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Welcome to the Harvard Innovation Lab!

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The Harvard innovation lab is a new and innovative initiative fostering team-based and entrepreneurial activities and deepening interactions among Harvard students, faculty, entrepreneurs, and members of the Allston and greater Boston community. Here, the i-lab's advisory board welcomes you to the i-lab! Learn more about the Harvard Innovation Lab at http://i-lab.harvard.edu/ and follow us on Twitter athttp://twitter.com/innovationlab and like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/harvardinnovationlab
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Rishi Talati (4 years ago)
Man, the song in this video was neat, anyone know what it's called? 
Greg Van Alstyne (6 years ago)
I love the student-centered stance and interdisciplinary commitment. We founded a like-minded community at OCAD University in Toronto... i-lab please meet sLab (Strategic Innovation Lab) -- please Google us ;-)
Claudia Cordero (6 years ago)
Great Ideas to Change the World! :)

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