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How to Raise Money as an Entrepreneur

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How do you raise money? How do you find investors? How do you take your company from an idea to raising capital for it? Patrick covers these topics as well as the 10 questions to ask before raining money for your business. Don't forget to subscribe to Valuetainment http://bit.ly/2aPEwD4 Visit the official Valuetainment Store for gear: https://www.valuetainmentstore.com/ Valuetainment How To Episode #1 - Download your free PDF here: http://www.patrickbetdavid.com/how-to-raise-money/
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Valuetainment (2 months ago)
The First LIVE Valuetainment Conference for Entrepreneurs is here. An event you won't want to miss hosted by Patrick Bet-David. For tickets and details visit: https://www.valuetainment.com
Clevon Teesdale (1 month ago)
Hi Valuetainment , my team would love if this topic would be covered at Vault
Den Yuan (17 hours ago)
Step 1 Have a lot of money Step 2 Start a business
Cesar Zamora (22 hours ago)
Love the content, thank you for your advise, I been an entrepreneur all my life and I recently enter into a business of raise money for companies and projects I mean I need to look for investor and offer them a line of projects where they will be comfortable to invest. Are you been in these type of business if so I will like to hear any advise that you may have . Thank you
Jim Paar (2 days ago)
Great video, needed this being I am raising $22 million right now for an incredible technology company that is forecasted for $400 million in the first 12 months. Thanks Patrick, it was great meeting you at 10X
Tong Xiong (10 days ago)
I and my brothers founded a social network App called WhoReact. It's a great social network App. We are also looking for investors too. Good luck for all of you.
Thank You Valuetainment, your vids always got great content.
Danut Nistor (20 days ago)
Jackie Khoa Pham (22 days ago)
Thank you very much for the guidance. I am following your instruction 100% to raise money for my start up now. Fingers crossed!
Noah kev (24 days ago)
so valuable thanks man
Anhad Singha (27 days ago)
What if it's specifically for further studies not for business? What do the investors expect in return apart from the rebate from art foundations?
Anhad Singha (27 days ago)
What if it's specifically for further studies not for business? What do the investors expect in return apart from the rebate from art foundations?
Jonathan Houshanian (27 days ago)
Great video! What type of camera are you using?
Brandon Coley (1 month ago)
Lutherangrants com just sent me over $30,000 from their grant schemes for my business funding .I am indeed thankful to them.
Joshua Palmer (1 month ago)
Mr. Valuetainment ,I have not just an idea, however a NEED. A service that is needed for any person(s) who livesin or owns a residential property. I have generated this buisness plan for a new home improvement company that specializes in new era building materials. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Lets consult
Vaibhav Dang (1 month ago)
Wow I suck at basic maths. Thanks for uploading this video. I'm a disgrace to asia
Brandon Coley (2 months ago)
After so many failed attempt to get grants i finally got $21,000 grant from lutherangrants,com
sylas Rosemary (2 months ago)
I received grant of $20,000 from acornsgrnats com to fund my business
Shaylah Harris (2 months ago)
pushingforpurpose.net Donate&earn
Larry Appelbaum (2 months ago)
I have done several startups and wished I had this video 15 years ago! It would have saved me so much headache. Great job Pat!
SPK Radio TV & Print (2 months ago)
Yes , unemployment is possible Regards Gaven Malope South Africa
Ojb the great (2 months ago)
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Regina k (2 months ago)
this is the best content I have seen in a while so informative thank you so much
Francis Maneja (2 months ago)
Hi Co-valuetainers! What’s the video where sending shoes to investors is discussed? Thank you very much!
The Badge Life (2 months ago)
One of the best videos 👍🏽
kevxxx7 (2 months ago)
Hitting the like button even before the video starts playing , now that's #valuetainment !!!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
Jason Chase (2 months ago)
What can I do for you for 15 minutes of your time/consultation?
Jason Chase (2 months ago)
What if all your friends and family are broke, you already invested $40,000.00 on your own and you don't know any investors or mentors or advisors. How do you find these people.
Michael A. Castaneda (2 months ago)
This was great. Love the message at the end!
