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How To Make A Fishing Rig/ How to Make a Drop Shot Rig

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How to Make A Fishing Rig/ How to Make a Drop Shot Rig Need an awesome baitcaster for bass fishing? Check this out: http://amzn.to/2qhx1K2 Please Check More About Rigs On: http://www.eposeidon.com/videos/
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Text Comments (24)
Rhabdo B (3 months ago)
Flourocarbon over a white backdrop. Wtf.
Random Channel (3 months ago)
No are you dumb
Joseph DAgostino (3 months ago)
Instead of trying to fold the line and push it through just thread it once then thread it back. Then you make your not. Saw someone else do this and went, "aw man" :P
Samuel Barnett (5 months ago)
No a new idea. I been dropshoting over 50 years ago
cheejian chai (1 year ago)
puiiii cb
juan gonzalez (1 year ago)
was not smart to use flur line with white background for this lol
Mariano Martinez (1 year ago)
simple nice easy! thanks for the video bud
Bromethius88 (2 years ago)
Am I the only one who watched this more then once.
Jonathan Fields (1 month ago)
Daniel Demers (2 years ago)
I am really new to this.Do you use a Bobber when beach fishing?
chapo Garcia (10 months ago)
For bass no bobbers,any time.whatever helps you catch fish.
bulletfingrz (1 year ago)
M0nt Python I have fished off a pier using a slip bobber before and I caught fish mostly mackerel
Bromethius88 (2 years ago)
For ocean. No. Ocean is deep. You want the bait to sink. Fish finders work well and stripper hooks you can get tied to a leader which has orange bobbers but they stay under water to keep the bait suspense somewhat and help fish see it easier but that's all for ocean. Your looking on the wrong page
LUKA (2 years ago)
can u use clinched knot?
Jj Webb (1 year ago)
Brutal_ MeMeS I have used the clinch knot for well over 25 years and have never had it slip or have any issues from pan fish to 400lb+ sharks. I believe it comes down to doing it correctly.
Leo A. (1 year ago)
No. do not use the clinch knot for anything. It has horrible knot strength and easily slips. An improved chinch is ok for most techniques but with drop shot you should either use a palomar or use a drop shot hook with swivels to tie on to and use an improved clinch knot.
YAKMAN ONT (2 years ago)
great video Well done. Thanks
S City Outdoors (3 years ago)
Very specific and clearly stated, well done!
OC_VILLAIN (3 years ago)
That the rig set up.... No one explains on how the top end for best results no one. Like tight line it. Bobber's underwater floaters to keep the line vertical.. ? I understand it's only the rig explained.. I would call this a half ass video.. Lol but I really enjoyed ur video..
OC_VILLAIN (3 years ago)
ap72sentinal (3 years ago)
thank you very much
Zofoblues Zofoblues (3 years ago)
this is the oldest way to fish in the world,,omg 
Saïd Jalkh (3 years ago)
Omg when he tied the knot he did it offscreen for gods sake wtf silly video
Philip Rowe (3 years ago)
excellent video, easy to follow and well presented. I like it!

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