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Best FX Trading Strategies (THE Top Strategy for 2019)

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The best FX trading strategies out there aren't some magic indicator, some weird hack, or quick little tip. Stop looking for those, you're going to lose. Instead, learn the one major thing top traders know that the other 99% do not. Your Forex trading plan must include this one concept. You're entire account depends on it. You can also read this on the blog: http://nononsenseforex.com/forex-basics/forex-trading-strategies/ Best Broker for Non-US residents - https://youtu.be/SwiZj-EKWAA Best Broker for US residents - https://youtu.be/uDydASZHgNw IG Client Sentiment can be found here (they have changed things since I created this video however, be warned): https://plus.dailyfx.com/fxcmideas/intraday-list.do New To My Channel? There's a video just for you, whether you're a new trader or an experienced one - https://youtu.be/n9ebKwZpSw4 EUR/USD video: https://youtu.be/vVMMkmYYU4U Disclaimer - http://nononsenseforex.com/disclaimer/ Follow me on Twitter - https://twitter.com/This_Is_VP4X Ask Me Anything - http://nononsenseforex.com/ask-vp/
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Text Comments (1570)
KING CHEVY (1 day ago)
Awesome video my man, I remember running into it almost a year ago and what do you know, popped up on my recommendations. Over time I found myself to be really old school, so yes I'm really big on technical, fundamental and mathematical analysis. I'm NOT talking about oscillators or RSIs or even MACDs developing systems for forecasting. I'm proud to claim that I have mastered each graphical pattern on any time chart to predict the next move. Indicators are just a distraction for me, actually being able to read the charts like a coloring book for a 1st grader is where the hard work pays off.
EdyGk2K'sOnlyTM 2k (1 day ago)
Awesome.. I've been doing fx 5 yeras now and all this info its just confirming all my doubt and suspicions about this game.. Even the tools they gave you, they advertise them like they are helping you not to stay all day with your eyes in the computer but in reality every time you use any tool including stop loss or take profit they know exactly what you want to do. That's why I use another platform for that and on the real one I stay dark as much as I can..
CHOUSASUKE (1 day ago)
Hmmmm interesting... I started to think this after paper trading binary options. And letz just say sometimes the paper and the platform wouldn't line up ☝
BILLY S (1 day ago)
Thanks Cousin Mack!
Prajwal Garad (1 day ago)
You explained the real game of forex .... 🤘🏻👍
Cullen Moyake (1 day ago)
At about 10.10, you took me out bro lmao damn!
Wafi Ismail (2 days ago)
Can you explain about the CFTC report?
Mark Burton (2 days ago)
Cracking video! This is my 2nd or third viewing? God bless you, mate! M
cr Balamurgan (3 days ago)
Thank you for your valuable, Msg
jeff 1281 (3 days ago)
I'm such a fan of this channel...
Mike W (1 day ago)
My first video and I agree!
Yolanda Weems (3 days ago)
Excellent channel!! I have been in the house the entire weekend watching allllll of this videos!!!! I am declaring and claiming I am leaving this job I have by the end of this year!!! This information is gold and I am soo excited I found this !!! Thank you again and keep the content coming!! I am here for allllll of it!!!!
Adrian Eliffe (3 days ago)
There was no conspiracy between the banks and the S.N.B. that resulted in the SNB removing the hard 1.2000 floor. The SNB acted as it always does in isolation. The suggestion that they colluded with the major banks to dump on traders is absurd.
ngonidzashe mashenu (4 days ago)
Great insights!
DcapTNT (4 days ago)
The video has some reasonable agruments but to say trading is all about us vs them is very radical. There are thousand of institutional traders, so to say big banks are there to bully you, it is just silly. Market moves both for financial factors and political factors. I agree that we need to know all the big players and Big banks do manipulated the market so i rated ur video about 40% true...
Nathaniel Davis (4 days ago)
You completely misunderstood the video
No Nonsense Forex (4 days ago)
The point was, it doesn't HAVE to be us vs them, if you do your best to stay on the unpopular side by avoiding the tools most people use.
ishaman (5 days ago)
@VP do you think that this information you are in a sense leaking to the general public has the potential to change the tactical behavior of banks within the next couple of years, or do we represent such a small fraction of the retail pool that it really makes no difference?
