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Angular vs React.js vs Vue.js - My Thoughts!

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Angular, React.js or Vue.js? I get this question a lot! Let me share some thoughts on it with you! Early bird offer - Join my course on this topic for only $10: https://www.udemy.com/angular-reactjs-vuejs-quickstart-comparison/?couponCode=YOUTUBE_PROMO Introductions to all three frameworks + detailed comparison included! Want to dive deeper into React or Angular or Vue? React - The Complete Guide for only $12: https://www.udemy.com/react-the-complete-guide-incl-redux/?couponCode=ACAD_YT Angular - The Complete Guide for only $15: https://www.udemy.com/the-complete-guide-to-angular-2/?couponCode=YOUTUBE_2 Vue.js 2 - The Complete Guide for only $15: https://www.udemy.com/vuejs-2-the-complete-guide/?couponCode=YOUTUBE_VUE Want to read instead of watch? Here you go! https://academind.com/learn/javascript/angular-vs-react-vs-vue-my-thoughts/ JS Framework Benchmark: https://github.com/krausest/js-framework-benchmark You can follow Max on Twitter (@maxedapps), like us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/academindchannel/) or visit our Website (https://www.academind.com). See you in the videos!
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Text Comments (1539)
Alex Leung (7 hours ago)
"Why would we sacrifice the native features that HTML and CSS give us?" Actually you are not sacrificing any features AT ALL. Anything that can be done writing pure CSS or HTML can be done to an equal degree or more dynamically with JavaScript. Why, you ask? Because JavaScript can alter the DOM and therefore has the power to change CSS and HTML. The same cannot be said for HTML and CSS. In addition, it seems pretty bizarre that you would complain about the need to learn small change nuances such as className when Angular and Vue both introduce entirely new sets of cryptic syntactical tools that you need to learn from scratch creating templates. className is much simpler for people coming from vanilla HTML to learn than hieroglyphics such as *ngFor or v-bind: Lastly, I think a library that doesn't ship with more doesn't exactly make it worse. Sometimes this can be more of an advantage than not. Case and point is state-management. Angular's state management uses Zone.js for under-the-hood dirty-checking, so the amount of re-renders is often times extremely inefficient. React avoided implementing more than they could get right, and thus Redux is present, and although is pain in the ass to use, it doesn't cause needless re-renders. Vue happens to be a case where they shipped state management AND got it right, so the rule that shipping less is better isn't a set in stone rule, but shipping less is better than shipping more crap.
Vladimir Husnullin (11 hours ago)
I like Vue. It has dependency injection using the @Provide and @Inject annotations...
POSEHI (14 hours ago)
Hi, I just Install React 16.5 version but I'm confused because I'm not able to config the eject for CSS. I'm waiting that you tell us how to config the new version of react and eject and also I'm getting some console Debug error Thank's
Gold Deaggler (1 day ago)
Vue? Angular? Jquery the is the only js framework I'm still using ....
Aki Ren (2 days ago)
React is a library 📚 it even says it on the official page
kemmy91 9 (2 days ago)
Angular 4 in front, Express in back , MongoDb , Node ( they're the best , fastest, most secure, compatible with each others ) .. Don't use React - Ever - guys .. having said that -> You can use Vue but only in small projects, it has some security holes thou !! ..
Alex Leung (7 hours ago)
You should make sure to add in MobX otherwise your stuck with Angular's Zone.js change diffing inefficiencies. See https://youtu.be/gvDudVxYk1Y
Nello Cooper (4 days ago)
I've done a bit of 3 and I'd prefer Vue or Angular over React. I think I'd use Angular for a big enterprise applications and Vue for somethnig more home grown or medium sized application
GamingWithViro -Viro- (6 days ago)
Vue all the way
Rajat Varshney (7 days ago)
hi max can i know on which technology www.academind.com is developed, i want to learn it thanks.