Michael Hamutenya (3 months ago)
great lecture I am in Namibia Looking for any one that want to go with me in Solar Power Business. building a power Plant and Grid installations. get me at +264811452828
Morgan Smith (3 months ago)
Thanks to globalcyberaids,com for a successful transfer, I can now start my own business
Zuubee.com (3 months ago)
Thank you, Great information!
johnny walker (3 months ago)
Elevators, escalators, forklifts and cranes
rememberthedays13 (3 months ago)
the content you post is just brilliant patrick, you even share these pdfs that make it 20x times easier to digest, thank you so much!
raymond kairouz (3 months ago)
Great video! Question: How do you protect your idea when you want to ask a 3rd party for money? What if they take it and implement it without you through someone else they know?
AgGrad (3 months ago)
tips in minute 23:00 are eerily similar to the tips at 4:28 of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqRBN7qvyxs
Jan BH (3 months ago)
Who wants to talk about business here. I need an investor. I'm in the business for 3 years. Message me.
M B (3 months ago)
Dut Dut Dut Dut Dut... lol
Alpas Travel (3 months ago)
Very comprehensive. Thank you, Patrick. ( unique accent - I love it.) You are at a million subs did you plan your worldwide event or is it in the works? Let me know if you need volunteers.
DeCarlo Calloway (3 months ago)
Thank you for this video, and for having actual fucking information!!! All these “entrepreneur” videos talk and talk with little actual content. This was very specific, and excellent insight. Respect.
TODIK KHAJIKIAN (3 months ago)
Thank you great video really needed this
Alex Heravi (3 months ago)
Very real and honest, easy to understand, thank you
Mat Thachireth (3 months ago)
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Njofie Wilson (3 months ago)
The best ever video I have watched on how to raise money for my business. Thank you very much sir Patrick. I like your passion in the way you teach.
Ryan Layman (3 months ago)
I started watching your videos about 10 days ago I watch at least 1 a day sometimes 2. That’s been my morning ritual. I liked this video because I started with an angel investor, it was my grandparents. I sold my mustang and my tanning salon and was short about 25k I asked my grandparents for the money and after some persuasion they gave it to me with a 10% equity in my company. That was 3 years ago since then I have dumped every dollar I made back into it and grew my company to 12 shops. We franchised the name and are now selling franchises. The name of our shop is called You Suck Vapes. We have become the largest vape shop in Oklahoma and we plan to expand to 25 shops in 2019. Everything you have said I take to heart and use it some way thank you Pactrick
Djeric Media (3 months ago)
Hello, I am Dusan, I’m 16 and from Serbia. I want to start my own online business, but I need 500$. I want to work for it, I’m really good at digital marketing and I can help your business a lot. If there are any interested people, comment on this and I”ll contact you. Thanks! ............................ Like so more people can see this... Thank you!🙏🏼
Ruri Garcia (3 months ago)
I really saw the heart in this video
Yermek Dostanov (3 months ago)
Super Value! THANK YOU! 🙏🏻
Janet 19 (4 months ago)
Pat can you make a video about you talking about the stock market on how to buy, & invest into the stock market.?
Emmanuel Uweh (4 months ago)
You're such a blessing to this world. My thoughts are if "I had to, I'll use my last penny to stay subscribed for this good content" . This is a billion dollar YouTube channel!
John Acheson (4 months ago)
How would you value Fleer in 2018, the dormant brand on UD's balance sheet???
Gudtz Z (4 months ago)
I know a guy who started on credit cards and sold later with over a million for his corp ?
Natasha Wright (4 months ago)
How about the less fortunate ones??? Some people don’t have family/friends members that can give them 50k, 100k and/or have good credit. USA don’t have good credit this country is basically living off of credit and in debt with other countries so how they expect majority of people in USA to have good credit. Some of these criteria’s be ridiculous that they are asking. People shift to different careers everyday so if you come from healthcare to starting a business in real estate they not trying to give you a chance because of lack of experience it’s sad because a lot lenders are looking for experiences but them same experiences people had to start fresh at one time too and they gotten a chance. A lot of you guys said “oh the money there for you, you just gotta go get it” well that’s what I’m trying to do but NOBODY trying to give me a chance it’s sad....but that’s my thought on this
Amin GOLVARI (4 months ago)
ممنون بابت ویدئوهای جالب و زیبات. من تقریبا همه رو دنبال میکنم و باید بگم تو فوق العاده ای.
Angelica Xavier (4 months ago)
I'm 21 and have no savings 😂😂 how am I gonna start a business?
thatguy (4 months ago)
Like this 17 year old with no savings from a poor family. I basically took a small lone ($75) from friends and bought (for my business) 2 blank skateboards, and wheels, paint, ect to start a skateboard business. Now (though I just started) got over $150 and im sure I will continue to grow. If I can do skateboards with $75 I'm sure a adult with a job can start any business just gotta start small.