No Nonsense Forex (4 days ago)
I do not. Even if every single person went this route, they all go about it in different ways. And most people won't do anything with this info.
Olatunji Olakunle (6 days ago)
Amazing. 👍VP
Your definitely the man to follow. Thank you Sir!
joe caterman (6 days ago)
I strategically give them my money... but when they're not looking I take it back... and some.
Tomtom (7 days ago)
nice bro!
Daymon Gaines (7 days ago)
How do I download the IG Client Sentiment Indicator onto my Traders Way charts? mt4
TheseDays93 (7 days ago)
Quick question about the IG client sentiment, for the example you used, wouldn’t the long sentiment obviously go down as long positions get closed and hit take profits? Overall, very good video VP
Peter Eastman (7 days ago)
This is about my 6th time watching this. This video is great. It gives one great insight. This coupled with ATR is very important. Thank you.
thanks for this information
B Smith (8 days ago)
Thanks for the information and the links.
SatoRa 333 (10 days ago)
Yeah. Banks manipulate currencies all day long and don't answer to anyone because they control the policies of each country they finance. The worst thing about that is they don't even loan money or finance anything based on real value. They take promissory notes with your signatures and deposit that note into the banks ledger as an asset then loan you made up numbers from your own promissory note. The bank never lends you their credit because it is illegal for them to do so. The real question is how can a loan that is unpaid be an asset? No surprise that their tactics reach into the FX trading sectors. Its one of the biggest currency grab schemes of our time. Good informative vid.
EL G (14 hours ago)
@Depluf The higher you get to the top the more obscure it becomes. Watch this and you can see how this stuff flows - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFDe5kUUyT0
Depluf (7 days ago)
im new to this so i get what you are saying but who actually works for the (bank) ? do they maKe alot of money what exactly is their job called ?
EL G (7 days ago)
"SatoRa 333" Yep, glad someone else knows this corruption. Its not many of us out their :-)
Edward Helmer (11 days ago)
So my question may seem basic.....if I use support/resistance and trend to determine my entries and trades, are you saying that those practices are not valid due to the fact that the banks go against the majority of us doing such? I get what you are saying and totally agree, but what do we do if we aren't supposed to go with the "popular kids", yet what is the strategy to go against that?
Mortyfier (10 days ago)
Yeah they literally use that knowledge against you xD They know how the masses think, support and resistance are just an illusion, it’s all subjective. Would probs be better to use a 50 or 200 ema? Then at least it’s support or resistance which is generated by the market not you, if you get me! Happy trading 💰
No Nonsense Forex (10 days ago)
I did an entire video on Support and Resistance that I think you'll like and answers this very comprehensively. Check it out.
Tom Blajda (11 days ago)
All I can say is thank you for a great video and I did subscribed to, as I want to hear more....thanks man
Bianca Gartner (11 days ago)
This the biggest AHA! Moment I have ever heard!, Will be following you closely, Thx!!
jeremiah smith (12 days ago)
Thankyou so much for this video. I am just beginning in forex. Using practice simulation to prove to myself I can trade successfully. Before risking live capital. And this seems very genuine because you aren’t selling anything. You aren’t giving fake fantasies this makes a lot of sense. In reality and those who choose to ignore it probably are the ones you speak of. If you can could you please make some videos for beginners ? Would be really helpful
No Nonsense Forex (11 days ago)
Go to the Beginners video, and it will take you through the correct order. It's a big help.
El Bori (12 days ago)
Finest knowledge I've ever seen and heard. Good work!
Colton Wes (12 days ago)
[WSJ ]From 2015 article : Analysts also said the target would have come under increased pressure in coming weeks, particularly if the European Central Bank launches quantitative easing next week as most analysts expect, increasing the supply of euros and likely leading to further euro depreciation.
bhasane Donald (12 days ago)
Thank you dude The first forex trading video that make sense
Colton Wes (12 days ago)
The swiss bank said it WILL let it drop below. Everyone went against the swiss cheese and got holed hahaha
Colton Wes (12 days ago)
from article on announcement: The Swiss franc to euro exchange rate jumps by 30% immediately following a Swiss National Bank announcement. The bank will abandon its three-year-old cap on the swiss franc's value against the euro as well as lower the interest rate on sight deposits (instant access accounts) to -0.75% (the negative number meaning that the depositor has to pay the bank 0.75% per year to hold the depositor's money).