Academind (6 days ago)
The website is built with Nuxt.js Rajat, I actually have a look at the details in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FmujhWcgaiI
karan singh (10 days ago)
the more i work in react, the more i love it.
Dane Cook2 (14 days ago)
I'm totally with you on React. Didn't like it at all.
Ariel Paradise (14 days ago)
One of the reason react is so popular in the uniformity in jsx when working in development teams there are many ways to code and its not always easy to understand each others code. The jsx creates code patterns which speeds up production and development time
Shiming Wu (17 days ago)
VueJs is certainly a great framework 。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。
Gregor Srdic (17 days ago)
Thanks for an interesting insight!
Academind (17 days ago)
Happy to read that you liked the video Gregor!
Captain Knee (20 days ago)
Vuejs is the best because a good developer always makes simply coding not hard coding for people
Ashish Arora (20 days ago)
bro i m confused so much what should i learn Angular , React or Vue . i was thinking abt Vue finally then i think to react . i saw ur video last night i m going for angular . i am thinking for vue again . i m very confused lol . plz help . telme one framework , what is best n helpful .
Academind (20 days ago)
In the end it really depends on the project and your personal preferences. Maybe the updated version of the video or the corresponding article help you to make a decision here: https://academind.com/learn/angular/angular-vs-react-vs-vue-my-thoughts/
Jay P (21 days ago)
I am a fan of JSX, but you brought up a good point -- HTML and CSS already exist. That said, I prefer JSX inline compared to using directives and magical attributes on vanilla HTML. React is worth learning, it's really easy once you get the hang of it. It is more elegant and easier to think about than Vue and Angular, in my opinion.
RichardJinny (21 days ago)
What's your thought on Vaadin? Just write Java without the need to learn JS-frameworks!
Probir Dey (24 days ago)
Can a website build with vuejs be converted into native app
hatrez (24 days ago)
I throw up the first time I saw a react code example. Let's be friends bro
Lalmuanawma khiangte (24 days ago)
I would like to know you thought about Emberjs.
flackernflimmrn (27 days ago)
good video but PLEASE train your "th."
Tobias Gram (28 days ago)
Vanilla JS FTW
hostar2 (28 days ago)
It is posibble to use TypeScript with React as well. The files for that are called TSX and it is like JSX, but with types.
Been using React for almost a year now and all I can say is that React is more focused on SPAs and only SPAs. While Vue looks like you can drop it into any existing project and add rich functionality to it.
Howdy DooDoo (1 month ago)
Angular is a framework. React is a library.
Danish ALI (1 month ago)
Can anybody define and explain a bit or share some link on two of my questions plz _- 1) what does development framework has to do with a Router? (2) what does development framework has to do with network connection type/speed (3g/4g) etc ?
qazyhn94 (1 month ago)
Angular for enterprise, Facebook for media, Vue for startups, young people and teenagers :)
DarkRedman31 (1 month ago)
You forgot to mention CoffeeScript ^^
PhantomKorny (1 month ago)
Gute Videos aber ich kann mir dein extrem deutsch gesprochenes Englisch leider nicht lange anhören. Trotzdem weiter machen!
Academind (1 month ago)
Der Akzent ist leider wie er ist, dennoch freut es mich natürlich, dass dir die Videos trotzdem gefallen.
Dukez Venom (1 month ago)
And im here and not a fan of any of these frameworks. Vue.js is the best for what i need but angular is absolute horseshit, I just do not like a single thing about it. From the routing to the services to the way we need to use typescript, its just bad.
Flemming Lauritzen (1 month ago)
A very thorough comparison of the three frameworks. :-D And it confirmed my choice for which framework to delve into next (Vue FTW!). Thanks!
Academind (1 month ago)
Happy to read that you liked the video and that it was helpful for you Flemming, thank you very much for your comment!
