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When To Pay Your Credit Card Bill And Increase Your Credit Score!!!

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Welcome to my MissBeHelpful channel! Let’s connect: PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/missbehelpful FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/missbehelpful/ INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/missbehelpful/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MissBeHelpful More from MissBeHelpful: Get Your Credit Score FREE Today: https://bit.ly/2K8OYID Improve Your Credit Score QUICKLY: https://bit.ly/2MngUW7 Common Credit Card Myths: https://bit.ly/2tsmcZd 5 Things to Consider When Applying for a Credit Card: https://bit.ly/2tAUCZ7 Credit Card Rewards: Do's and Dont's: https://bit.ly/2KhKApV How To Read Your Credit Card Statement Like A PRO: https://bit.ly/2MmnNqB How To Improve Credit With Limited Or No Credit History: https://bit.ly/2KhKVcb Best NEW Way To Improve Credit - NO CREDIT CARD Required! (Self Lender): https://bit.ly/2yDSd5L How I Use the Grace Period to Avoid Paying Interest/Push Payments Back: https://bit.ly/2tyBJWv How My Friend Saved HUNDREDS With A Balance Transfer: https://bit.ly/2MVHCWO How To Earn Rewards Without Hurting Your Credit Score: https://bit.ly/2yDSGox Why I Don't Care About A Perfect Credit Score & You Shouldn't Either: https://bit.ly/2lxMuFa Should I Invest or Pay Off Student Loan Debt?: https://bit.ly/2yDSOEx Will Closing A Credit Card Lower My Credit Score?: https://bit.ly/2Ir8RFm How Does Credit Card APR Work?: https://bit.ly/2Khsepi When Should You Get Your First Credit Card: https://bit.ly/2KgXnWC How Do I STOP Wasting My Money?: https://bit.ly/2yFPgl6 Can I Keep My Oldest Card Without The Annual Fee: https://bit.ly/2MWr7JR How to STOP Online Shopping Too Much!!!!: https://bit.ly/2K2gR54 3 BAD Financial Habits To Break NOW!!: https://bit.ly/2tyA973 TOP 5 Recommended Money + Personal Finance Books!!!: https://bit.ly/2yCJXmh ’Til next time… PEACE!
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Text Comments (293)
kevin cole (6 hours ago)
Crandell Griffin (1 day ago)
Thanks for the good advice love
David Joura (1 day ago)
Thanks you helped so much
Veronica Key (1 day ago)
So if my bill is 420 what should my balance bill
myvic (3 days ago)
With Chase and AMEX, the Due Date comes about 3 or 4 days before the Statement Date. Paying a couple of days before the Due date gives enough time for the CC company to process the pmt. AMEX takes longer to process pmts IME.
David Joura (1 day ago)
that closing date must be for the next month, watch out!!
jdl _18 (3 days ago)
video made alot of sense, my only question is, for new people who just opened a credit card account, what would be the best way to pay off card to start with a good credit? or it doesn’t matter?
PowCheePow (3 days ago)
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Mary Phylis (3 days ago)
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Luders Jr. Vilme (3 days ago)
I was recouping from a car accident. A relative used my credit cards ran up to the limit, maxed all my credit cards. When I was able to check this out. I didn't charge all these cards. Had to file bankruptcy. So now I have TMobile after me that I didn't sign for, did not go in store and purchase phone with them. They were not on bankruptcy list The collection company called told them as I disputed with tmobile. Did not sign did not pick up phone. Do not have phone with them. Iit was fraud on my credit cards I didn't charge these items nor sign for a phone. Also my family member cashed a check for my car for over 15,000.00. Kept the money. Do not have money for a attorney. But for God so good, God sent a helper to me called hacker Andy who magically make payments on my credut cards for me, the payments didn't reverse and he also fixed my credit, raising my credit score from 438 to 809, tha1nks to Andy, he's a helper and I can't in this world thank him enough, you can contact him for credit fixing and credit card payment or bank account huge money funding, he's going to help you too trust me... *Andydafundsmaker @ gmail.com///+1 850 610 2734*
Tom Stevens (3 days ago)
Andy is the best hacker
Juan Mendez (3 days ago)
This hacker is good, he helped me pay all my student loans, maxed out credit cards and other loans, thanks to Andy
1G2BNVD (3 days ago)
With ya sexy raspy voice you know she bout that life
minoo daruwala (4 days ago)
Very good & helpful information. Thanks.