Colton Wes (12 days ago)
Colton Wes (12 days ago)
Colton Wes (12 days ago)
Colton Wes (12 days ago)
aSntry (10 days ago)
Colton Wes google is your friend :)
Lemon Tice (12 days ago)
Dude you are already popular But at least you sacrificed your strategy for as
What if this video was funded by the big banks. Now I have trust issues.
Gavin Mitford (12 days ago)
Best FOREX video on the net! Thank you.
Gavin Mitford (12 days ago)
If the Banks are mainly focussed on the USD pairings though... You're example of EUR/CHF seems an unlikely pair ?
Peter P (13 days ago)
Dumbest video I've ever seen!
Ranek Inpinewoods (8 days ago)
Do you work for one of these banks perhaps?🤪
JoeJames (11 days ago)
the fuck you talking about this is fact
Peter P (13 days ago)
You beat this by not playing !!
Scott Smith (13 days ago)
Your video gives a great perspective that no one else is talking about. I'm a subscriber now; have been watching some of your videos and your approach is certainly "No-Nonsense", I applaude you for it. I will be watching all your videos. Thanks.
Study historical data remember people are trading the big banks money a person not a computer so we are creatures of habit let that sink in 🤔😏
Karen Harp (14 days ago)
Great video about forex. Thank you
Dennis Mclean (14 days ago)
so can you be not popular, for example yoy use the same indicators but when price asking to go short u go long
Shagdidz (16 days ago)
VP! This is the video that started it all about 2 weeks ago. Been working with Forex for a little over 2 years. Did some demo, went live on a cent account. Lost about $400-$500 over 4 reloads. At one point I doubled my account twice. Then gave it ALL back in a matter of days. During those 2 years, I've watched over 150 videos. Read umpteen news events and forecast documents. Back to 2 weeks ago, I crushed AUDUSD and was subsequently flattened by EURUSD. I was on the verge of quitting. I knew my main issue was money management. But I was trading alot on feel, FOMO, and S/R. This video, when talking about "dumb money" hit real close to home. Later in the week, placed 2 trades on the daily...best day of trading so far. Small winners, but I wasn't constantly checking my phone at work for entries and movement. The way your content is laid out is fantastic. You encourage your following to do their own work. In fact, no hand outs here. Even when you give away indicators and strategies a lot of work is still required. Therefore, you are building stronger traders. Thanks Dude, Rejuvenated Trader Shagdidz
Nick Mooney (13 days ago)
Shagdidz. I am totally new at this , but cant you put in a stop lose to prevent big loses Nick ????
Stargazer (14 days ago)
What you said! Saw this about two weeks ago. Lucky me my summer holidays started a few days after, and I am now close to having consumed all of VP's content, babypips included. Decided to take a step back and make more organized notes because they got a bit messy and I wanted to have the Podcasts and YouTube videos mixed in the order they came out, that is why I am seeing this video again. Been playing with Metatrader 4 and indicators not in the Dirty Dozen for the first time, have found the Disqord channel (they actually have a "back-testing" robot that looks very helpful to speed things up), and I am now getting ready to do some real back-testing. So glad i found NNFX, it is very inspiring!
No Nonsense Forex (16 days ago)
Love this.
David Fiore (17 days ago)
Great stuff just started learning from you every other place is full of it!!
Teja Jaensch (17 days ago)
What the heck have I gotten myself into??
Sadik Shahaba (18 days ago)
banks wont watch your video and do some or here tricks
TraviansLittleHelpe (18 days ago)
I really thought this channel was some nonsense forex, but you seem to have proved me wrong
Ayesha Mirza (18 days ago)
very useful information .but i didnt understand the idea of crash how it happens?
Ayesha Mirza (18 days ago)
where are the strategies?
Ayesha Mirza (18 days ago)
@No Nonsense Forex can you share the name of videos or share the link
No Nonsense Forex (18 days ago)
On the rest of my channel. Gotta know the source of the movement first though, and that's why this video was created.
Daniel (19 days ago)
The best video about forex for sure!
Andrew Matheson (20 days ago)
Serious LightBulb moments. I've dabbled part-time for 2years, did a formal course this year, with moderate success and wiped accounts. Thanks for taking your time at no cost to give such quality content. you are a good man. Subscribed.
