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Evernote vs OneNote Follow Up Q&A - ADT 28

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A little buzz was heard from our recent video discussing the differences between Evernote and OneNote. So much so that we here at DottoTech thought it wise to cover some of the predominate questions that were presented by you the viewers of the channel. -We revisit the search functionality of both. -Talk about the camera capabilities. -Cover some of the add-on's available for OneNote through Microsoft. Evernote vs OneNote Enjoy the video and hopefully it offers a bit more clarification on some key features. http://www.onenotegem.com/document/onenote-speech-recognition-to-text https://getonetastic.com/ More about Dotto Tech Click here to subscribe to our YouTube Channel! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=dottotech Check out Steve's excellent online free workshops: Learn to create videos just like Steve Screencasting Secrets - How to create awesome screencasts like Steve http://www.dottotech.com/screencastin... Do you want to learn more about EVERNOTE? Solving the Evernote Puzzle http://www.dottotech.com/sep-fb-july-... About Steve Steve Dotto is a longtime host and executive producer of Dotto Tech, Canada's longest-running nationally syndicated technology TV show. After 15 years on television, Steve now delivers his advice and how-to videos on YouTube. Every week we produce new videos which show how technology fits in your life covering all aspects of technology from a personal use perspective. Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, iPhone, apps, Gmail, Google drive, iPad tables all get covered. If you have suggestions for videos you would like to see, drop us a note at www.dottotech.com Book Steve to speak at your event, he is an outstanding keynote speaker. For more info: http://dottotech.com/content/speaking For more from Steve www.dottotech.com on Twitter @dottotech
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Text Comments (111)
I primarily use OneNote to organize my files, but I want to share them and be able to take things directly from the web, then should I switch to EverNote? (If yes which plan should I buy?)
Pauline Mundt (5 months ago)
Can you access OneNote pages offline? I understand that is the big difference between EN and ON. I don't have a lot of data on my phone (Canadian problems,) so I want to be able to view some off my notes that I make to try to organize my life when I do not have access to wifi.
Hamza Umar (2 months ago)
Swagata Chandana Mandal (6 months ago)
What's the best note taking app for Apple ecosystem? Evernote or Onenote?
dottotech (6 months ago)
I am an Evernote fan,
Swagata Chandana Mandal (6 months ago)
Evernote should have note locking feature.
dottotech (6 months ago)
John Capizola (6 months ago)
I just caught up with you about two weeks ago. And I'm glad that I did. Very insightful and well presented. Thanks, Cappy.
don frank (7 months ago)
Sharing a page in OneNote depends on the operating system. You can force a share by screen capturing in a long screen capture app and stitch it together. I use Long shot.Then you can share it. Nougat shares the page but only in PDF form.
dottotech (7 months ago)
Great info, thanks for sharing!
Reba Gordon Matthews (9 months ago)
Thanks for this followup video and i am PC loving user, but I am still more impressed with Evernote. As i heard of the awesome additional notes about One ote, most of them appear to be add-ons and integration tool or require so e steps. Don't want to do that. So again, Evernote wins hands down. Thanks again Steve.
John Seeley (10 months ago)
you really are a great teacher, thanks
Mick Nealeigh (10 months ago)
I found this video (and the original comparison video) very late in the  game, but found it very interesting.  Great idea to do the follow-up video - showed good objectivity (essential to good comparisons).  I've used OneNote extensively for 12 years, couldn't imagine changing.  But, that's also important -- to be efficient/effective, you must learn to use the tool *thoroughly*, all of the features, shart-cuts, etc!  Once you're hooked, it *should* be hard to switch to a competitive product.
This Old Jew (10 months ago)
subscribed as I'm trying to get into documenting my life routines better.
Mr. Jahrami (1 year ago)
I'm still not sure which note taking app to use. I have like tons of notes and from time to time I move from an app to another.
William Ahn (11 months ago)
I have the same problem just bought tab s3 still doing research on which app to use to organise my life
dottotech (1 year ago)
I hear you, I am still an Evernote guy
Eddie Garza (1 year ago)
I have been using oneNote extensively for the past 3yrs and the MAJOR downfall is how it syncs. I use the desktop app for mac, windows10, and for mobile. If you have the desktop app open and someone that is linked to any notebook in the account and makes changes, is where it completely blows up and either takes forever to sync, or it errors out and doesn't sync at all. So I have to track down the person who made a change within the sea of notebooks, have them close the app/notebook/desktop app/copy and paste to a new section/login to the webapp/CTRL c/v complete notebooks to new notebooks then delete original in onedrive/or a combo of all, in order for the program to sync again. I am totally done with this crap and it is costing me time(money){} when working with employees and clients. DONE.