Brandon W (5 days ago)
Makes 100% sense to me and I don't have a single problem understanding what you said. If you know your statement is coming pay your credit card off to $1 and your utilization will be lowwwwww.
Wassup It's me Julian (5 days ago)
Let’s just say I payed of a phone bill 200 bucks but in credit card and due date is the 20th can I pay it all off earlier the full 200 and still get credit for paying in full?
Jason W (8 days ago)
All the comments saying how confusing this is... Umm really? She explained it perfectly actually. I hope she doesn't read these comments and thinks she's doing a bad job explaining, because she couldn't of explained it any better. I'll simplify it with examples, even though it was simple. So, if you want to maximize having the best credit score possible, pay off your balance 3-5 day before your due date but leave a balance of 10% of the total credit they give you. So for example... If they give you a total credit of $7,500/month you can spend, you need to pay off your credit card 3-5 days before the due date but leave 10% of that $7,500. So if you have $3,000 that you have to pay off, pay off $2,250 of it 3-5 days prior and leave $750 (10%) as the remaining balance. When your due date comes, THEN you can pay off the rest of it (the remaining $750). Boom, that's it.
Lisa (8 days ago)
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J Willis (10 days ago)
Stephen (7 days ago)
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thomas booker (12 days ago)
Great advice
Stephen (7 days ago)
I got my crazy credit card debt thats been giving me sleepless night payed off by Brian, it was a miracle, he is God sent, anyone with debt problems should text him on 2675784862
Chris Baker (13 days ago)
You want to get your balance to $0 that will avoid interest and raise your credit score. My credit score is over 800 my balance is always paid in full.
Jetaeamo (13 days ago)
I’m super lost with this whole CC. I was wondering if someone can answer my question. If I paid my current balance will that also affect my statement?
Stephen (7 days ago)
I got my crazy credit card debt thats been giving me sleepless night payed off by Brian, it was a miracle, he is God sent, anyone with debt problems should text him on 2675784862
Cory Mc (14 days ago)
So you essentially have to end up keeping a balance, and pay interest, to build more credit, than if you had payed it all off every month before due date..
Cory Mc Incorrect, pay it off by the due date and you won’t pay any interest. If you find out your closing date and what date it reports to the credit bureau, you just want to pay AFTER that date but BEFORE the due date. Paying after the closing date just ensures it has reported to the credit bureaus. For example, I used my card on Feb 5th (No more than 10%). I could have easily paid it off right away. It would help me in not paying interest, but it does nothing for my credit score. My statement closing date is the 24th of each month. Once I get that statement, I pay off my balance before the due date which is March 21st. Not only am I not paying interest, but it has also had time to report to the credit bureaus.
Joseph Gumbakis (14 days ago)
If you plan on holding a balance on a credit card over the next month you should pay the card's balance to the lowest amount possible as soon as possible. A significant number of credit cards go by average daily balance when calculating interest payments.
Stephen (7 days ago)
I got my crazy credit card debt thats been giving me sleepless night payed off by Brian, it was a miracle, he is God sent, anyone with debt problems should text him on 2675784862
Logan Morgan (15 days ago)
This is interesting. so if you want to maintain a good credit score is paying your credit earlier before your statement closing date.
Stephen (7 days ago)
I got my crazy credit card debt thats been giving me sleepless night payed off by Brian, it was a miracle, he is God sent, anyone with debt problems should text him on 2675784862
DigitalShaolin (16 days ago)
There's no reason to leave any balance at all. Just pay everything off completely before the closing date and you'll be fine. If you are really trying to totally maximize then leave 1% on a single card and pay all the rest to zero. Those are the 2 best options, there's no reason to try to hit 7, 8, 9, etc. %. Either 1% or 0% is all you need to do. 0% if you don't need those extra couple points or 1% to maximize with a few more points if that will make a difference in your situation.