Sphelele Musawenkosi (20 days ago)
Watching from South Africa
Danny _ (4 days ago)
Senzo Mseleku (18 days ago)
Johannes Pinehas (18 days ago)
Namibia here
Letsbehonest (20 days ago)
I learned a lot from you
kenneth mwangi (21 days ago)
I am starting out and this is much resourceful. I appreciate your time
ro (21 days ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjB4B_aHLpU Most entertaining video on Youtube
Arxn03 (21 days ago)
ok but whats the strategy
No Nonsense Forex (21 days ago)
See the rest of my channel for the strategy.
Ross Bonnell (21 days ago)
Fuck me. That was sick.
Clifton Harris (21 days ago)
9:55 - My Nightmare realized.
Peter Eastman (21 days ago)
Big Banks are doing another swipe on the GBP/CHF tonight, taking out all the small Forex trader stops. It is fun watching it. This is about the fourth night in a row. This is a good time for them to be doing this. This is a great opportunity. Let's see what happens tomorrow night. Thank you for what you are teaching. You have to have great knowledge to put all these videos together. Thank you.
dangitilive (22 days ago)
Yes!!!!!!!!! I have been telling my family this for years now!! Great Video
lien nguyen (22 days ago)
the "how" starts at 6:00
Vernon Nurse (19 days ago)
Sazazezer (21 days ago)
Thanks. First minute alone got me wandering to the comments.
Aventus X Gaming (22 days ago)
Thanks man, the best forex education channel on youtube..
utuberify (22 days ago)
How they got rid of the peg?They hired a guy with name Phllipp Hilebrand and made him the authority for the currency market.He had to leave SNB because of some insider trade of his wife during the peg happened. He has connections to the FED,BIS and many other high level financial Institutes.Leaving the SNB,he worked for Black Rock. Yhe Finance magazine "The Banker "made Philipp Hildebrand the " Central Bank Governor of the Year 2012 – Europe", the peg happened in sep 2011 ! He was elected by the swiss government !(7 guys,elected by the parliament wich is elected by the people directly) An Auditof the financial transactions could not find any insider activities by Hildebrand or his wife !(whitewashed)! The insider thing was only a reason to let him go ....to Black Rock,where he is still working as ....vice chairman of an actually more than 6 billion company business.Nice promotion.And BTW,his now-wife(Margarita Louis- Dreyfuss,widow of Louis Dreyfuss) is the second richest person in Switzerland owning about 7 billion,dont tell me she doesnt know about insider trading.She was elected as a member of the board of the Swiss-American Chamber of Commerce (Am-Cham),a core institution of the swiss economy. There is money and power on the line !
utuberify (21 days ago)
United Banks of Switzerland (UBS) was not mentioned in the list. Allmost all Banks in Europe use UBS as partner for Forex transactions.
Peter Eastman (22 days ago)
It's a few hours later, all my red ink has changed to green ink, thank you!
How bro? What you did it
Majid Zarrinkolah (22 days ago)
Well Done!
Peter Eastman (23 days ago)
Looks like the Big Banks are doing a swipe on the GBP/CHF tonight. They would have taken out all the Fibonacci stops just above the A. It was interesting watching it. Thank you for what you have taught me so far. Big Banks and ATR are the two videos that played out for me tonight. In a sense, the little guy does not have a prayer.
Rajeev Varshney (23 days ago)
Great video bro
Rock Halverson (24 days ago)
Awesome forex information the truth for sure.
Mau Hakayama (25 days ago)
How to access your IG sir for free
max azhdar (25 days ago)
Hi man, this is awesome! It’s been a good while that I’ve heard about the trap. But besides what type of tools/ indicators do the banks use for their trades ??
Shed (26 days ago)
Oh, its ON now. Let me get this together! I appreciate you.
Sohail Rafiq (26 days ago)
It’s easy to pick apart a chart when everything is done but in a live market it’s not that easy especially with forex. You can look at the daily chart for trend and momentum can change in a heart beat. For those who think they will become millionaires by doing this be prepared to lose your capital before you start seeing any positive results. It’s a probability game simply put. Market is a cycle accumulation, manipulation and profit release. You do not know which cycle is present in front of your eyes till many bars later. Ranging markets are a true killer to your account it will wipe your whole account.