Ron McCain (1 year ago)
Sorry to be late but i just found this. OneNote has some kind of funny tags but one can add any tag one wants and can rename the existing ones. With color and hightlighted. You are not limited to the few suggested tags as you indicated.
Paul Thompson (1 year ago)
Comparing free OneNote versus paid Evernote? The searching in the full Evernote with Office has much more features. Cannot comment on the Mac version as I have only used it on Windows ( and also Linux via web). Great couple of videos. Well done and thanks. Disappointing the higher pricing of Evernote which is a factor for me, sadly. Can use the Text-To-Speech with Android though manually.
Shane Boaden (1 year ago)
the one thing that has steered me away from one note for mac was last night i was exporting a one note document to pdf and what i found was that when i printed my 4 page document it ended up turning it into around 6 pages because the page layout was all messed up. what it did was it took a portion of the right hand side of a page and chopped it up and made it into a second page that right hand portion of the previous page. from what i had googled around different forums is that there is no page layout setup on the mac version only on the pc version. people were saying to set up a default note size like letter and then saving it to use each time so that it would print at the correct size. people said that the mac version of one note lacked this featured and i couldn't find it at all after much searching on the desktop and web versions of the app. does anyone have a solution ?
Spencer Brown (1 year ago)
Shane Boaden dunno about your specific issue, but in general you might want to try Outline (outline.ws). It's a native MacOSX note application compatible with one other.
jamezzz56 (1 year ago)
Wonderful videos comparing OneNote and Evernote! I was a little surprised that there wasn't more discussion on OneNotes tag features. Tags are very different beasts in each of these apps, but what I like about OneNotes tags is that I can tag specific text within a note, not just the note itself. Then you can very quickly locate your tags of interest using Find Tags which groups tags by various criteria, can show tags across all notebooks or specific notebooks and can even Create Summary Page containing the tagged information. Also, you can create your own tags, associate various icons with them and even associate behaviors with those tags such as having it highlight that section of text that's been tagged. All very powerful features that help locate notes and even specific text within notes.
dottotech (1 year ago)
Thanks for the feedback.
Virmay Alcoseba (1 year ago)
Another wonderful aspect on the person of Steve Dotto is that never a dull moment when he discuss issues about computers. Yes, he speak very fast yet the words spoken are very clear. I bet your a newscaster and if not then CNN should hire as Mr Computer Man. I just would like to emphasize this because it makes your lectures easy to comprehend. Again, more power to Mr Steve Dotto.
dottotech (1 year ago)
Thank you so much, mr. computer man that has a nice ring to it
Virmay Alcoseba (1 year ago)
I am very happy today to discover a very generous guy named Steve Dotto. I admit I am a computer moron and I am so frustrated manipulating my computer to no avail. But, now I can rely on Steve Dotto to help me out improve my knowledge from little to vast. I salute him for genuinely sharing his thorough knowledge about computers and help morons like me improve their skills and hopefully become computer savvy. More power and more blessings in exchange for your generosity. Please continue to share more of your knowledge to us.
dottotech (1 year ago)
I appreciate that! thanks!
Steve Fernandes (2 years ago)
The best feature between them is, One Note is Free!!
Ely Ramirez (2 years ago)
Hi Steve, good to see you apple or pc window ambient, i dont know what to buy??? its for me for my online class video, editing video, whats is your recommendation?
dottotech (2 years ago)
I am a Mac guy for video, but I have not used a PC for video in several years. I use Screenflow as a video editor and for Screencasting
Shawn Douglas (2 years ago)
I am getting all nostalgic here.  Remember catching your show on TV now and again years ago.  Love you personality, voice, quality video, and great  info.  Very professional and entertaining.  Now that I found your channel I will be tuning in.  Thanks.
dottotech (2 years ago)
I am glad we got to re-connect! Thanks Shawn!
Daniel Ortego (2 years ago)
Very helpful and entertaining. I just recently started using OneNote as part of office 365 so my only comparison was with Apples own pithy Notes. Not sure that I would use either one to the extent of professional use but I am a database guru so Evernote now looks very appealing. I made most of my strides in my working career for being able to find things quickly.