Rodrigo A (4 months ago)
Such a incredible explanation. Clarifies too much for me and I got a lot of insights on it. Thank you :)
Petite Peds (4 months ago)
Thank you for the very informative video. I have long wanted to find out the different ways to raise capital for my business. Thank you for your free advice.
P.F.I Magazine (4 months ago)
I want to know how to best contact you. Need some advice . I promise I have my shit together (time is valuable) 😂 just need a few pointers
Lumaport (4 months ago)
Incredible video, thank you.
LMathews (4 months ago)
Dude😢I love you man. You've just given me so much ... how soon even give back to u 😭. Thank you for sharing, I'm starting a mega greenhouse project for veggies and need help to add into my own savings. But I'll start alone nonetheless.
Raquel Freeman (4 months ago)
The Hulk in the back ground is cool! love the show!
Danny 'Dharma Zen' Tseng (4 months ago)
$$$$$$$$$$$ Great video! I'm the Founder/CEO/Chairman of clean utility & energy efficiency company, Florida Energy & Sun (FES). Please enjoy a FREE copy of my "10 Energy & $$$-Saving Tips" guide at: https://tinyurl.com/10EnergySavingTips (for a longer, "88-Point Energy Efficiency Checklist," (a $10,000 value) click-on https://tinyurl.com/LowerMyKWH $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Kairos Siddhartha Kaizen (4 months ago)
Step one: be able to talk like this guy, and also have a similar healthy physique (muscles, or curves). it's sad, but true. just being able to look good and healthy, and conversate fluidly, is 50% of the battle. did you say vitalik buterin? it was all his dad Dmitry Buterin that got VItalik even plugged in (and more importantly, funded, and fed with actual food).
Rani Ramchandani (4 months ago)
This is so great, simple and informational, Pat. Thanks!
Moose Bme (5 months ago)
This is the video that (finally) got me to subscribe. Another GREAT JOB, THANKS;)!
Mercules (5 months ago)
My problem is that my idea isn't patented and I have no money to pay for the process I have a 9X idea
BROTHERS CHANNEL (5 months ago)
no.1 channel for entrepreneur.
Sanjay Singh (5 months ago)
Hey Pat, any video on investment math?
Deborah Joy (5 months ago)
Expeditetools are good folks. I had bad time in my business and had bad credit but with the $300,000 I received from them.
Thierry Bienvenu (6 months ago)
Thanks for the advice
Empress Kay (6 months ago)
Awesome video bro. What about investing your money for maximum profits? I think it's best to invest the little you have and when you have high returns, then you can build your enterprise. I will recommend this platform bit.ly/Best-Investment for it's stability and ability to pay 600% ROI
yan ary prasetyo (6 months ago)
Good video i like it Excuse me to only share information, hopefully useful How To Launch Your Own Woodworking Business For Under $1000 & Make $90,000 to $150,000 a year! https://bit.ly/2NttAQc
Georges (6 months ago)
Hey Path, tell your cameraman that he has to light you better so you don’t look tired. Dark eye shadows is the first thing to correct when you’re lighting someone 💡
Duane Denny (6 months ago)
This has reinforced things I have been learning and taught me so much more. Thank you.
Sherman Landskie (6 months ago)
I have what I believe is an awesome multi-million dollar a year generating business model (Very similar to eBates and others). However, the problem is, I have ZERO funds to launch the business? nor a clue as to how to raise the approximate $150K to begin. So what advice would you give those like myself, to seek the necessary funds needed, AND at the same time (Most Importantly) protect my business model from being stolen from those potential investors who have the financial means to boot me out and make my dream, their reality?
Poly Sheep (6 months ago)
Wow...great video. You are so informative and knowledgeble..i love it. Thank you so much for taking the time n effort to share it with everyone. God Bless.
Patrick - I discovered you literally last week - totally obsessed with your videos. I feel like I am getting my PHD in entrepreneurship and at the perfect moment in my life and career. Everything you say speaks to me 100% and I am so fired up. I am aiming for Broadway and will send you an invitation to opening night...!
SaveAsss (6 months ago)
Brlliant! Thank you for the energy. Looking for AI who invest in AI 😁
Karyn Calgary (6 months ago)
I took notes the whole time nd then there's a PDF! Lol thanks bro! Great info and advice.