Top Recommender (1 month ago)
I would like to correct you that unlike Angular, React isn't a framework but a library.
michael john siquihod (1 month ago)
Sorry but i prefer to use jQuery library instead of those frameworks because they make things so complicated for me. hahaha
stukelful (1 month ago)
I'd prefer watching your channel if it wasn't like watching a white screen. Maybe have light fonts and a dark back ground - hard on my old eyes
Academind (1 month ago)
Thanks a lot for your feedback, I understand your point but I'm not a big fan of dark backgrounds to be honest, therefore I'll stick to the white ones :)
William Brutzman (1 month ago)
For writing apps that work on phones, tablets and desktops... Google's Material Design is key. I have had trouble with Vue and Material Design. Just now, React seems to be the library of choice for aws... especially AppSync. Together with Material Design, Application STATE is the 2nd over-arching pillar of front-end design... but... how can a pillar be over-arching?
Vishwas Kamath (1 month ago)
Job search results in 1 city in India without adding experience or salary : React- 10815, Angular-4105, vue-18
FlushedFriend (1 month ago)
I have noticed that too Vue jobs seem to be lower compare to React and Angular.
Hey Max, I've bought many of your courses on Udemy... including Angular, React and Vue. And have a comment... I liked Vue, but the mobile part is very infant yet, however in Angular you have Ionic and in React you have React Native. So only for that I will not invest too much in Vue. I'm still split between React and Angular. In my company we use React most of the time because is what we do better, however Angular and Ionic are very tempting, specially since is a hell lot easier to build the CSS and actual HTML.
Sagar Khatri (1 month ago)
Most of the people are voting for Vue.js ! Is this still valid in Mid 2018 or we're way past that ?
Academind (1 month ago)
I just released an updated version of thus video, might be worth having a look if you want to :) https://academind.com/learn/angular/angular-vs-react-vs-vue-my-thoughts/
Wladimir Bandeira (1 month ago)
Are you Professor Maximilian Schwarzmüller? Do you own the channel?
Academind (1 month ago)
I'm Max yes, but I'm not a professor ;) I do own the channel together with my colleague Manuel.
Sivasankar chimata (1 month ago)
Hello sir i am looking for the tutorial on MYSQL with ANGULAR & NODE.JS. So can you please make a video on CRUD operation in MYSQL with ANGULAR & NODE.JS.
Qi-jun Sun (1 month ago)
why do the world like vuejs more? don't you think that reactjs is more forward-looking?
nkendzior (2 months ago)
I dunno why in the middle of the movie his head peeking out from the right bottom corner seemed so funny to me I couldn`t stop laughing :p
Academind (2 months ago)
I could say it was planned like that, but maybe it's just a little video editing error :D
icancto (2 months ago)
> complain about made-up names like className, onClick > proceed to learn and use hundreds of made-up pipes and directives like v-for, *ngIf, etc., instead of using plain JavaScript, which has those implemented in ES6
Academind (2 months ago)
> Use HTML and CSS instead of re-inventing it via JS. I actually got nothing against React by the way - JSX just isn't my favorite way of working with the DOM. Templates + directives don't have to be yours
Muneeb Khan (2 months ago)
For Your kind information React is a library not framwork. You are considering React as a framework and thats your downpoint when you start considering as library you will definiately love it . <3 <3 <3 <3
Academind (2 months ago)
I'm not a fan of JSX and that won't change depending on how you call it. But I got an updated version where I pay great attention to the semantics ;-) => https://academind.com/learn/angular/angular-vs-react-vs-vue-my-thoughts/
BABLU KUMAR (2 months ago)
Any thought about Preact.js?
BABLU KUMAR (2 months ago)
I think you mean "at which point Preact wins" ?? Thanks for your thoughts. Any idea if you want to make a course on that in the near future?
Academind (2 months ago)
I played around with it a bit but never used for anything but very simple apps. I guess its nice if you need the smallest possible bundle but I can't judge at which point React wins when comparing runtime performance.
