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Google Calendar Tips

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5 tips that will make you more efficient and productive using Google Calendar. With Steve Dotto Subscribe to all the Dotto Tech Videos http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dottotech Visit the Dotto Tech YouTube Channel Page for all our videos, plus other videos we think you will like. http://www.youtube.com/dottotech Follow us on: Twitter http://twitter.com/#!/dottotech Google + http://plus.google.com/112407914353793490322 Or Visit our homepage at http://www.dottotech.com for Steve's weekly radio show, and more.
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Text Comments (39)
maher ahmed (1 year ago)
Hello, I want to ask you how can I share my google calendar with non g mail users
Yash Oswal (1 year ago)
how can i set a reminder for another person via google calendar or any other app?
dottotech (1 year ago)
You can't
Gus Oliver (1 year ago)
hi, how did you get the top bar showing: search, images, maps, play, youtube, new, gmail, drive calendar along the top of the screen please? Thanks!
Jama Eddleman (2 years ago)
I am working on becoming a Google Certified Trainer and taking the Trainer Essentials Exams. I have to retake Calendars because many of the questions on the test are outdated. So, I started watching your videos and tying together the older versions and newer versions to see what I was missing in this test. (I would try the answers listed as multiple choice and many times more than one answer worked or none worked and you had to pick 1, so going back to some earlier behavior is really helping me). Thanks!
Navneet Joshi (3 years ago)
I became successful in importing calendar, but encountered a problem. 1) I created "Calendar 1" in YELLOW colour. Created some events in that calendar which BY DEFAULT acquired YELLOW colour. 2) I created "Calendar 2" in RED colour. Created some events in that calendar which BY DEFAULT acquired RED colour. 3) Then I imported Calendar 1 in Calendar 2 due to which all events in Calendar 1 were copied into Calendar 2. But such copied events which were originally YELLOW coloured got changed to RED colour i.e. they acquired the colour of destination calendar rather than retaining their original colour of source calendar. How could this happen?
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Navneet Joshi This is a perfect question for the Google forum, sorry to pass the buck but it is beyond my why this sort of stuff happens, but take heart, it is NOT just you!  try here! https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!forum/calendar
Edie The Salsa FREAK!! (3 years ago)
Half this video is out-of-date... do you have an update for 2014?  Love your work BTW.  
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Edie Williams Yep, probably time for an update, it is on the list!
Sergio Matta (3 years ago)
Is there a way to use it with Evernote? Thank you!!
Sergio Matta (3 years ago)
Thank you very much for your reply.
dottotech (3 years ago)
+Sergio Matta Yep, you can send dates to Google Cal through +taskclone 
truthseekers666 (3 years ago)
You need to amend this because Calendar 5 on Android just became horrible and lost pinch to zoom and now is so bad that lots of people are uninstalling it because its not fit for purpose and too hard to use.
dottotech (3 years ago)
+truthseekers666 I have several newer demos that cover much of this content, 
saevaroa (4 years ago)
I just want to sync my calenders on my Samsung tab 3 with my pc google calender. It is not working and no one is showing me anything I need. Where is the power of this bloody internet now.
dottotech (4 years ago)
+saevaroa Glad to hear it!
saevaroa (4 years ago)
I was able to do it and it looks like it works fine now.
dottotech (4 years ago)
Calendar sync can be very frustrating +saevaroa All I can offer is work out from google calendar, use it as a base, then sync your PC and phone to that calendar
Bryan Sillman (4 years ago)
This question is about the relationship between Android and Google Calendar. When your data is loaded into Google Calendar, and synced with the phone, the phone apps prevent you from accessing data beyond one year of today. To go beyond this, you need to open a browser and navigate there. Why is this?  When/will Google ever resolve or expand this limitation to include everything? On Palm, I could access anything from any year, extremely fast.  That kind of power, kept me extremely productive.  It bothers me, that even though we went forward, were still behind. Appreciate it... Bryan
Bryan Sillman (4 years ago)
Thank you for your honest feedback.  This concern has worried me for quite some while. Even a couple of "professional developers" tried to blind me with "fog" whenever the subject came up. Today, I contacted Google Play's customer support and tech line.  I explained all of this in detail. The first concern was about removing the limitation.  The second suggestion, was offering the option to sync between a lower and upper date range.  That way, devices with limited memory sensitives would still be OK. My final suggestion, was to offer the option of syncing everything to the SD Card (they get bigger and bigger each day). To my surprise, they admitted that it sounded like a concern.  They listened to every work I said, documented it, and sent it up to the higher managers. It's my highest hope that they will get rolling on this, and patch this limitation in time... Just sharing this to the world.  Take Care & Happy Androiding!
dottotech (4 years ago)
You have me +Bryan Stillman I have no idea, perhaps another of our viewers knows.
workonyourbiznotinit (4 years ago)
Thanks Steve...this is great help ! 
dottotech (4 years ago)
Glad to hear it!
Shane Phillips (4 years ago)
i use gtasks on my S4. it synces great with google calendar
Francine Hoddy (4 years ago)
Thank you so much.  I have learned more in 20 mins watching you than in a week of reading books and pop ups on my new phone.
fightdirector (4 years ago)
Nice one Steve. Very useful!
John Owens (4 years ago)
very good
Frances Listou CPE (4 years ago)
Good tips that I use. Steve, one point on inviting. Google doesn't allow us to merge (but only forward) all our gmail accounts. If an invite is sent to a forwarded gmail address it will not appear and it tells you so. The invite has to be sent to the calendar e-address which I don't use except for Google to forward my current e-address. The only way around this, I think, is to have my old address used...defeating the purpose. Any ideas?  With your power can you ask Google to merge accounts? ;)
haks world (4 years ago)
i use doodle. its much better :)
oullolev (5 years ago)
Amazing video! I had no idea I had such an amazing app set up on my phone until i saw this tutorial!
Anil Thomas (5 years ago)
good Job!!!
Kimberly Kinney-Lara (5 years ago)
Steve, I have been working for weeks to try and set up a calendar that several of us at work can share. Bottom line....we cannot seem to get it to work. We are using Google Calendar and keep getting an error message that reads something about the one time calendar access transfer key is invalid. We get this the first time we open it. Do you have any idea what this might be and how we can fix it??? Help!
Brian (5 years ago)
Good info about Tasks. Thanks!
Shane Phillips (5 years ago)
i wish google cal had a way to understand natural language like fantastical for mac and iphone
PADcentral (5 years ago)
Great video! We use google cal but you definitely taught us how to use it even more effectively!! THANKS!
Shane Phillips (6 years ago)
@Greg Viner My mom and I are the only ones that use web calenders my dad still uses a paper calender. Which sucks because I have to write my cal in google calender and also on are paper calender. My mom uses the outlook cal for work but not personal stuff still uses the paper cal for that
Shane Phillips (6 years ago)
If u want to view yout tasks on your mobile use the desktop calender not the mobile version. That way u can create tasks on your mobilr
crottc (6 years ago)
cool video. but 8 minutes long?? ... and it takes 2 minutes to get to the first useful bit of information? TOO MUCH TALK .
Luc Champagne (6 years ago)
Great tips, thanks.

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