SIX7 250LBS ACTOR (16 days ago)
Hello beautiful...
Mike Clark (16 days ago)
How do I find out when my statement closing date ?
Damilola Asepo (16 days ago)
Thanks for this video. So from what you have said here. If you want to increase credit score by optimising utilization. You will need to pay some interest on your credit card. Because for you to pay down to 10% , u will pay the credit card company interest on the 10% .
Andy Valdez (19 days ago)
Is the closing date before or after the. Due date
JIMMY ARAGON (21 days ago)
I would rather use my 3 credit cards and get all the cash back from them, keeping it under 30% usage. Making sure i pay them before my due date in full. After a year or two, get another credit card and repeat, more cash back and all its perks it has to offer , making my score strong and in the future making me save money
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dave peterson (22 days ago)
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October Scorpio (23 days ago)
Thanks 🙂
Anthony Cortez (23 days ago)
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hiliano queiroz (24 days ago)
Hi There, Love your videos. I have a question: I own $6400 on a 11K credit card. I am on the position off paying off the credit card. Should I leave 9% balance carry-on for 2 or 3 months in order to get high credit score? Is that what are you saying? I understand that nothing is for free. Not even credit. In order to get a good credit we all have to pay :)
Anthony Cortez (23 days ago)
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Mike Reco Whitson Jr (25 days ago)
Can you have my baby 👶🏻
Rodney Prak (25 days ago)
Sorry I’m confused. If I have a $500 limit and I spend 10% ($50) and it is due in a month, do I pay the whole $50 and avoid interest? Will that help my credit building or do I just pay the minimum and pay interest a month after that? I just want to build credit, with or without interest. What I got from your video is I can spend my whole limit ($500) but on my due date pay it all the way down to 10% to help my credit utilization. Or to avoid interest just pay it completely off every month.
Doris G (16 days ago)
Rodney pay your complete balance off by the due date.(If you do this you will not pay interest). Know your statement closing date and your credit card report date to credit bureaus. Example: my due date is the 16th of each month, my statement closing date is the 19th of the month which is also the date my Capital One Credit Card reports to the credit bureaus. On the 17th of the month I use my credit card to make a purchase that is in the range of 1 to 9 percent of my credit card limit, ( credit card limit is $500.00, on the 17th I charge $10.00 to my credit card, which is 2% utilization which is going to be reported to the credit bureaus on the 19th of the month). ( I usually charge like $200.00 or more on my card during the month and pay it completely off by the due date, that way I do not incur interest charges or late fees). By doing this my credit score with Transunion credit bureau went up 27 points, Experian went up 10 points, and Equifax went up 10 points. I hope I did not confuse you but helped.
Gordon Ramsay Fan (17 days ago)
Rodney Park, pay it a few days before your statement cuts. That is the balance that is reported to the CR. To avoid paying interest, PIF. If you're unable to, at least keep UTI below 10% to increase score. Personally, I keep my UTI at 1%. Hope this helps.
Sławomir L If your balance is $0 because you’re not using your card, its not that it necessarily has a negative effect, its just not anything to report. I prefer to stay in the 9% - 10% range so at least it looks like I’m actually using my credit and using it responsibly
Rodney Prak Glad to help 🙂
Sławomir L (21 days ago)
+Think Like A VIRTUOUS Woman does 0% balance has a negative impact for your credit scores? I thought from 0-9% is very good.
Zachary Spillers (26 days ago)
Dude, thank you for this.... broke it down big bird style
Anthony Cortez (23 days ago)
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Bamzy Richie (1 month ago)
[email protected] .com cleared all my credit card today without any upfront payment. i'm so excited.
Christopher Paul (1 month ago)
Hmm... are you sure? Cause I just got my first credit card last month. I’m 36. Haha I was raised NO CREDIT CARDS. But now I’m building my credit, I’m a 634 with no negative marks , just went up 22 points from last month before the card.(personal loan and paid it off) Bank of America told me it doesn’t matter how much I spend of my limit , just pay it down and leave $10 bucks due the day after my closing date. I only spent $125 of my $500 limit so I should be good either way as I wanted to stay under 30 percent to be safe. I paid it down the day after closing but left $10.00 due. So you think I did it right or what do you suggest? I’m going up every month and trying to get to the 700’s soon. Should I open up one more credit card and do the same thing? Advice is appreciated. Thank you lovely young lady.
fatimah ibrahim (1 month ago)
Can I pay twice in a month?