Jollyprez (2 months ago)
You laud Typescript and bash JSX - both are merely variations on Javascript. BOTH are an extra layer of abstraction and both get in the way.
Jollyprez (2 months ago)
Putting a transpiler atop an interpreted language obfuscates and abstracts-away what is happening in the code. They add arbitrary and often poorly-chosen "magic" keywords and symbols into the code that are different from anything else. In Typescript - the syntax is almost as bad as the old Objective-C Apple inflicted on us back in the 1990s ( nee Next 1980s ). Holy crap it's bad. Question marks for "anything can go here" - which COMPLETELY breaks one of the alleged reasons to add the complexity of TS in the first place: strict typing. It's basically a c++ style "cast" statement which became a shortcut for "I don't have time to fully flesh this out, so eff-it I'll just stuff this here and deal with it later." It also breaks the form-validation that you seem to obsess over. Also, the modularity of TS - especially in Angular 2.x+ has become a nightmare ( in my opinion ) - The "components" ( with all kinds of magic files and incantations ) - and the templates ( harder to use than AngularJS ( 1.x ) aren't any better OR SAFER than what they replace. In fact, they are harder to use in some ways than the ng-include they replace. On a slightly different issue - the fact that Angular ( in particular ) keeps updating and radically changing their framework makes it unusable for a production website. It's just too fragile, and too much of a pain to try to keep-up with whatever fad the team is seduced by seemingly every month.
Academind (2 months ago)
I see your point but I think TS is actually a huge improvement over JS => It makes development much less error-prone. But obviously, you can pick the solution that works best for you and I can understand if that's not TS
Academind (2 months ago)
That is your opinion - thanks for sharing it!
Electron الكترون (2 months ago)
how you make your back ground white ? i uploaded a white video and it becomes gray on youtube
Shayne O'Neill (2 months ago)
Typescript is great. I think what sent everyone screaming initially with Angular 2 was dart. Typescript is really just JS with Static types, and static types means better stability and an IDE able to static analyse things to make really helpful autocomplete. Dart was a straight up new language. But I'm definately on team React these days and JSX is absolutely a new language, of sorts.
Khussal Zamlahani (2 months ago)
it's been a year, now it's angular 6
Academind (2 months ago)
Thanks so much! :)
Khussal Zamlahani (2 months ago)
thank you for replying, it means you really care about your viewers
Academind (2 months ago)
That is true, that's why I just released an updated version of this video and a corresponding article: https://academind.com/learn/angular/angular-vs-react-vs-vue-my-thoughts/
Josh B (2 months ago)
angular honestly made me hate my job and why I quit, I really really hate Angular it is so awful to write and maintain. I am now learning vue, it seems much more intelligently designed
Martín Zaragoza (2 months ago)
es6 is fully compatible with es5. you don't HAVE to learn es6
觅晓风 (2 months ago)
觅晓风 (2 months ago)
Ico (2 months ago)
Hi Max, thank for all the videos. Offtopic, but do you plan to make Laravel ot WP-API course? You helped a lot of people level in front-end, can you do the same for the back-end? Laravel and Lumen + Vue courses would be great.
Academind (2 months ago)
Great to read that you like the videos, thanks a lot for sharing this! Currently I do not plan to create such a course in the near future, I might create other Laravel videos here on the channel but that's also not something I can promise right now.
Denislav Badavrov (2 months ago)
Thank you Seth Rogen.
Academind (2 months ago)
Always happy to help :D
Ace (2 months ago)
im still waiting for angular 33 before i start using it. LOL
Academind (2 months ago)
Well, we also got 16 different React versions (even more depending on how you count it) and no one is complaining about that I guess ;)
Stunning Mesh (2 months ago)
Hi, Can i have 100% Free Coupon Code for your Courses? i will be very very very Thankfull to you <3 Hope you will not ignore thanks
Stunning Mesh (2 months ago)
Thank yew for replying <3
Academind (2 months ago)
I'm sorry, but we do not offer our courses for free. You can find a lot of free content here and on our website though: https://academind.com/learn
Hassan Heshmat (2 months ago)
هل تجيد التحدث بالعربيه
Vlad Trishch (2 months ago)
Well, for me the key feature React and it's eco-system offer is the ability to properly manage the state of the whole app thanks to the fact that React promotes writing things in a declarative manner. Being sure that all the data you need is (or at least is supposed to be) immutable and you can actually rely on it without expecting something to break, just means a lot to me.