Daniel Ortego (2 years ago)
You sold me! I purchased the premium version of Evernote yesterday, and they had a whopping first-year offer, and I simply couldn't refuse. I love using it with Dragon Anywhere! I also use Grammarly so with all three combined, it really helps. I am now an avid fan and will begin to follow you starting today so thanks again!!!
dottotech (2 years ago)
That is what we are here for!
Mike Bramson (2 years ago)
how do you feel about the stylus on Ipad Pro with evernote?
dottotech (2 years ago)
I imagine they are a great combo, but I have not used it yet.
Scott Pleasants (2 years ago)
Apple should consider purchasing Evernote before Microsoft does😀
dottotech (2 years ago)
I doubt Microsoft is interested.
Archibald Schaffer (2 years ago)
I have a small restaurant chain in Arkansas and I am trying to create a system for all my managers to send me daily info and help me communicate easier with them. Evernote vs One Note on this aspect? I have Office 365, so it's free for One Note, but which system is easiest for multiple users and how to have each store or manager log in to and log on each system. My head is kinda swimming after watching several of your videos and I am leaning toward One Note but I use an iphone and Evernote is better with OS. Help please. CHeers.
Michael Dames (2 years ago)
Hi Steve, my experience with the Evernote Clipper is not the best. I very often get corrupted Clips on my Macbook. I get the best results with the snapshot option, but that allows not to clip more than I see on the actual screen. B U T (and normally I am not a microsoft supporter) I always get very good results with the Onenote Clipper. So, the only difference thats counts for me is the missing ability of tagging (labeling) the notes in Onenote. When Microsoft introduces this feature for the Mac version I will completely switch to Onenote.
dottotech (2 years ago)
Interesting, I have never had corrupted clips. I wonder if it could be a memory issue. I don't expect OneNote to ever have the same sort of tagging,
Kla us (2 years ago)
inline graphics in OneNote aren't fun because they are fixed and not following with the text. So, if you mix text and handwritten notes you may loose the context if you enter new text on top of your existing text. Much better in Evernote.
dottotech (2 years ago)
Interesting point. Thanks!
Bas van Laarhoven (2 years ago)
steve you da man!!! thnx
mikethelma (2 years ago)
Steve: love the concise comparison and mostly agree. I was a One Note user some years ago and left because it was so buggy. Then they started charging for the bugs. To my point: if you continue to follow up, please distinguish between the iOS and Android versions. While Evernote has always sold itself as cross-platform, the implementations can be VERY different. In general, EN is an iOS product. Things such as Penultimate are iOS ONLY products. Some of the Moleskine related functions, while exciting, fall flat when the Android users find that they are out of luck. Related to that, the way that the product works can vary considerably between platforms. I've created notes on a Windows computer and could not edit them on my Android phone. I remain frustrated by the approach to development. I really don't want them changing the UI when the functionality is ignored. Thanks again.
K. C. (2 years ago)
Did you ever try Google Keep? I searched your channel didn't find any video for it. Keep have a vary powerful search, and the UI just so so so much better than Evernote (IMO of course. I used to love their Mac version's UI, and never understand those new UI decisions). I moved from Evernote to OneNote and now to Keep, Keep is my favorite. Love to hear your opinion on it. Thanks for the videos.
dottotech (2 years ago)
thanks KC, no I have not done a feature on Keep, but it is on the shortlist.
Tod Maffin (2 years ago)
This guy is a Canadian. (Am I doing this right?)
dottotech (2 years ago)
LOL he is trying (and failing) ti make it into my "comments of the week" where I post the most humorous or insulting comments from this channel on my Facebook account.
Luísa Mano (2 years ago)
And? What's that suppose to mean?
Patrick Olson (2 years ago)
I have a few questions for future Ask Dottotech session. First, I recently switched organizational emails to a professional gmail email address and had a problem creating new Google contacts. After emailing a large list of individuals, only 7 of them were added to Google Contacts due to the requirement to add people and not just email addresses (which may not have a Google account). Is there a way to get around this? Second, is there a way to make a Google Calendar where you simply X off a day either for a countdown or counting how many days you, for example, get to the gym. Lastly, now that there isn't a Sunrise calendar app for iPhone, which calendar apps would you recommend including a free option?
