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How to rig a Shad Jig/swimbait - Basic angling tips

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Your guide to rigging a Shad/swimbait on a jighead - and tips for using shads on a single hook and in a texas style rig as well. This is the first video in a series of angling tips all made with up-close photography and easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions :0)
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Joe Duca (1 year ago)
Hey Michael, great intro! Try hooking them through the side instead of the back, slows the drop rate a little bit with the flat side of the bait. As a bonus, you can use a smaller hooked jig, less plastic side to side, frees up more hook gape. That saved the day for me one night in the fall fishing for walleye and smallmouth bass. My baits were dropping too fast in the weeds and the hooks on my lighter weight jigs were too small for a good hook set. So I rigged the baits through the side, all the "taps" I felt became solid hook sets after that. Think I'm going to enjoy you new format, thanks! 👍😎
Joe Duca (1 year ago)
Michael Jensen Amen to that!
Michael Jensen (1 year ago)
Thanks for the input my friend. Great tip to have up your sleve - when things get tricky. I really like playing around with different head weights and head shapes as well. The cool thing about jig fishing is... you make up the rules as you go... and you can make a jig swim in so many interesting ways :0)

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