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Talking Tech with Elon Musk!

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Talking Tesla, tech and the future with Elon Musk. MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com Video Gear I use: http://kit.com/MKBHD/video-gear#recommendation17959 Tech I'm using right now: https://www.amazon.com/shop/MKBHD Intro Track: Long Walk off a Short Pier by deadmau5 ~ http://twitter.com/MKBHD http://snapchat.com/add/MKBHD http://google.com/+MarquesBrownlee http://instagram.com/MKBHD http://facebook.com/MKBHD
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Text Comments (21658)
Kyle Irving (1 hour ago)
Elon is pretty dumb it's sad Marques got sucked into this fools bubble. See you in 10 years when his comp goes bust
Sumit Dev (4 hours ago)
Down to earth person
Kevin W. Clark (7 hours ago)
Damn did Elon just reference Spaceballs with plaid??
DUME85 (8 hours ago)
Elon knows you can overclock a graphics card. Clearly he plays games all day.
ranndino (11 hours ago)
Good job, MKBHD. He truly enjoyed speaking to you instead of some journalist who is just trying to find something to criticize. I love journalism and am passionate about it. In fact, I originally wanted to be a journalist before ending up in tech but... Here's what drives me totally crazy about the current media. It's full of self-important jackasses who think their job is very difficult. What they don't realize is that writing about something like Tesla is still infinitely easier than actually building a successful car company from scratch. That is unbelievably difficult! Elon could have just sat on his ass like his PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel and be an investor in various apps, etc. He doesn't need to be doing this & stress himself out beyond all reason. He's very rich and could rest on his laurels. So instead of celebrating the amazing and very difficult things he's doing these media types, many of whom are spoiled millennial, brats who think socialism is the shit, are just looking to pounce on every tiny, inane thing to criticize. It's fucking infuriating. Writing pages and pages of negative shit about one of the biggest visionaries of our time.
Samcanplaymusic (12 hours ago)
Nice interview, man. You've clearly done your research.
Chris Erb (15 hours ago)
A lot of people forget how "normal" he is for a billionaire. He could get away with so much and live a life style of private planes and champagne, not that he doesn't have toys, but he is trying to DO something good about the issues that face the world instead of ride it down in flames. And dude come on..it's a flame thrower.... The writing is on the wall, car manufacturers are DONE. Tech companies will build all cars in the future....
Dakilang Maginoo (21 hours ago)
MKBHD obviously have a crush on Elon.
Dennis Tait (1 day ago)
Interior mirrors on the pillars.
Hal Fisher (1 day ago)
Musk lost the question of how he is expecting to achieve the 200kw battery.
bola Loka (1 day ago)
Subtitules spanish please :,v
Checkmyhart (1 day ago)
Am o the only one who thinks Elon’s hands are HUGE
Elon really loved this Great job man ! Keep up the good work!
ilmas ashraf (2 days ago)
I dont see any humans behind ur talkshowewe eloonnn
Jesus Christ (2 days ago)
a robot cant take a tube and connect it to something, and everyone screaming about AI taking over everyones jobs.
Luca Monegaglia (2 days ago)
damn dude that intro destroyed my ears
Mcskittelybiscuts (2 days ago)
When they make a tesla motorbike I'll be sold.
djas macco (2 days ago)
The phones never became more affordable, they evolved but the price went up every time a new launch was made! That's not improvement, that's cost! Same goes with gaming consoles, and PC hardware! Same with TV's! If goes same with Tesla, you'll buy the new model more expensive than the previous launch!
kaijobomb (2 days ago)
Abhishek Joshi (2 days ago)
Why Isn't he SOo Frikin Exited...Its Elon Fuckin Musk....That Guy Right There Is Sacrificing His Nights To Jump Start Humanity...
akvalues (3 days ago)
Noah Alejandre (3 days ago)
is it possible he be a real life iron man?
Mohammed Abu-Serrieh (3 days ago)
Elon Musk. The best man I know
T1Oracle (3 days ago)
Interviews Elon Musk? Subscribed.