Patrick Olson (2 years ago)
You can import contacts from several other email accounts such as Outlook, Yahoo, and so forth, but there is not an option to directly import contacts from another Google account.
dottotech (2 years ago)
For Google contacts can you not export your old contact list and import it into your new one? Calendar does not have a checkbox feature, but f you search for the event you may see a lost of the times it happened. I am just using Google cal.
Jerome Greene (2 years ago)
How about "Google Keep" ?
dottotech (2 years ago)
I am looking into it
Ilya Nice (2 years ago)
Evernote has risen Plus and Premium prices? Plus was about $11-12 per year and now the offer almost $35!! Outragous!! Way to expensive for some countries ((((
Thinus Rautenbach (2 years ago)
Hi Steve. Great reviews as always. Would you mind commenting on how you find the synchronisation of OneNote. My experience is that it takes long to sync especially across platforms and being someone that is in and out of the office allot I prefer Evernote for the reason that it syncs much quicker. I use OneNote for stuff that I want to file in chronological order and maybe access once in a blue moon and stuff that I just want on my PC, for my day to day notes, ideas and doodles I prefer Evernote.
dottotech (2 years ago)
Sync speed does seem a bit on the slow side.
mohdmashi (2 years ago)
have a look at Google keep I used one note and Evernote before but I found that Google keep better than both of them
Thinus Rautenbach (2 years ago)
Would you mind sharing what you like so much. I tried it and it doesn't work for me at all.
Mikael Ragnarsson (2 years ago)
In Evernote it is possible to move around you're handwritten notes (08:53 into the video you say it´s not). You have a tool (looks like a dashed square) with wich to markup you're drawing and move any way you want. I've used Evernote since 2010, and use it on my Note 3 - love it!
dottotech (2 years ago)
You can move it up or down on the page but it is inline, not like in onenote where the page is a canvas.
SR DJR (2 years ago)
Question: How do Evernote and Google Drive work together now? I haven't been able to find any information on that.
SR DJR (2 years ago)
+dottotech A pop up on the Android app asked if I wanted to link them. I haven't been able to find any information on what you can do once they are linked.
dottotech (2 years ago)
How do you want them to work together?
Ray Bright (2 years ago)
I don't believe you have touched on accessing notes when you don't have network access e.g. when traveling away from home office like in a plane. Not possible with free version of Evernote
dottotech (2 years ago)
matthew s (2 years ago)
a Microsoft move app, https://youtu.be/TZZae5NKcPM
William T (2 years ago)
How do I share a file from Dropbox to Twitter, FB, IG?! Thanks
Othni Morales (2 years ago)
Good idea to do a follow-up. It shows your responsiveness to comments. Thank you.
MtPitt 60 (2 years ago)
Steve - I am an Evernote fanatic but also try to give everyone their fair shake - so after your recent videos, I tried something with OneNote (ON) I found a product package from a recent purchase and took an image with my Samsung Note 4 directly into ON app. Then I went to my PC, into the OneNote 2016 app, and I right clicked on the image (that is now in my ON account synced from my phone). There i Found an option was "Copy text from Picture". Whaaaatttt...? While it wasn't 100% accurate it still worked amazingly!!! The product packaging contained both English and Spanish and Microsoft did a pretty good job with the Spanish and was spot on with the English! All from the single photo...
dottotech (2 years ago)
So cool, I need to try that!
Chris Pistocco (2 years ago)
Love the longer videos.
Iain Murray (2 years ago)
Evernote managed to ruin Penultimate about 18 months ago, but vast improvements have been made. Does that not fulfil the wish to write anywhere on the page as One Note does? (Penultimate review on the show at some point?) Also, if bolt on apps are being mentioned, I absolutely love Skitch!
dottotech (2 years ago)
I will look more into Penultimate. And I agree Skitch is one of my Go-To apps!
Christian De Vos (2 years ago)
There is one big problem with Evernote (and OneNote?): it is impossible to make a note, a notebook or even the whole Evernote app private and secured by a password. I know that you know it, Steve, but you didn't mention it in your video (I think). For that kind of notes (they are few but I want to keep them private) I use the free app GNotes (with a simple but beautiful layout + webclipper ); the same company also has made a free task manager app GTasks (with a link to my Gmail agenda). Very cool. I wanted you all to know about this. And thanks again to Steve for the helpful vid's.
