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Berkley Powerbait

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With over 25 years of research and development today's PowerBait is even more potent than what the product started. There's a reason fish bite and hold onto PowerBait more that 18x longer than any other soft plastic on the market, giving you more time to set the hook and Catch More Fish!
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Text Comments (7)
Henry Ryan Alvarez (1 year ago)
I feel bad for those bass in the tanks
Matthew (2 years ago)
Love the ripple shads , catching English Perch and Golden Perch on them. Australia. Using Gliss 4 KG with 12 LB Scientific Anglers leader at 0.26mm . I can feel the action of the tail , through the rod tip when I give the Ripple Shad some extra action from a few rod tip jerks.
chubacca the furry (2 years ago)
Sweet I was fishing this one bass for like 6 weekends and finally I tried your crawfish... Bam! I smelled the worm I I God sick
The Rumor Rat (2 years ago)
I caught my 3.5 PB on a power worm
Miller looks (3 years ago)
Your powerbait is amazing it works
SwimbaitFreak (3 years ago)
Powerbait is the bomb. Snakeheads can't resist the new scent.
xzz (3 years ago)
Why do the let the test fish eat catton? Animal abuse in my opinion

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