Diego Leonardo Puente (2 months ago)
"have you tried turning it off and on again"
ROHIT MOURYA (2 months ago)
can you please guide me i have done Angular 2 certification what next should i go for (phone gap, cordova) or node js which will be best if there is better option then this then also please reply me
Miuoshki (2 months ago)
I want to learn vue.js (Thinking about this course: https://www.udemy.com/vuejs-2-the-complete-guide/#instructor-1) to write a web client for my backend rest api. (Why vue? Why not ¯_(ツ)_/¯?) Never worked on frontend before though. Do you know of any courses, free or not, in form of text, videos or a book, doesn't matter, through which I could gather all the necessary knowledge on html/css/js to start learning vue.js?
Academind (2 months ago)
Great to read that you're interested into my Vue course. We actually got a lot of resources including a free HTML series (https://academind.com/learn/html), a complete CSS course (https://www.udemy.com/css-the-complete-guide-incl-flexbox-grid-sass/?couponCode=ACAD_M) and a JavaScript course (https://www.udemy.com/javascript-bootcamp-2016/learn/v4/?couponCode=ACAD_M). With these, the basics should be set and you're ready for Vue :)
Chicler (2 months ago)
Nice vid :)
Jordan Cotter (2 months ago)
I've worked in Vue and React (not Anguar since 1.x) and I prefer Vue simply because of the separation of concerns. While your code in Vue will always be logically separated (unless maybe if you use JSX with Vue, which I have not), React can turn into spaghetti code real quick if you aren't careful.
robert haydn (2 months ago)
Vue is the best among the 2 frameworks :) VUE rocks!! \m/
Was not expecting 10:24 :D
Academind (2 months ago)
Norman Klein (2 months ago)
How about they all suck. Let's face it at the end of the day, you're still stuck with a crappy looking HTML web application. In particular, none of them can produce full featured graphics and are trapped within the CRUD paradigm. They will also only support the most basic coordinated animation capabilities. These shortcomings are obvious, so why do all web developers nod their heads in unison and chant "HTML5 rocks!!!". Its like conversing with a bunch of brainwashed automations.
unamed (2 months ago)
i use class on my jsx files, works fine.
Ahmed Hadi (2 months ago)
Vue developers, do you have sex prior coding? lol just kidding Max is for sure the BEST instructor EVER!
Academind (2 months ago)
Maybe we should start a poll :D But thanks a lot for your awesome feedback and support Ahmed, this honestly means a lot to me!
Danila Alpatov (2 months ago)
1) React is not a framework 2) Does learning es6 is even questionable nowadays? Why are you talking about it like its some sort of an optional knowledge?
Academind (2 months ago)
Totally agree on the ES6 part but not everyone is just getting started with JS. Believe it or not, I get questions like "What does 'let' mean?" a lot and hence any assumptions on ES6 being the standard for everyone are wrong. Does of course not mean that a library/ framework/ whatever-you-want-to-name-it using ES6 (or strongly benefiting from it) is bad. Regarding the "Library vs Framework" thing: What do we gain by differentiating? For learning React, this doesn't matter. For comparing Angular and React it doesn't either. But yes, you are right, it is a library.