Nadia Emilia (26 days ago)
honestly,this video is cool. I am going to put effort and make sure this strategy goes right for me.i earned $8550,I was very lucky the first time I invested, it was amazing.
z3biah08 (7 days ago)
ralph sunny (15 days ago)
Can u manage other accounts
Mudex Opex (19 days ago)
Hey Can you help out in growing in trading also????
Philip McLean (26 days ago)
I never thought about having an account manager until someone referred me to a Mr Edward Thompson, with him managing my account I have a lot of profits and recovered my losses for the past two months. My last trade with him yielded a profit of $10,700.. He is like some kind of trading god.
Young Enola (14 days ago)
Philip McLean Would you mind introducing me to your boss please, I will be so glad. Thanks
ralph sunny (15 days ago)
Pls link me up. +2348066216874
Mudex Opex (19 days ago)
Please how do I connect with him
Gray Kin (26 days ago)
i haven't done forex trading before but i noticed this principle applies everywhere. Good to know when I actually start
Danny Chavez (27 days ago)
If i paper trade natural gases such as /ng dgaz and ugaz this applies to those as well?
No Nonsense Forex (27 days ago)
I've not had much success with NGAS myself, but other commodities have worked out well.
Yo Jzl (28 days ago)
man i know i just commented on these and since discovering your channel it opened my eyes!!! thank you very much!
gamecuber7 (28 days ago)
I watched this video more than 5 times already to grasp the core concepts of what you were talking about. Brother, you're all over the free speech sites as the one who truly gets it. Legend.
George Adam (16 hours ago)
@No Nonsense Forex God forbid man...
gamecuber7 (28 days ago)
@No Nonsense Forex So nice of you to respond! Don't worry, it means your message is reaching a wider audience than you think.
No Nonsense Forex (28 days ago)
Great, I'm gonna get whacked for sure now. ;-)
Rukwaya Omar (28 days ago)
David Henry (28 days ago)
You aren't a professional trader unless you are or have been licensed to trade other people's money.
StiltPhotography (29 days ago)
This was amazing and made me realize why I was fucking up. Thanks bru🙏🏾
Danielle Rae (1 month ago)
I did appreciate this video. I like to know what's running in the background from a logistical perspective.
Scott Sheridan (1 month ago)
Many thanks !!
Sam Chohan (1 month ago)
Does this pertain to the stock market as well ?
Sam Chohan (1 month ago)
@No Nonsense Forex you dont have to go into detail, but for day trading is it better to trade the stock or forex market
No Nonsense Forex (1 month ago)
Not as much, but you'll notice some similarities for sure.
Sam Nuku (1 month ago)
Hey VP, so i'm assuming with this info coming out that they could easily manipulate that info? So is it still a reliable source for this info? Thx.
No Nonsense Forex (1 month ago)
I doubt they'd even be motivated to. Business as usual on their end.
Peter Eastman (1 month ago)
This has given me great food for thought, things you did not talk about. I am good at putting things together that seem unrelated.
Faizan Raza (1 month ago)
15:02 source of the 70:1 ratio long to short?
PACK- MASTER (1 month ago)
Cleopas Modiba (1 month ago)
Wow platforms also needed to be bailed out
forsaleau (1 month ago)
Thats's BS about FXCM they got booted for saying they weren't a market maker when they actually were, got done and kicked out of the US, FXCM cleaned up on chf crash 😂
Shy Riven OTP (1 month ago)
15:20 lol
Todd Lavigne (1 month ago)
so should traders focus more on daily charts? personally, I've find short time frames hard to trade at the start this guy quickly stated he trades mainly the daily.
No Nonsense Forex (1 month ago)
Absolutely. Episode 3 of the podcast, which you can see here on my channel.
Marc Smithsonian (1 month ago)
I am wondering what is considered in your opinions a good return ? (Given 10:1 exposure e.g 10 x 10k contract traded on 10k account) 2% per month or maybe 200% ;)
Tsholofelo Mootseng (1 month ago)
This guy was attacking me at 1:00 lol
Oliver Li (1 month ago)
i wonder how Google takes a cut from these big bad boys with their world class champion crusher artificial intelligence in their secret room. but maybe i won't have such a chance lol
texasRoofDoctor (1 month ago)
Pretty easy. The front run what anyone is searching regarding Forex. Just a conspiracy theory.

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