Rob Channing (2 years ago)
It is possible to password protect a section in OneNote by right clicking the tab in question and selecting 'Password protect this section".
don town (2 years ago)
After I installed Evernote, a new button showed up automatically in MS Outlook called 'Save to Evernote' in the Home ribbon. How cool is that! Great videos you're producing BTW. On another note(pun) I remember doing an early form of e-mail back in 1969 while @ high school (Eric Hamber). They set up a telex machine connected to an acoustic modem (remember those?) & communicated with SFU. This not only pre-dated the Internet, it pre-dated ARPANET. I guess we were Alpha-testers!?
Paw Paw (2 years ago)
Thanks for the excellent ON vs. EVN video and the followup video. You nicely pointed out the note taking capability of One Note using a stylus on your Samsung phone but failed to mention stylus input with the new iPad Pro. I use the Apple Pencil with my 9.7" iPad Pro (the smaller of the two versions). In a word, it's awesome! You can make entries with the stylus ("Pencil") anywhere on the page. As a retired professional, now returned to my student role taking online and classroom-type courses, I find the note taking capability of OneNote superb. Many, if not most, of the instructors provide class notes in PDF format. OneNote's ability to annotate existing PDF files is a must-have feature for students who like to take notes directly on the instructor''s notes or handouts. Over the last several months updates to OneNote have improved support for Apple's Pencil. Now OneNote works flawlessly with the Pencil, including virtually perfect palm-rejection and excellent text recognition for your handwritten entries. Typed-in entries work perfectly, also, particularly with the Apple keyboard cover. Frankly, I could never warm up to Evernote as a classroom note-taking tool. I just can't say enough good things about using OneNote for note taking in the classroom or with online video courses using either stylus or keyboard entry on the iPad Pro. I should also mention voice recording and camera input. Equally good for note taking is the Notability app - I use that also, almost interchangeably with OneNote. I appreciate your need for search and extracting data from a large data base. Evernote may offer an advantage with its search for tags feature. For those students who spend more time taking notes and entering the data, OneNote has an equally powerful advantage. Your needs will determine which works best. Thanks again!
Andi Meyer (2 years ago)
Thank's for two great videos about Evernote and OneNote. I am using Evernote, but on my Surfae Pro I really miss the hand writing and editing funcionality of OneNote, and it never worked out for me to split my notes between the two platforms. Your videos triggered the idea: Why not attache a OneNote Notebook/Section/Page to Evernote? The following solution seems to work, but is not really tested in every day work. 1. Creat a new local Notebook in OneNote and remeber where you saved it. 2. Open the folder with the Notebook files. 3. Attach the <Neuer Abschnitt 1.one> file to a Note in Evernote (drag and drop or using the paperclip in Evernote). I use the German version. The file name in the English version will probably be like <New Section 1.one>. 4. Double click the attachment, and the section opens in OneNote. 5. Edit the page in OneNote. You can add and rename pages, insert any elements (e.g. an Excel Table or a youtube video from dottotech), but do not add new sections or rename the section. 6. Close OneNote. 7. Sync Evernote. 8. View and edit the attachment on any other PC you use Evernote. If you want to rename the OneNote section, rename the attachment in Evernote. Evernote will not search the content of your attachment. But I did not expect it to. You cannot edit your attachment with the web interface of Evernote with.
dottotech (2 years ago)
Now that is a creative solution, thanks so much for sharing it!
Anthony Bowyer (2 years ago)
Hi Steve, great video as always. Evernote Premium will cost me £45 (UK) when my renewal comes up. Although I love Evernote and find it quicker and easier to use when mobile than Onenote. However if the price jumps again; I will have to switch to Onenote because it comes free with Office. Fingers crossed this price hike will keep Evernote on the straight and narrow. At this price point I can justify it; as it forms a core part of my business. But this is about the top price point for me. If Microsoft improves its Android and ios apps then I may have to think again.
Thinus Rautenbach (2 years ago)
I agree 100%. The only reason I prefer Evernote is because of the much better mobile app and screen clipper. If OneNote improves on those aspect I too will probably consider moving.
John Marshall (2 years ago)
OneNote has some great features that I wish Evernote offered. I like how we can drag and drop items onto a OneNote "page" and then move those items around freely on the page. In my humble, yet deadly accurate opinion, OneNote is not a replacement for Evernote. OneNote s for capturing my sloppy creative ideas, where as Evernote is where I store and organize project (and life) details, emails, documents, important stuff, etc. As for switching to another service because they raise the pricing... when did we become people that want everything for free? We all want to be paid as much as possible at our jobs, but never want to pay for things that we use.
