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How To Accept Mobile Payments With Paypal & Credit Cards On iPhone & Android using Paypal Here

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Mobile Payments Mini Bluetooth Printer https://amzn.to/2tDiQTs
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Sarvpreet Singh Dhindsa (6 months ago)
Pls tell me how to order fo this device in india & how much paid
Don Slim Papi (7 months ago)
“Give me a moment” head ass
Donna M. O'Connor (9 months ago)
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Araceli Garza (11 months ago)
how much does it charge?
Morris Spencer (1 year ago)
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compton (1 year ago)
Does the customer have to have a paypal account or no?
RaptorXV MoDz (1 year ago)
I have a question if you don't link a card to your PayPal can you still add money through the store option
Glenn McKay (1 year ago)
RaptorXV MoDz
Chill_ Janet (2 years ago)
Thank you for all of the wonderful information! Do you know, when using PayPay triangle for changes, does PayPal report your makings to the IRS??
Danny Martinez (2 years ago)
How reliable is it when doing business outdoors?
Danny Martinez (2 years ago)
UntitledGameShow (2 years ago)
Danny Martinez as long as you have good data connection on your phone it should work fine
Igor Verona (2 years ago)
Dear friend, I would like to know whether the paypal card reader can read a NON VISA, MASTERCARD OR AMERICAN EXPRESS Gift card (such as Amazon or Walmart Gift Cards). Please let me know, I will be waiting. Thanks
Amanda Lamas (2 years ago)
Igor Verona
fak gooby (2 years ago)
great simple video
Beata Al Saud (2 years ago)
so if I send money to my family,how they get the money?
EvaEva NTIH (1 year ago)
Beata Al Saud a real answer for this young lady please!
dronus (2 years ago)
they have to plant a tree first wait 90 years so it's a decent size cut it down then they can start getting their money
Manoj malkari (2 years ago)
does its works for chip cards and does paypal charge commission to this
David Wilson (2 years ago)
Can mobile phone credit be used with paypal account for goods
Patricia Brightwell (2 years ago)
Even though this is now 2016, thank you so much. I am going to start selling at our local Sat. morning farmers market and was wondering how to accept credit/debit cards. Great video; very appreciated.
UntitledGameShow (2 years ago)
Pablo Rivera (4 years ago)
Does it works with debit cards?
Pablo Rivera (4 years ago)
Awsome, thank you!
Arnold Jean (4 years ago)
I've swiped my debit with someone who used PayPal here and I was charged normally. It works.
lakt 213 (4 years ago)
How do the fees exactly work ? I'm a little unsure. When you swipe a card or do a paypal check in the fee is 2.7%. Also if you do card key in or scan it states the fee is 3.50% + 0.15 cent. Are these 2 different methods with different fees ? Is it 2.7% just for the swipe then 3.50 % + 0.15 for the remaining fee
Amanda Lamas (2 years ago)
John Gonzales
Clyde Cash (4 years ago)
I understand how the reader accepts cards and checks but I don't get the cash option..so if put someone paid me $50 on the card reader..I would see $50 in my paypal?...even though I physically have the $50 in my hand. I mean there's no point in having the cash option if the customer gave you the money physically. lol
Ghostginthree (4 years ago)
Hey the cash option is just for the paypal card reader to keep records of any transactions, for tax purposes, etc. You are right if someone pays you cash for a service or item they bought from you, why input it, well to show what you make and you can look up your info and records on all your transactions. Some people like to input all their sales and por services. Hope that cleared it up.
Adrian Aguilar (5 years ago)
What if you try to do a transaction over the phone? They have the card at hand but you don't have it with you. Can you type the info on paypal?
UntitledGameShow (5 years ago)
PopVox11 (5 years ago)
Had my Card Reader forever but this was the 1st time I had to use it. I learned from U I had to get the Card Reader app, then sync the Reader with the app. After that, I'm going to turn into a billionaire!!! ROTFLOL! Easy to use & looks just like the video on PayPal, but they don't mention downloading the Reader app from Google Play store.
Maico dela cerna (5 years ago)
sir how can i get paypal card ??? help ?

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