Jp Jp (6 months ago)
How do i bring up my credit score? I'm not sure why it's in the 600s. I haven't defaulted or made any late payments. In fact, I cancelled all my credit cards because i don't need them. Haven't used them in a decade. It's easier that way.
Lazy Tycoon (6 months ago)
Control is everything.
Manifest Glory (6 months ago)
Fantastic topic Patrick. Learnt a lot from here and I know how to get funding for my next project. Thanks for the good work
b1rdkeeper S (6 months ago)
Pure fucking gold man. Thank you. Learning so much from this channel!
Just Baazaar (7 months ago)
JustBaazaar.com looking for investors. A leading Business directory working since January 2016.
Gaby Fernandez Vasquez (7 months ago)
Help I need a smart person like you.
Clash WorldWar (7 months ago)
Gaby Fernandez Vasquez can i know more about you and your idea?
Central Texas Striping (7 months ago)
I stopped watching Cardone cuz Jared was high during a young hustlers post. Explain the glassy eyes and sniffles throughout, allergies? C'mon now, even the best Coaches fall. Surprised you approved this after editing session. Disheartened.
Pettey (7 months ago)
more of those startup basics please,
Adityaraj Singh (8 months ago)
Hey i m having the same problem Would you help me As no one is listening to me and my idea Just because I m still in a college But I really believe in my product
Hamid Ali Khan (7 months ago)
Adityaraj Singh Am from Banglore
Adityaraj Singh (7 months ago)
Hamid Ali Khan Hey can I know where r u from
Hamid Ali Khan (8 months ago)
Adityaraj Singh Send your idea to [email protected] But don't share your secrets just idea and way of selling your product/Service
B D smile (8 months ago)
could you please invest into my idea? I can give you fortune!!! Im honest! If you had my idea, I would invest into you!! Im big with control but no money
Javid Bencosme (8 months ago)
You say using personal credit to fund a business is a bad idea, what about business credit?
UCHSC GLASGOW UK (8 months ago)
Hi Patrick. I've been an entrepreneur since I was 19. I've always had the problem of needing help. But as I'm virtually the only person in my business and other people want a wage rather than a commission or share. How do I find other entrepreneurs who are similar to me? I've spent the last 3 years training 2 people to take positions in a project to develop my business. Which I've been in for 25 years. I identified that I'm juggling everything in my business and therefore nothing is ever getting 100% of me. So needed help with sales, marketing, and promotion. I started an add for these positions but trying to find the right people is an absolute nightmare. I'm finding that I'm feeling both mentally and physically exhausted with constantly interviewing, hiring, firing, and training people. I never seem to find the right people with the same long-term vision or commitment as me, and I'm losing the will to even do this now! I work from the minute I wake until the minute I sleep, sometimes with as little as 5 hours sleep between. I try to maximise and plan my work each day, but I find because I constantly get let down by people I'm having to take over their jobs as well as doing mine! How do I plug these holes and find serious people? Thanks Nicky
Clash WorldWar (7 months ago)
UCHSC GLASGOW UK interesting, can i know more about you and your idea please?
Light Theory LLC (8 months ago)
Ive found that Pennsylvania is a very tough market to raise money in, even for 3D printing... Ive searched and searched and searched online and on LinkedIn, and in person. Its all universities, hotels, hospitals, and CDL driving industries for the most part. And connecting my tech co. startup with cold investors in Pennsylvania has been almost 2 years of impossible. Even if i went to Huntington Bank for a SBIR Loan for 150K, they require collateral, which would take 30k - to - 50k monies of a private investor, and at least 5k of my own money.
Mike Burns (8 months ago)
Fantastic video, thank you for the knowledge.
Radio 4Men (8 months ago)
*ideas are shit if you don’t have anything tangible. No one gives a shit about you now a days. I’ve been sitting on a idea that stands a high chance of beating Facebook. But no body wants to hear it. So I’ve stopped going out, I lived a antisocial life and put away couple grand from my work and I will move that into the app to have a team built it. The bigger the idea is, the less ppl will want to work with you, or help you.*
Ehmad (8 months ago)
Hitting that like button before i even watch it cuz you always hit me with that quality content
President of Science (8 months ago)
That's a really good video.
udoy khan (8 months ago)
Thank you very much...
cristian soriano (9 months ago)
Thank you !

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