JIM Husky (3 days ago)
I'm late srry
Tyrrhenus d'Etruria (3 days ago)
What a man! Electric (and gorgeous) cars, rockets, tunnel drilling, renewable energy............ An incredible person
Lama (4 days ago)
co to za chujnia
Justin Lewis (4 days ago)
Love Tesla and Elon Musk!
Alex C (4 days ago)
U should have asked him an obvious... model S 3 X and now model Y ... sexy
Minni Mo (4 days ago)
I am kinda jealous, being this attractive and smart at the same time
Cool Jesus (4 days ago)
Just listening to his voice, you can hear his brain thinking a thousand things a second..
Hong An (4 days ago)
Halil Dee (4 days ago)
Please Get Turkish subtitles 🖐️
Jason R Stanton (4 days ago)
Police and other public depts... government ,,, should be looking at electric vehicles,, can you make them to where you just retrofit a humvee,,,, so much more thought out
Daniel Brown (5 days ago)
Elon, Elon.. this is MKBHD... comb your hair, this man deserves combed hair.
corey mac (5 days ago)
I bet he really enjoyed talking to someone who understands and gives feedback from a customers point of view.
Grace Bwakya (5 days ago)
Elon actually enjoyed this interview
Scott Kelly (6 days ago)
Nice interview. Elon needs more support. The dude looks tired.
D GR (6 days ago)
How much did you pay Elon for the interview ? ) or he did it for free ?
Samuel Ayala (7 days ago)
Elons an alien
Hobby Rookie (7 days ago)
To those who dislikes ........... shame on your business 😒
Ukela Alred (7 days ago)
Permission to take my side mirrors off? 👩🏾
Nerd Kines (7 days ago)
The driving shots were shot in alameda california if anyone wants to visit the naval base that looks out to san francisco like that
retro1980 (7 days ago)
Good interview and such a fascinating bloke Elon is.
Robb holmes (7 days ago)
Dope interview Marques 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Neo Khesa (7 days ago)
Would it be possible for an owner to compromise the self drive system when say trying to fix it themselves?
qazzy (8 days ago)
Cool channel bro
Rowan Cormie (8 days ago)
You seem a little anxious in you bodies mabey try smoking pot
Nazzy (2 days ago)
Rowan Cormie 🤣😂😂😂😂
thomas addis (8 days ago)
He talks about economy at scale, so why doesn’t he just build more since people have to wait even for old models
Alhassan Moses (8 days ago)
That was so inspirational for me......And their products really do speak for themselves....Its amazing to have such confidence in what you make and joy in doing so, I mean just look at the smile on his face, isn't that amazing....
Grigor Zhelev (8 days ago)
Next Musk innovation... airplane?
Tim ViePrivé (8 days ago)
good interview, thank you
Leo Wang (8 days ago)
Gotta Love Musky Boi.
Fudale Charlesf (8 days ago)
I love that he still has his South African accent
Prakhar Singh (9 days ago)
Marques: We spend some time with possibly the busiest man alive, Elon Musk ME : is that a sarcasm !? LOL
Prakhar Singh (8 days ago)
+Nikz I like my own comment because I know no one else will
Nikz (8 days ago)
That moment when you press like on your own comment
wogfun (9 days ago)
Is it racist that I mistook Marques with the black guy known for reassembling dead Teslas from the video thumbnail? That's the guy I wanna see interview Elon.
luiislp7 (9 days ago)
Nice hair transplant 😉 lol
MrDengo999 (9 days ago)
all i know is tesla will eliminate drunk driving. given that it will have full-self driving
Pipi Dugacarapa (9 days ago)
Meanwhile Charlie Sheen is WINNING ++ xD ,and also sleeping like baby
Charthers (9 days ago)
Did you give Elon a towel at end to wipe up all the ass licking you did?
Alex Pandian (9 days ago)
August 15 India's Independence day
Jorge Vasquez (9 days ago)
Great interview!
