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Berkley Inshore Rods

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Blanks and components designed for the rigors of salt water environments. Utilizing 100% carbon fiber blanks, Fuji guides, durable rubberized cork handles and an ergonomically shaped reel seat for maximum control and minimum fatigue.
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Dash Dicksion (6 months ago)
I've ordered a 7' medium light spinning. What size reel do you think I should get for it? I'm thinking 2500 but im not sure
Dan Padovani (7 months ago)
Greatest rod for the money hands down. Not even close
Jerry Tvong27 (2 years ago)
i love the rod! i bought 7'9 medium heavy action i thought it would be too much of a back bone and i should have got just a medium instead but the spinning rod feel good i caught all types of fish with the inshore rod on freshwater and saltwater. Guarantee for the price of the rod being $59.99 it hold up better than my other expenses rod i own and rod is sensitive you can feel everything. Highly recommend to have in yall fishing pole collection. OH and also it a ONE Piece rod
Dan Padovani (9 months ago)
Jerry Tvong27 I’m trying to decide between the medium or medium heavy 7’6. How does the MH feel when fighting smaller fish?
ike hall (2 years ago)
is this a 5000 size penn fierce? I'm trying to judge what size reel to put on mine
InnerCityBassin (3 years ago)
Were these rods ever tested out here on the West Coast?
Krazlus Games (2 years ago)
+InnerCityBassin I'm thinking about picking up a berkley rod just not sure which one yet i live on the east coast an i fish for whiting, redfish, an bluefish so i hope they hold up

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