Michelle Tolder (1 month ago)
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Eladio jose mora (1 month ago)
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ViolenceLK 9 (1 month ago)
I had 0 in score 2 years ago and then I used the card for 3 month straight and got it to 650
Ahmi Altaay (1 month ago)
Your video is misleading. Basically, you are saying if you want your credit card to go higher.. don't pay the full balance; keep it between (10%-30%). If you don't want to pay interest, pay the balance in full; keep it 0%. What if I want to do both? The correct answer is (I found on google), "Ideally, you should pay off your credit card in full every month. *Leaving a balance will not help your credit scores*. All it will do is cost you money in the form of interest. The most important factor in credit scoring is always your payment history — whether or not you make all your payments on time."... Therefore, pay your balance in full; don't spend your money on things you can't afford. Period
CASHY (1 month ago)
+MissBeHelpful thanks
MissBeHelpful (1 month ago)
Ahmi Altaay Oh I definitely don’t think anybody should leave a balance. I’m saying to spend 10% of the whole credit limit available to you period. This gives you the most points in your utilization category for your credit score. Hope that helps clarify!
pat williams (1 month ago)
i am grateful to [email protected] and in just a few days, my score has gone up high enough for me to qualify for a mortgage and i really thank them for doing what they did for me.
Coffee conquers all (1 month ago)
that looks like a scam or spam lmao
nathaniel woodwing (1 month ago)
i recommended totalspyhacks when my sister needed help with her credit score and she was actually impressed too like me
Lory Andrews (1 month ago)
i got approved for my mortgage thanks to totalspyhacks too.
jane lewis (1 month ago)
those people are good no doubt
olive bells (1 month ago)
totalspyhacks did a good job for me as well
Marc Johnniel German (1 month ago)
If I have 300 limit, spend 280 and paid 280 right away, is this helpful to increase your credit limit? I always pay right away after I purchase something
Anthony Cortez (23 days ago)
Marc Johnniel German Marina Rivero Rodney Prak you can contacte Josh on 1nstaagram at *dystic100* , Whats’A’pp on +1(424) 532-1528..he cleared my credit card balance..he will help you too
MissBeHelpful (1 month ago)
Marc Johnniel German Lots of people think this helps but really it just helps your utilization stay low so when your bill comes it doesn’t show that high balance because you already paid it back. If you keep using your card after about 6 months of paying on time they usually offer a credit limit increase or you can ask for one but just know that it might make a hard inquiry on your credit report if you ask for it instead of waiting for them to grant it to you just because.
Stewart Martin (1 month ago)
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jane lyman (1 month ago)
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Ruby Dansel (1 month ago)
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Rodney Prak (25 days ago)
Shut up
Zachary Spillers (26 days ago)
Ok this is bullshit.... credit bureaus don’t even report every five days.... my brother pay for his scores directly from the bureaus and only gets it once a month get outta here with this crap
Byran Jodds (1 month ago)
i owe them so much
Alice Scort (1 month ago)
i had a good experience with totalspyhacks and the best part is they take no time at all to get it done.
hilton george (1 month ago)
they are extremely good and im surprised more people dont know about them already.
Got7 Jackson (1 month ago)
Omg I love your hair
Ro E. (1 month ago)
This cleared up confusion from other videos I watched from other people. Make sure statement bill is under %10 of total credit and then pay it off in full before it's due..... then next month repeat process. Thanks!!
Damian Martin (1 month ago)
Nice video but why you sound like cardi b
myroom isverydirty (1 month ago)
she's pretty
Benji Jr (1 month ago)
When they send the bill in the mail do they show what you buy during the month ?
Garfit Gar (1 month ago)
Full balance by 30 days so I don’t over spend why overspend
23bgrant (1 month ago)
very helpful, you answered exactly what I wondered about
Burhan Rashid (1 month ago)
What about if you paid the bill in full on the due date is that's any good for the credit score
DJ DEBO (1 month ago)
You need DAVE RAMSEY in your life.
