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Lots of Google Stuff! -Ask Dotto Tech 14

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On this episode of Ask Dotto Tech, we have some great questions and brilliant answers to many things Google apps. If you have found yourself struggling with any of the following: How to delete and avoid duplicate Gmail contacts? How to delete multiple Google photos at once? How to share Google photos? How to sync Google calendar to your desktop calendar? Here is the link to the Google Sync info: https://support.google.com/quickfixes/answer/6252390?hl=en This is the episode for you! Make sure to watch, check out the blog for more and share with your friends! Would you like to increase your productivity? Do you know how much time you spend being productive or not so productive? Today we are going to take a look at RescueTime. RescueTime is a powerful time management tool you install on your computer, it tracks and reports where and how you have spent your time online that day. RescueTime gives you an accurate picture of how you spend your time to help you become more productive every day. You may be shocked to see how productive your really are, or how much time you really lose to not so productive websites and activities. How do you think you will score? More about Dotto Tech Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... Check out Steve's excellent online free workshops: Learn to create videos just like Steve Screencasting Secrets - How to create awesome screencasts like Steve http://www.dottotech.com/screencastin... Do you want to learn more about EVERNOTE? Solving the Evernote Puzzle http://www.dottotech.com/sep-fb-july-... About Steve Steve Dotto is a longtime host and executive producer of Dotto Tech, Canada's longest-running nationally syndicated technology TV show. After 15 years on television, Steve now delivers his advice and how-to videos on YouTube. Every week we produce new videos that show how technology fits in your life covering all aspects of technology from a personal use perspective. Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, iPhone, apps, Gmail, Google drive, iPad tables all get covered. If you have suggestions for videos you would like to see, drop us a note at www.dottotech.com Book Steve to speak at your event, he is an outstanding keynote speaker. For more info: http://dottotech.com/content/speaking For more from Steve www.dottotech.com on Twitter @dottotech
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Text Comments (39)
PLANTONE (29 days ago)
Why did my 4k video on pixel 2 xl shot in landscape mode turn into portrait on Google photos? Also even though constantly on shooting it was broken into 11 minute videos for 30 minute shoot????
Games America (1 year ago)
would you kindly do a tutorial video on googlr voice? thank you steve
dottotech (1 year ago)
good suggestion!
Palesa Motanyane (2 years ago)
Help! I started using google calendar on my iphone 5 about two weeks ago. Now items get deleted from all versions of the calendar, doesn't matter where I add them (phone, macbook etc). I constantly have to retrieve them from the bin. If I add directly from the iphone app, the don't seem to sync with anything else. According to Google, this is an IOS problem. I don't care who's fault it is, I need it fixed. Please!
dottotech (2 years ago)
+Pale Mota I would say the google support foum will be your best place to find a solution, it is outside of my experience. https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!forum/drive
Glen Reitz (2 years ago)
Thank you Steve!
Glen Reitz (2 years ago)
Steve, How do you create your newsletters for Dotto Tech Apps Wednesdays, various webinars, etc? Do you use a service similar to Mail Chimp or do you created them yourself? Btw, they are always have a very sharp and professional appearance. Thanks, Glen
dottotech (2 years ago)
+Glen Reitz I use InfusionSoft for my list management, and we just try and keep the format simple. Thanks Glen!
Jason Cole (2 years ago)
Great Steve as always!
NT (2 years ago)
@Dottotech Sir I am your big fan as i love gadgets,automation and integrating multiple apps to make life easier. However, having so many apps(My favs: Todoist,Evernote,GMAIL,Google Calendar &EasilyDo),still unable to keep track events and todo tasks as none of them provide one interface to track both Events and Tasks. Also there is no Pop Up Reminders or Voice Reminders for these events/todo tasks. Could you please share if any such solution out there...to see both events/tasks(could be todoist/gmail etc.,) under one interface and getting pop up /Voice Reminders. Your help will be much appreciated
Bob Taylor (2 years ago)
Thanks Steve, another great video.
Karano Parakh (2 years ago)
Hi Steve. Is there any way to transfer WhatsApp chats from your old android phone to an iPhone (new)? I've looked for a solution everywhere but they say that WhatsApp chats are backed up on Google drive but it's not possible to transfer them from the google drive to iCloud and hence transfer of WhatsApp messages is possible from one android phone to another but not from an android to an iPhone
dottotech (2 years ago)
+Karano Parakh try and copy it from Drive onto iCloud. That would be my only suggestion.