Danila Alpatov (2 months ago)
1) You woudn't call jQuery a framework, does you? Nothing is bad about letting students know that "while react is technically not a framework, it solves the same sort of problems so can be compared to Vue and Angular". Thats instantly gives wider vision on existence of different architectures and existence of architecture at all, and thats sounds good for me personally. 2) I am only assuming that ES6 is not a "pro prerogative", but almost minimal requirement for js developer in 2017-18, especially concidering very small amount of actual changes in the language between es5 and es6. ES6 takes literally couple of days to "learn" if you already familiar with ES5 JS, so how learning it can be con of the framework/lib?
Academind (2 months ago)
1) Yay! Religious War! Seriously - people choose between React, Angular, Vue - I guess you get the point of the video. ;-) 2) Why are you assuming everyone's a pro? If you're diving into web development, you'll still see a lot of ES5 code. Obviously, ES6 is becoming the new default but don't act like it's the standard for everyone already. Besides - the video was recorded over a year ago.
CLIVE MAC (3 months ago)
Isn't React a library rather than a framework?
Academind (3 months ago)
It is but I'm not a fan of these "definition wars". You use it as an alternative to Angular + Vue and if you add react router and redux (which are NOT part of it, I know) you get a similar set of features. This is how people use it (for SPAs), this is how I talk about it ;-)
Zug G (3 months ago)
very reasonable, rings very true
Mithilesh Meshram (3 months ago)
React is combing designer and developer profile , and making everyone a full stack developer. i think thats the future. Cause designing is something , that doesnt involve huge skills , you get stock design components online, and you just have to edit them. no one designs everything from scratch these days. However development needs logic , what logic and framework you apply , it totally depends. With React you can use firebase / node / jquery / etc etc. its a plithora of library . and it gives you a lot of freedom , to do things in a 100 different ways . which is why i would vote for React and Vue , however vue is something i havent implemented much.
Nishant Dubey (1 month ago)
You are so wrong here bro :) .... Did you forget about pre written libraries developers use ? Or the code snippets from stack overflow ? Designing is as hard as developing if you know what good design is! Which only a trained designer will know. I am from India and it seems you are too(but I might be wrong) that's why I know due to the Engineer / Doctor mentality we have less regards for design courses and designers. To be honest that's not just you every developer in India thinks that. Try to broaden your thinking and then you might realise designing a good product (here app/website) is equally difficult. That's why seasoned developers in with no regard for designers create ugly apps or websites coz they are never trained in color theory, design rules, good ux design etc. You can see endless examples of this with a simple Google search.
Ricky Boyce (3 months ago)
Been working with Angular for the last month and would have to say its all logistics. The scalability of angular is overstated, you can create a backbone application more modular than that what angular can give you. With a good understanding of modular / component paradigms, you can have less points of reference through large applications with backbone / vue. Also many teams that use angular, use it as an excuse to write terrible code. Working on application at the moment that when registering a new component, you need to edit 10 different files, excluding the component itself haha. I look at my past applications every couple of days to relieve stress. Man this makes me sound like a dick haha. Two way data-binding is a myth lol.
Iar De (3 months ago)
Academind, thanks, finally, a good, sane comparison out of all other comparisons, that I have seen. Your video has helped me to choose the right framework to learn - vue. I also prefer the separation of pure html, js and style.
Academind (3 months ago)
Thank you very much for your great feedback! Great to read that the video helped you, I also like to work with Vue a lot :)
Gavin Meier (3 months ago)
I think your bias to Angular... JSX gives you cleaner looking code. You have reuse stateless components. React is the quickest as well because it is only the V in the MVC. Vuejs is really cool though, if you want to build quick, use VueJS. The only problem is there is no support for it really. There is only like three plugins for certain things where if you choose React you get TONS of options.
YJ's Tech (3 months ago)
gr8 comparison 👍🙂
Academind (3 months ago)
Thank you :)
Shamim Hossain (3 months ago)
I always love your informative tutorials. I would like this too if you discuss here about Making a SEO friendly web app. Which framework will be better for making web app SEO friendly. I know about server side rendering in Angular and Vue might be in React too. But I found server side rendering in Angular is very tough. Third party library like ngx-bootstrap, facebook sdk etc break the server side rendering in build step. Also found slow performance in initial page loading etc. I would be very very grateful to you if you explain comparatively which framework is best for making SEO friendly and easy integration of third party libraries.