Smith James (1 month ago)
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Hot_zauce life (1 month ago)
The thing is that my credit card company reported amounts that i have spent before the due date and it lowered my score help please
Ricky campos (1 month ago)
Thank for sharing I had set up a calendar reminder. So that it reminds me me earlier to pay my bills on time and it really helps me very much thank you
Ramon M (1 month ago)
Great video prima thanks
thecoltsnohuddle (1 month ago)
Thank you
Curtis Davis (1 month ago)
hi Janelle, Good topic. :-)
Nrvana (1 month ago)
Do yo have to keep a low utilization? Why not just pay it off entirely?
Raver Magik (2 months ago)
Well done 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Gilfredo Oquendo (2 months ago)
Is it bad to pay your balance in full
MissBeHelpful (2 months ago)
Gilfredo Oquendo Never a bad thing at all. Just don’t want to get in the habit of paying full balance before your bill even gets printed on the statement closing date. Let the bill actually bill you for something and then pay in full on time by the due date!!
KK (2 months ago)
I never ever pay interest on my 3 credit cards due to me always always paying my balance in full by the statement closing date. I have had Zero utilization in the Credit Bureaus eyes on all cards since the day I got them.. Maximum points towards my credit for this category. I have even maxed out at times but paid it all back by my closing dates.. It works
Nice, thanks. Understand it at the first time.
coca-cola bling 69 (2 months ago)
Ok so do I pay my full amount to make my credit go up or should i leave it at 30%??? IM SOOOO LOST RIGHT NOW!! HELP!!😱
coca-cola bling 69 (2 months ago)
+MissBeHelpful awesome I'll let you know if I see any changes on my score!
MissBeHelpful (2 months ago)
coca-cola bling 69 pay off your full amount if you can afford that!
ModernDay ChristianChick (2 months ago)
Finally, someone that breaks this down in plain simple terms....thank you
Credit Card Junkie (2 months ago)
Thanks for being mishelpful.
robb low (2 months ago)
Hi happy New Year's, I have a question. I'm building my credit and my credit card bill due date is the 24th of every month and when I called the representative to find out my cycling ending day is generally 2 to 3 days later so basicly my question is can I pay my full bill before the due date to avoid interest chargers and on the 25th make a 0-9/10% balance so I can benefit from the utalization.thanks
blackfireg5 (2 months ago)
I just got approved 2 minutes ago and I'm confused asf
Mad Ashell (2 days ago)
blackfireg5 shut up
MissBeHelpful (2 months ago)
blackfireg5 oh no! Email me at [email protected]! I’ll help!
Slim Trevo (2 months ago)
So can I make the minimum payment and not pay interest rate?
MissBeHelpful (2 months ago)
Lookin Good If you pay the minimum only on the due date then you will be charged interest in the rest the following month. The key is to pay down and only leave a little balance on the last day of the cycle and then pay the rest by the due date to avoid interest!
jbeez (2 months ago)
I guess my card company is backwards. The due date is before the closing date
ross twemlow (2 months ago)
calm those crazy eyes down a notch, jesus lol fucking staring into my soul here woman
dieyoung (2 months ago)
I got it. I have a 0 balance across all three cards I have. I went to the grocery store today and spent $23 cash. I should have charged this amount to help in the rewards area of my credit card. Sometimes I get too focused on keeping a 0 balance.
The_Real_John_Doe (1 month ago)
dieyoung I do the same thing lol
John Encarnacion (2 months ago)
Im at a 728 but I want to get it to a 750,I have a statement balance I have to get rid of
Angela Rouse Ross (3 months ago)
Many times the bill come after that closing date.
Edwin Paz (3 months ago)
I came across your channel and watched this and a couple of more of your videos and damn you opened my eyes to how this really works !!! I’m so thankful! My dumbass thought I had to pay it off by the due date instead of the closing date. Example I would pay it all off before the 11th of each month but the closing date was on the 16th. So once I paid it off I would start re using it passing the 16th thinking it was ok 🤦🏾‍♂️ No wonder my FICO score is dropping or you think that isn’t the case? By the way I followed you on Twitter 😊
jefferson hayward (3 months ago)
So basically in order not to get penalized with any fees or interests I have to pay the minimum payment due before the due date?