Nazaki Minato (1 year ago)
bobzani ได้
bobzani (2 years ago)
Well said, the total package has Evernote clearly the best.
dottotech (2 years ago)
As usual, bang on John!
Christian De Vos (2 years ago)
Hi Steve, again very useful videos on Evernote and OneNote. I used OneNote a long tim ago and I migrated to Evernote because of a lot of positive vid's on YouTube, especially from you. I still use Evernote Premium and I won't change that because of the strong search engine within Evernote. I don't use a lot of notebooks and even very few tags, but I find everything very quickly and that is the most important thing in this case of notebooks. This morning I looked at my notebooks in OneNote (I still have them on my Mac) and I tried to search for a note with the word 'Oostmeers' (=name of a street); result: "no results"! So, for me it is very clear: I will use Evernote als long as I can...
dottotech (2 years ago)
Thanks Christian, appreciate you taking the time to share!
Eetu Lähteenmäki (2 years ago)
Great video Steve! I appreciate that you took the time to respond to all those comments including mine :)
dottotech (2 years ago)
Thanks for the great comment! Makes my job easy!
Tracy Thomason (2 years ago)
My office is a Microsoft world. I might give OneNote another try. I used to be a OneNote devotee, but switched full time to Evernote - in part due to your videos. Splitting work and personal across OneNote and Evernote might give me a chance to really compare and contrast both. Thanks again for all the great videos.
dottotech (2 years ago)
I am looking forward to your opinion after using both for a while!
Clifford Ruhlman (2 years ago)
I was hoping someone had said something about the Note 5's ability to add shortcuts to its S pen air command menu that you can have appear whenever you remove the stylus. I, of course have added Evernote! Thus, I can quickly pull up a new hand written note from anywhere. Just thought you'd like to know about that. Thanks for the awesome videos!
dottotech (2 years ago)
Yep, the S pen is a pretty terrific tool. One of the real strength of the Note!
vrdgez (2 years ago)
Thank you, Steve. Very interesting information. I would like to comment on two additional features. I have been using both Evernote and One Note. There are two reasons I haven't moved totally from Evernote to OneNote: 1) Evernote lets you record audio while writing in the same note. OneNote does not. And 2) if I am right, OneNote uses the storage capacity of your device, while Evernote does not. Thanks again for the video. Greetings from Mexico.
vrdgez (2 years ago)
+Kurt Masteller Thank you very much for the answer, Kurt! I do work with the iOS version from my iPad. Guess I will have to wait for a new version of OneNote. Thanks again. Regards.
Kurt Masteller (2 years ago)
+vrdgez Hello, here is a link that explains what I was talking about: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/Record-audio-or-video-notes-in-OneNote-2016-for-Windows-00eb0def-df84-4f24-b530-35362d51bd2d. However, I did discover 2 issues: 1. This is for OneNote 2016... Not sure if older versions have this feature, and 2. The iOS OneNote app does NOT seem to have this functionality... Bummer. Hope this helps. Thanks.
vrdgez (2 years ago)
+Kurt Masteller Hi, Kurt. Would you mind explaining me how do you record audio and take notes at the same time in the same note in One Note? Thank you. Regards.
Kurt Masteller (2 years ago)
OneNote lets you record audio and video while taking notes. It also timestamps and syncs the notes with the audio. Kinda cool.
dottotech (2 years ago)
I am not sure about the storage, But OneNote is a rather large application! (249MB on my system)
Barry McAlister (2 years ago)
There is nothing that you added in this video that would ever make me go back to OneNote. When you have to start adding macros add-ons and third-party applications to make it do what EverNote does already, then why.?
Sleeping Elephant (2 years ago)
Thanks for doing this. I will check out OneNote.
Deryck Burnett (2 years ago)
Now on to Simplenote and google keep.
Roger Mills (2 years ago)
I realize OneNote vs Evernote is a "controversial" issue, but an immediate follow-up video like this was just perfect. I knew your viewers would be quick to respond and you answered all of my unasked questions and comments in this video. I appreciate the even-handed manner in which you addressed this whole discussion. Nice work. Now if OneNote could just do something about those tags ...
dottotech (2 years ago)
Amen Roger, and thanks!

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