Luis Filip Paço (3 months ago)
Claro conciso e coerente. Obrigado.
Academind (3 months ago)
Obrigado Luis :)
Daniel Balfour (3 months ago)
Very well put Max! Like you, I prefer the all encompassing King of SPAs, Angular :)
Academind (3 months ago)
Glad to hear you liked it!
Jholachhap Engineers (3 months ago)
can you create an e commerce project on Reactjs
Academind (3 months ago)
Yes you can!
Petey Hayman (3 months ago)
such a helpful video, i would 1 up the documentation for angular, im learning it at the moment and find it very well structured and a pleasure to work with
Patrick Mullady (3 months ago)
I enjoy your videos. I would be interested on your thoughts on this same topic now that its over a year later. I am loving Vue right now but I'd be curious to hear your findings a year after making this video. Thanks!
Academind (3 months ago)
You're right - I'll probably do an update at some point. Some things have changed indeed
David B (3 months ago)
Travis Mix (3 months ago)
Havent used vuejs yet but i have to say that i prefer angular as my code is easy to keep organized. Everytime i have to use react i hate it because the way things work with react it tends to end with messy harder to maintain code thats smells really bad. Maybe that comes from my c++/c# background though
SAID ASSEMLAL (3 months ago)
Angular has become painful with every version released, react is cool, jsx isn't that bad even people criticize it the most while being asked to give an opinion about reactjs, but VueJS is nothing compared with these two, easier, well documented, and fun to work with! Facts are facts.
Maytham Fahmi (3 months ago)
Informative video I like it, but what happened at 6.43-6.45 slow motion :)
Academind (3 months ago)
Happy to read that you like the video Maytham! I think there was a little special effect in the video ;)
Anthony Falcon (3 months ago)
I reason I like React (With Styled Components) is because I can put everything that is relevant to a component in the same file. Less spaghetti code. Everything is self-contained.
Sheikh Sahil Ali (3 months ago)
React gives you selective DOM manipulation. When properly designed especially for dashboards, this feature can be great to have independently polling widgets
kizuna astin (3 months ago)
Node vs PHP (Laravel) = Angular vs Vue
kizuna astin (3 months ago)
Simplicity, that's how framework should be learned, and that is vue js. Angular has a lot of redundancy
Kunglaw Ady (3 months ago)
x x (3 months ago)
Phil Pan (3 months ago)
This video is useless personal opinion and zero rational analysis
Academind (3 months ago)
Well Phil, the video is called "My Thoughts" and that's what it includes :)
Sudheej Sudhakaran (3 months ago)
Angular Fanboy !! React is just awesome, he cannot get around JSX lol
Academind (3 months ago)
I work with React, too, by the way. It's a problem that we have religious wars between frameworks. Instead we should embrace the broad and versatile toolset we have.
Academind (3 months ago)
I don't think I'm a fanboy Sudheej, these are just "My Thoughts" as stated in the video title...
Zaarc Baan (3 months ago)
Personally React is much better than Angular.
Mahesh Reddy Gorla (3 months ago)
Can any one suggest a best angular course on Udemy.
Academind (3 months ago)
Even though I obviously like it because I'm the creator, I would argue that my course is the most comprehensive and complete course you can get there => https://www.udemy.com/the-complete-guide-to-angular-2/?couponCode=ACAD_M
Dewald Laubscher (3 months ago)
Nailed it! I love angular because typescript can make the app more maintainable.
Enemaku Achema (4 months ago)
And at the end of the day the client wants something that works.
Academind (3 months ago)
That is absolutely true - and sometimes overlooked in the whole "tech war" ;)

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