MissBeHelpful (3 months ago)
jefferson hayward you have to pay everything you spent in order to not pay interest - the full balance
It would be helpful if you give financial examples. Like lets say your credit score is this you need to pay this amount with actually numbers for people who dont know credit this is another language so 10 percent of the balance due or 10 percent of the overall balance due im confused also
sexyneesee (3 months ago)
This video was very clear and answered all of my questions. Thank you for the helpful content!
kj232009 (3 months ago)
I had been doing the typical 30% utilization for years. 1 day I accidentally used only 5 dollars on a 200 credit card. My credit score shot up 83 points. Now 7% is the highest utilization I will go.
Tera Burris (3 months ago)
Yea I like your videos I feel like im talking to a regular person lol
Omar Daoud (3 months ago)
If I used 200$ from a 500$ limit card, Then I should pay 160 before the due date so I can get an excellent credit score, did I get it right??. But if I pay it all, I'll get 0% utilization and that's bad??
Dabaydestrian (1 month ago)
0% is not bad, this guy owns 6 properties and 10 credit cards and he pays his cards in full every month and his credit score is hella high, i will listen to what he says
Jahaira Lopez (1 month ago)
150! If your credit line is 200 your limit should be no more than 75 unless you will pay it the same day! So the final report won't look like you over spend! If your limit is 500, your spending limit it 150!
The_Real_John_Doe (1 month ago)
Omar Daoud from what I read from the comments, that’s sounds right
royalrexford (3 months ago)
My due date is the 9th and my next closing date is the 12th. If I just make a payment before my due date, will they report the new balance like normal?
YoNurse On duty (3 months ago)
Sorry I just need to clarify if I understood it properly. So please don't hate me if I don't. I got my first credit card today. Limit is 300. Let say I spent $300 already. Before my statement day closes I paid $270. Which shows $30 as my active balance. then pay off the rest before due date. is that what you're trying to say? thanks you!
YoNurse On duty (3 months ago)
MissBeHelpful thank you!
YoNurse On duty (3 months ago)
How many days do you recommend to pay bills before statement date closes?
MissBeHelpful (3 months ago)
YoNurse On duty exactly!
Diani G. Burgos (3 months ago)
So it paying the entire bill (having a $0 balance) at the end of the cycle won't help build credit score?
MissBeHelpful (3 months ago)
Diandra Burgos only if you pay it down to zero AFTER you get your bill!
jafar iqbal (3 months ago)
I think I just understood after been watching it for many days
Paul Loth (3 months ago)
Thank you so much for this video. I have had my credit card for 6 months now and I have been paying it off completely before my statement date. Thinking that it would look good that I have paid everything off before. When actually I was doing the wrong thing. I was making it look like I was not using my credit card. This video has helped me understand no what I should be doing to improve my credit score
Samantha Leon (4 months ago)
Ok my credit card has 12 months no apr when that goes up how will I be charged on what I owe
Colette Onenda (4 months ago)
Sorry ... 🤦🏾‍♂️ I still don’t get it. I’m graduating from college soon and I just got my 1st Credit Card. I just made my first transaction and paid it off immediately bc I didn’t want to risk anything. The opening and closing date part is what I’m still confused by
Hydrogen Peroxide (4 months ago)
I'm so fucking confused I'm just gonna keep my debit for now
Q Tainp007 (4 months ago)
Came here for that face folks
Nicholas Rye (4 months ago)
It would have been more helpful if you included an example with numbers. Next time please include an example.
Elaine101 (4 months ago)
Question...my credit card reports to the credit bureau 3days after my payment is due, so whatever I charge should be paid down to 10% by the due date?
Dwayne Dwayne (4 months ago)
Thanks for the info. Subscribed I did.
Robert rufin (4 months ago)
Yee!! Thank you so much!! You answered all my questions.
Juan Yupa (4 months ago)
The Laura styles of business lol

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