Ethan Jerry Mings (2 years ago)
Fantastic. Thanks for a great video.
Jon Scooter Turner (2 years ago)
I'd love to be able to use the Chrome browser on my Mac, but, no matter what I do, every time I open Chrome a continuous stream of old extensions try to reload and new extensions I install do not appear. I delete the old extensions, but when I reopen, they all try to install again. The only way to use Chrome is to NEVER close it after you get everything set the way you want it. What gives?
Christian De Vos (2 years ago)
Hi, Steve, you have forgotten ADT #13? :)) Or did I didn't find it?
dottotech (2 years ago)
+Christian De Vos LOL they are bad luck! Actually I just had a brain fart and mislabled 14
ganbaatar damiran (2 years ago)
how to filter and prevent same tweets /of repeated/ on twitter, because tweets about same meaning on timeline is boring tnx
dottotech (2 years ago)
+ganbaatar damiran What a great question, or feature, I don't know who does that but let e look into it.
Ron Ploude (2 years ago)
After installing and setting up Google Apps Sync on my computer successfully, I received an error that says, "Google Apps Sync is only available for Google Apps for Business and Google Apps for Education accounts. Free Gmail accounts are not supported." Dottotech, is there another outlook to google syncing program that will work with free gmail accounts?
Ron Ploude (2 years ago)
+dottotech Thanks! The link gave some paid alternatives as well as a free one called Calendar Sync. There is a paid version of Calendar Synce that has greater capabilities; but the free version met my needs.
dottotech (2 years ago)
+Ron Ploude This might help http://www.pcadvisor.co.uk/how-to/software/how-sync-google-outlook-calendars-3500196/
Gil Michelini (2 years ago)
Thank you for the info on Google Contacts!!
Michael Colynuck (2 years ago)
Didn't find the link in the description on the document you mentioned regarding outlook and google contacts.
dottotech (2 years ago)
+dottotech https://support.google.com/quickfixes/answer/6252390?hl=en
dottotech (2 years ago)
+Michael Colynuck We will fix that!
David Popowich (2 years ago)
Thanks for all your work on this channel and the very useful information provided! I have been using Blockless at your prompting and have had no problem with this service,,,,,, but I am concerned with news that Netflix will be trying to block access for Canadians to US Netflix. Will Blockless protect me for this action?
BrutalSwede (2 years ago)
Final episode of Growing your channel to 100k coming? Congrats on 100k
dottotech (2 years ago)
+BrutalSwede It is I am SO behind on that blog....
Brian Levinsen (2 years ago)
New contacts are not available with Google Apps.
Brian Levinsen (2 years ago)
+dottotech https://support.google.com/mail/answer/6164066?hl=en "If you use Google with a work or school email address (or a personal address that doesn’t end in @gmail.com or @googlemail.com), you won’t see the Contacts preview just yet. We’re working on adding some additional features for you, and plan to launch the Contacts preview for all our users soon." So only if you use a standard Google account, and not a Google Apps account.
dottotech (2 years ago)
+Brian Levinsen (Eldaria) I am notsure what you mean Brian, I have them....
quatie (2 years ago)
Also I can't share an album us Google Photos with my wife, but I can do it with other people and so can she, any ideas?
quatie (2 years ago)
+dottotech Yes she does
dottotech (2 years ago)
+quatie Does she have a google acount?
James Kappel (2 years ago)
Did I do something wrong? After I loaded and signed into received following message “Authorization has been granted successfully. Please switch to your application”. and “error signing in – Goggle Apps is only available for Business Apps and Google Apps for Educational accounts. Free Google accounts are not supported” Google app fixes Can I use outlook with my google app email https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gappssync [email protected]
calicops951 (2 years ago)
I have a Picasa account, and there is a feature I really appreciate. I can give someone access to my photos and ALSO later remove them from being able to see them. Is that feature available when you establish a link to a photo you have made in Google Photos? Will that person always have the ability to go back and have access to that photo, or can you eventually deny them access at a later time. Thank you Johnny Rotten
calicops951 (2 years ago)
+dottotech Thank you sir, I am a big fan of your show! I was hoping you could also include if that paradigm can be posed for links in Dropbox?
dottotech (2 years ago)
+calicops951 Great questions, I am researching and will include the answer in an upcoming Ask Dotto Tech!

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