Lukas Jocham (9 days ago)
i love elon
JakeTheGearHeart (10 days ago)
12:13 Spaceball reference! :D
DANTHETUBEMAN (10 days ago)
you made a good interview with relevant questions.
MIKE2018 (10 days ago)
Elon Musk is the legend....more power to him and to his projects.
Nikita Dubrovskih (10 days ago)
Elon, I'll work for food, if you give this planet a chance.
SIngh (11 days ago)
Elon happy. I'm happy
Aakash Pathak (11 days ago)
Elon Musk is the definition of the 'alpha'.. He is literally changing the world by the day, just imagine the number of tough decisions and tough calculations this guy makes in a day! Most of human population makes one important decision in probably a week and we call life stressful. This man is the real king of the world.
GreekTechTV (11 days ago)
@mkbhd he didn't show us what phone he is using
jimi Fenton (11 days ago)
Advertising is like sex. Only losers pay for it.
Some one can help me with my math ?
George (11 days ago)
Looked all a bit stilted and uncomfortable to me.
Laith Said (11 days ago)
Marques must be the greatest interviewer I’ve ever witnessed
Cody Gillard (12 days ago)
click 17:12 hahaha
Robert Givens (12 days ago)
You know elon is a nerd when he said 6'1" and a half
Jhon pedorro (13 days ago)
Emelio Lamas (13 days ago)
Thank you for making this video, well done! 2 awesome humans.
Hariel Pradyuna (13 days ago)
You can see how Elon always like to have a good interesting talk! What a Bad Ass
Bob Kong (13 days ago)
Errrrrrrrrrrrrrr I errrrrrrrrrrrr do errrrrrrrrrrrrr my errrrrrrrrrrrrr jo... errrrrrrrrrrrrr ..b
Zanium (13 days ago)
*_elon looks like a shadow clone and the real one is playing chess somewhere else_*
Jai Kadam (14 days ago)
Then he will take over earth and I will assassinate him
GustavoMan (14 days ago)
6 foot 1...and a HALF I say the same thing so I'm really this autistic.
Kilyan Austin Wierema (14 days ago)
Really great interview just normal talks not just bussiness and he seems to be really comfortable
Regan Wagteveld (14 days ago)
Elon mu..mu..uhhh..umm...Elon musk is a a a ummm really..uh well you see, I mean ummmm....a really shit speaker (if he actually has a speech impediment I apologise)
Maurice del Prado (15 days ago)
So proud of my fellow Stevens Institute of Technology alum. You go Marques!
Jm Pl (15 days ago)
If i had to vote for someone to rule the world it would be Elon Musk i'm in awe of this guy's intellect and he's a good person at that.
Carla Burke (16 days ago)
This man is a genious
eb060801 (16 days ago)
Okay, now this is epic
doug b (16 days ago)
such a perfectionist; even the line of your shirt lines up with the desk behind you lol
Circuit Dude (16 days ago)
What's interesting to me is that certain things have never been released about the roadster: mainy the weight and the lateral g forces, which makes me think it's fast in a straight line, but can't run a track very well.
shaft says (16 days ago)
You can tell this isn't just a business for Elon. He has passion for innovation. Thank existence!
Spaghetten (16 days ago)
Its ye boi skinny penis
Ben 69 (17 days ago)
Cars are a kind of tech but the title is misleading
James Taylor (17 days ago)
ps my son owr son has a softwere that you will need on your 2020 moddels. yes is the answer mabe bill can help
James Taylor (17 days ago)
elon musk you smell great, y not ask if we may borrow Tesla the bands LOVE song to sell more cars then ford ,two in every driveway
suryansh srivastava (17 days ago)
You know we are basically a bunch of nerds
Mick Harrison (17 days ago)
Dope head
Thanos Car (18 days ago)
Minnesota Nice (18 days ago)
The only super rich person who's not a total fucking douche bag asshole ..

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