitch yourself not other folks.
richie m (3 months ago)
Ahlan Wasahlan (3 months ago)
Dine this it works I made £134346743356335777433 in under 1 second
Bithi Sarkar (2 months ago)
*How I Made $40,000. **https://r.expertoption.com/?refid=15898** .*
ElbowStu (3 months ago)
Hasan Tarehi (3 months ago)
This stratergy made me a multi millionaire
Jack stones (3 months ago)
Were you born a cunt or dropped at birth?
Der Wahrsager (3 months ago)
Damn your Dad has a lot Money😲
Sara Besse (3 months ago)
MR: I N D I A (3 months ago)
I have existing iq options broker .. Is this broker works on your startegy ? can I use here ?
FxLifeStyle Forex (3 months ago)
Yes you can use any broker.. the best brokers I use are here ; FxLifeStyle.com/brokers
Dream's World (3 months ago)
Sir I am fully begnir student... and I will like to start from you strategy and life style course... please help me too my sir
Kenny Dee (3 months ago)
sadia mughal contact [email protected]>com and make profits
sadia mughal (3 months ago)
Me to but i dont no how to start... :(
Kenny Dee (3 months ago)
For more information on how to trade write to David Haggard on +18059959539 for a successful trade.
Anything (3 months ago)
Is it possible to be a forex trader at 16 year old?
Sao Seesamone (3 months ago)
I like you !... you are my are you idol me....😊😊😊
Javii Rivera (3 months ago)
hello friend, could you help me, I would like to know that configuration of parabolic sar .... !!! successes and blessings !!
willse _ (3 months ago)
In the last videos there were so many haters now I don't see one .Becouse they are f1cking children
Noble Diwa (3 months ago)
Do you use MT4?
Blaise Marthins (2 months ago)
@sadia mughal nothing is free even in Free-Town
sadia mughal (3 months ago)
@Blaise Marthins are they free or we have to pay for that classes
Bright Edward (3 months ago)
psiphonhackers.wordPress.com did a bank transfer of $20,000 to my account and it was so fast.
Vimmy Patel (3 months ago)
Sir forex trending 24 hours possible
nagesh soni (3 months ago)
good teaching experience
Derska (3 months ago)
@nagesh soni Are you his student?
Dylan - (3 months ago)
Best 💯 legit get rich quick scheme made £89,937,202 from trade
EmoTi.on.s (1 month ago)
@Dylan - 😂😂😂😂
Potential Pilot (3 months ago)
Dylan - (3 months ago)
@shaquille stuart if people believe I made 89£+ Millon on one trade they need a reality check buddy
Aamer Iqbal (3 months ago)
Like your sense of humor bro....Well done
Phong Nguyen (3 months ago)
You are trading on any floor, withdraw money quickly
Samath Eng (3 months ago)
Thank you pro
Blaise Marthins (3 months ago)
Join our tutorials class on whatsapp+12082612489 for step by step explanations
Spoiler Alert (3 months ago)
Me and my business colleagues use this trading strategy. This is one of the most profitable method. My friend are currently making £4000 per day by use this method and using FXstyles signals. Trust the process
okoh patrick (3 months ago)
Am on my way in going you
Jahborn DarkLight (3 months ago)
Is this legit and come u be from the states
Mohamuud Seef (3 months ago)
How I get your signals
Zaaratte Issam (3 months ago)
@ian_ragg why ??
ian_ragg (3 months ago)
Mohamuud Seef lmao you don‘t want them trust me
Joao business (3 months ago)
What pair is that?
ahmed abdul (3 months ago)
Wow thank you teacher but can i get a coppy signals which i will be profit
suham hamid (3 months ago)
Abowe are u a member and where are u from?
Mohamed Dahir (3 months ago)
@ahmed [email protected] instgram igala so xirir
ahmed abdul (3 months ago)
@Mohamed Dahir intee lagaala soo xiriiraa hee
Mohamed Dahir (3 months ago)
War kan fataale waaye 😂😂😂ila so xirir free signals
kailas patel (3 months ago)
sir can you share onr breakout and support and resistance strategy
wollywotsit (3 months ago)
How old is he, how long has he been trading. Has he always a millionaire
Flynn (3 months ago)
@Nasir Uddin Legend has it that he has been 23 his entire life
Nasir Uddin (3 months ago)
He's been 23 for 5 years if that helps
Antonio Frat (3 months ago)
Stop asking unnecessary questions and join his tutorials on whatsapp+12082612489
I am from india how to i trade
Azhi Anwar (3 months ago)
He is lying bro he is not millionaire he is not a good trader go for some one else
Zac Lo (3 months ago)
FxLifeStyle Forex (3 months ago)
This Forex Strategy Will Make You Rich this video is to help you learn some powerful forex strategies... this forex strategy can help you make GOOD money if you trade it right. I offer many different forex strategies in the course at fxlifestyle.com ... the forex strategies i teach have an average win rate of 75-85% ... and the strategies are the same ones that multi millionaire forex traders use. need good forex brokers ? min deposit only $10 - £10 : fxlifestyle.com/brokers
Farai Mandisvika (3 months ago)
which name desktop pc or anroild for download
FxLifeStyle Forex (3 months ago)
the software and brokers i use to trade are here : fxlifestyle.com/brokers
FxLifeStyle Forex (3 months ago)
the software and brokers i use to trade are here : fxlifestyle.com/brokers
Amir Smart (3 months ago)
Can u teach the best strategy?
Tiago trigueiros (3 months ago)
You curso em portugues????
Desi Terminator (3 months ago)
I want to start trading but I don't know what I can do.
lausbub1234 (3 months ago)
after this video you know what not to do
M A Alam (3 months ago)
Lot of asshole are scamming in your name. Someone i listen to say that you and he work together and after that looted many people
gamerAndrete (3 months ago)
Hola soy Andrés y tendrás curso en español
william fw (3 months ago)
Nicholas Allen (3 months ago)
D3r5k hi how are you ?
Nicholas Allen (3 months ago)
william fw hello

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